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On with the story...

Hinata was finally seeing Kiba and Shino off, they were making their way to the giant gate that was Suna's entrance. The night before had been a total mess.


So, after being showed to their temporary rooms at the Kazekage's tower and taking a relaxing shower where she did NOT clear her mind they were now seated at the dining room with the Kazekage himself and his siblings.

It was so embarrassing. She was looking at her hands, which were grabbing at her pants very, very tightly hiding her red face behind her dark blue hair. Kiba had been answering all the questions the Kazekage was trying to ask her, it was embarrassing and annoying. One didn't have to be a psychic to notice Temari-san's irritation. She was about to tell Kiba to stop when the sudden silence provided by the red haired man made her look up; his eyes had that intense stare of his.

"Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here at Suna Hyuga-san, and if you need anything you can ask me directly or my siblings" the soft yet deep voice of Sabaku no Gaara along with that look in those green eyes seemed to warm her cheeks up.

"Ha-hai, arigato K-k-kazekage-sama" apparently she couldn't hide the little smile on her face for she heard Kiba's disgruntled huff.

"I believe I can retire for the night, right?" The Inuzuka's tone was the rudest she had heard of him but by the time she turned her face to tell him off he was already gone.

"Please excuse us, we hope you have an excellent night" Shino had gotten up from his seat and with a last bow he turned to follow Kiba.

"Thank you for the m-meal, K-kazekage-sama" Hinata gave a quick but respectful bow and ran after her teammates.

She didn't reach them until they got to the rooms. She could hear Kiba's ranting and when she opened the door she wasn't surprised to find Shino just looking at the angry dog boy.

"Can you believe it?! He practically was interrogating Hinata! What was his purpose?! And why…" Kiba was interrupted by the soft but angry voice of the alluded girl.

"K-k-kiba-kun, you… you have t-t-to stop! The K-k-kazekage c-c-can ask any q-q-questions he has and I…I will answer them!" Her voice had risen from her usual low-sweet tone to Ten-ten's at least, they had never heard her like that and Kiba's shocked face was proof enough.

"Hinata… I…" he was interrupted once again.

"Kiba-kun, y-you have t-to understand, I'm not weak and I-I-I am not your responsibility, we are t-teammates, friends…" now it was her the one interrupted.

"THAT'S THE POINT! WE ARE FRIENDS!… just friends…" his voice went from yelling to a whisper. He gave her one last look and left for bed.

*End flashback*

She was walking right behind him. She had never seen that sadness in Kiba's eyes, only when Akamaru was seriously wounded.

"Kiba still can't get over the fact that you two broke up, he felt threatened by the Kazekage, that is why he acted the way he did" Shino's voice was low so that the boy ahead couldn't hear them "though that is not an excuse to be rude".

Shino was right, but it still hurt to know that one of her best friends was sad because of her.

They reached the gate. The first one to say goodbye was Akamaru who gave a low whine to which she responded with a hug and while Shino gave her the most caring hug she had ever received from him, Kiba just waved goodbye and started running. This was not how she wanted to see them off.

Gaara was fighting a headache, the other members from team 8 were finally gone but not without leaving a mark.


He was the next one leaving the dining room after Hinata's team, listening to his sister complaining about the dog boy was not how he wanted to spend the night. He didn't immediately went to his chambers, he decided to take a walk around the tower but as he passed his guest's rooms he could hear Hinata raising her voice, and even though he didn't understand anything she said the Inuzuka's words turned out to be pretty clear.

"THAT'S THE POINT! WE ARE FRIENDS!… just friends…"

He decided he shouldn't be there so he moved, as he walked to his chambers he wondered, what did the dog boy meant? Why did he sound so… hurt?

He didn't notice he had arrived to his family's floor until he barely managed to avoid his stomping sister on her way to her room, she was muttering about the Inuzuka and a shower… a shower… that sounded nice.

*End flashback*

After the shower he had tried very hard to get some sleep but the dog boy's words and the talk he was trying to delay with Hinata almost upon him, only got him a migraine. He had to dictate to her the specifications of the mission but his mind wasn't on it, he had so many questions and he wanted answers. The knock on his door interrupted his thoughts.

"Excuse me Kazekage-sama, Hyuga-san is waiting outside" Matsuri had a weird look to her, she looked... annoyed?

