Under The Mistletoe!

This is mystic falls and this is my home! I am Elena Gilbert

I have a feeling that something is going to happen to me!

Elena woke with a surprise she got up and looked out the window. Elena saw children playing in the snow and laughing when got hit with a snowball. That reminded Elena when she was a little "Elena" someone said form down stairs so Elena walked down. Elena was shocked Elena looked around and saw a Christmas tree was standing in the corner 'I wonder who did this' Elena thought. There was a knock at the door

"Come in '' Elena's mom came through the halls. It was Elena's friends bonnie and Caroline they looked around the house when they snapped out of it "wow" bonnie giggled

"Well thank my mother for this she's the one that did this" Elena hugged bonnie and Caroline they laughed

'' oh, come on we're going to be late, bonnie I'm driving'' Elena's friends ran to the car. When they stopped at Robert. E. Lee High School they greeted everyone that was in their direction. Elena said goodbye to her friends and ran to her locker, then she bumped into someone and dropped her books

'' oh! I'm sorry I was rushing and well now you know I'm clumsy, hi I'm Elena Gilbert'' Elena looked at him while she reached for her books. But before she could get them he was holding them in his hands

'' yea! I'm sorry for bumping into you like that, I'm Stefan Salvatore nice to meet you Elena '' Stefan was looking cute he had a muscular body and Elena noticed his dirty blond hair but he was pale looking just like Elena. Elena smiled, and then bonnie came

'' hey Elena! Oh hi Stefan um I got to go bye Stefan ''bonnie looked at Stefan and Stefan smiled, bonnie looked at Elena's eyes with wide eyes

"Bonnie this is Stefan Salvatore, Stefan this is bonnie my friend'' Elena let out a sigh bonnie waved to Stefan. Stefan smiled '' well here I got to catch up with my brother'' Stefan no longer had a smile on his face it was a frown '' there's two of you! Wow! '' Rebecca came from behind Elena and she pushed bonnie to see him and Rebecca smiled

'' Rebecca why don't you just climb in a whole and never ever come out! Besides nobody wants to see you!'' Elena heard someone behind her

she turned around and screamed "Oh my! Jeremy!" Elena hugged him and he smiled. Jeremy looked at Stefan who was looking confused

"hey sis long times no see! Oh Rebecca no hard feelings oh right Stefan your brother is saying that if you don't come now he'll show the dark side of him!'' Jeremy looked at Stefan and smiled

. Stefan sighed "alright well see yea Elena, bonnie nice to meet yea oh and Rebecca Jeremy's right nobody wants to see that face!" Stefan laughed and turned around and did a little dance Elena laughed

"Ouch! Now that what you call a burn ha!" Elena was dancing in front of them "so what classes do we have "Elena sighed and then someone popped out of the locker and Jeremy jumped

" i ought go to class now bye ELENA oh ya thanks

"Wow! What's up with that Stefan guy he's ugly'' Tyler said looking down the halls and Elena slapped Tyler a cross his face and Jeremy laughed