"Send her in" He had to stop overthinking things, if he wanted to get anything done, the bad thing was that as soon as Hinata entered the room his mind stopped working, Damn! This meeting wasn't going to be an easy one.

She was nervous again, even if she had already talked to him she was nervous, was this how he was going to make her feel the rest of her life? She shook that thought away, if she had been able to get over Naruto she was more than capable of getting over HIM! Wait! Getting over him? Getting over what exactly?

"Hyuga-san, you can come in now" The girl's voice sounded forced, and judging by the look she was giving her she obviously didn't like her.

"H-hai, A-a-arigatou!" She went in faster than she meant to and ended up in the middle of the office, coming face to face to the red-haired teen that was the Kazekage. He had obviously been trying to move to the couch that was at one side of the rounded office.

"Hyuga-san, are you ok? You look red" His voice, that sweet-low voice, being as close to her as it was, send her head spinning. She blacked out.

Temari had come in just as Hinata was falling backwards, a good thing, had she caught them in the position they ended up in, this would have been really troublesome. That word, he had to stop hanging out with the Nara.

"Don't worry, she is going to be fine" Temari had helped him and her up after the fall. He had tried to catch Hinata but he got so nervous when his hand touched her hair that he tripped and ended up under her, at least he had saved her from a hard blow to the head (the one his sand saved him from anyway).

"hmm" he didn't know what to say anyway.

"Anyway, have you decided if you're going to move her to our floor? She is all alone down there you know" he could tell his sister was teasing him, she had realized his feelings for the Hyuga the moment she read the note he left her that last mission with team 8.

"No, I haven't, but knowing you all of her things are already in the room next to yours" he was giving her his best 'murder' look and his voice was as cold as the snow he so very much hated, but her only response was her usual big smile.

The movement coming from the girl on the couch stopped whatever Temari was planning to say.

"Don't move Hinata, you need to rest" Temari's authoritative tone made the Hyuga stay where she was. She felt her head hurting, what had happened?

"You fainted" the Kazekage's voice answered her unasked question.

"I'm s-s-sorry" She sat up with the blonde's help.

"Can we start with the mission's details?" the red haired teen was obviously exasperated and Hinata knew she was the reason. She turned red again and nodded.

The meeting was a long one but she managed to stay awake, Temari-san was very professional and the Kazekage was quite devoted to his village so his attention was only on the mission description.

"So, Hyuga-san, any question?" the harsh kunoichi's voice made her come back from her reflections.

"N-no, I'll have them while I'm working I guess" good! She barely stuttered!

"Well, if that is all there is to review, then Temari is going to show you the medical center, as you know it's construction has already been started, but if you need to make any sort of recommendations don't be afraid to mention them" his voice sounded hard, like he was angry for some reason, it made her feel… well, sad.

"Hai, Kazekage-sama" she could not hide the emotion in her voice as she got up, bowed and followed the blonde kunoichi that was already waiting for her at the door, without looking back at the redheaded man, but feeling his irritated look at the back of her neck.

He was scowling as he looked at her retreating back. Why was he acting the way he was? True, he didn't know how to act, but she looked really sad when she left, and he was sure it had been his attitude. He let out a relaxing sigh, his face returning to its usual stoic form. He needed to talk to someone.

"Matsuri" his former student might help.

She heard her Kazekage´s voice calling her, and as soon as that happened her scowl turned into a happy face. She had been glaring at the back of that Konoha kunoichi, there was something about her that she did not like at all. She grabbed her pen and notebook and went inside the office.

"Hai, Kazekage-sama" her smile turned into a frown as she noticed the troubled look on her former sensei.

"Matsuri, I need to ask you something" her sensei has always been serious but now, he sounded immersed on himself, but demanding non the less "before, when Hyuga-san was here, I felt irritated, but not at her, I was angry at myself, but she was the reason I felt that way, why?"

Well, she did not expect a personal question and the least she expected was a question about the Hyuga. Now she knew why she did not like the foreign ninja, the Kazekage liked her! HER kazekage liked someone that wasn't herself! This was not acceptable!

"Forget it Matsuri, I'll deal with this on my own" His voice brought her back from her furious internal rant. She bowed and left. That Hyuga! She will not get her Gaara-sama! Over her dead body!

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