Title: Stone Cold Crazy

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

Info: A witch, a Basilisk and the Winchesters walk into an abandoned amusement park…it's either a bad joke or a recipe for disaster. Post 3x10 "DaLDoM" hurt/limp/awesome!Sam/Dean with a side of awesome!Bobby

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Dean spared a dark glance behind him. "Can we argue about this later?" He looked back and frowned as Joey suddenly glanced down beneath him to his bones. "Joey?"

Joey looked back up quickly, his face full of fear and met Dean's eyes. "Run."

"What?" Dean asked as the ghost flickered out of sight. The ground beneath the skeleton erupted up into the night in a shower of wood, metal, stone, leaves and bones as the basilisk exploded up from beneath in the center of the Ferris wheel. Dean spun and threw himself over his brother with Bobby as the debris rained down on them.

"Sam!" Bobby yelled and grunted as various hard and heavy things fell into his back. "You've got the recorder!"

Sam shoved at Dean's weight above him and got a hand between them and into his pocket. He could see the creature over his brother's shoulder as it slowly curled down to look at them and opened its mouth wide.


Dean rolled off of Sam as his brother hit play on the recorder and the sound of crowing roosters blared out into the night. The basilisk roared its fury above them and thrashed, knocking into the defunct cars and the frame of the ferris wheel. It shook and leaves showered down on them from above.

"Dean!" Sam held up his brother's machete in his other hand.

Dean grabbed it and took Sam with his other arm. "Up! Get up!" He kept his eyes on the serpent writhing inside the Ferris wheel as he and Bobby dragged Sam out to clear ground. "This is getting old."

Sam watched the basilisk and his eyes widened. "Dean! Go around the outside!" He used their arms to get to his feet and pointed. "It's pissed enough if it tries to come at you…"

"It'll get its fool head stuck in the support structure!" Bobby grinned and slapped Sam's shoulder. "Come on." He grabbed Dean and pulled him with him around the outside of the Ferris wheel.

Dean ducked a chunk of stone thrown by the creature's frantic movements as they ran around the outside of the wheel. He could only see glimpses of it through the shrubs and vines climbing the side of the massive structure, but it had no trouble tracking them, even over the disorienting sounds still playing from the recorder in Sam's hand. Its head whipped in Dean's direction and darted forward. Its first attempt struck a bar hidden in the greenery and it bounced back with a snarl.

"Hey! Ugly!" Bobby yelled, goading it on and grinned as it reared back for another strike. This time its head shot through the bars and Bobby threw himself to the side, rolling clear of the snapping jaws while Dean ran in against the Ferris wheel and the basilisk's blind spot.

Sam watched with nerves stretched thin, wanting desperately to be in on the fight. He took a step and winced, having to take the weight off his right leg. It had been banged around one too many times now, and he pressed a hand over the open wounds from the basilisk's teeth in his thigh. A soft sound behind him drew him around in a whirl to find Margerie mere feet away with a wicked-looking, long stiletto raised toward his back.

She smiled. "Oh, dear. You caught me." Margerie took a step closer. "I might be more worried if they weren't preoccupied and you were less…battered." She pouted sarcastically at him. "Poor, Sam. You should have left town."

"Dean!" Sam shouted a warning and had to make a grab for her arm as she stabbed at him with the blade. He caught her arm on the downswing, starting to twist it hard and shouted in pain as she slammed her fist into his right thigh. He went to the ground on his knees in a daze but somehow managed to keep hold of her knife hand as he let the recorder drop, still playing, to the ground.

"Why…won't you…die?" Margerie used both hands, putting all her weight behind the stiletto, and inched the point closer to Sam's throat.

Dean brought his machete down into the basilisk's neck behind its head and ducked away, bringing the blade with him as dark blood spurted from the deep wound. "Gonna have to hack it off!" He looked over to find Bobby coming up across from him, and then Sam's voice called out over the noise. Dean stepped back and jerked in surprise; his brother was on his knees with Margerie standing over him and a knife quivering closer and closer to his throat. "Son of a bitch!"

"He can handle it, Dean!" Bobby yelled before Dean could move. He knew this might be their only chance of catching the creature where they could kill it. "Dean!"

Dean growled, tore his eyes away from his struggling brother, and slashed the machete into the basilisk's neck again. It screamed, and Dean felt fresh blood trickle from his ears as they rang with the piercing sound.

Sam struggled for control of the blade and purposefully fell to his back, bringing Margerie with him in a rush. He turned her hands so the stiletto went into the ground beside his neck instead of through it. He drove his left knee up into her side and pulled her over to the ground, rolling to straddle her with the knife still held by them both.

"Stop. Margerie…don't!" Sam begged, but as she snarled up at him and shoved the blade forward again to prick at his neck, he let the rage take over. Sam twisted her hand viciously, making her scream as something snapped in her wrist. He wrenched the stiletto free and turned it on her. Madness flowed across her face, blotting out the pain, and Sam gasped as Margerie took hold of his hand over the hilt and pulled it down as she surged up, driving the blade into the base of her own throat.

"God!" Sam reared back and slid off her to the side as she choked and rolled her head to look at him.

"Don't think…this means…you're safe…" Margerie whispered brokenly as she smiled and her eyes glazed over as death took her.

"Why would you do that?" Sam asked softly, staring at her in shock, somehow saddened by the loss of her young life, despite the evil that he knew had corrupted her soul.

Bobby grunted with the effort of slicing the machete's blade down through the creature's thick neck and avoiding being splattered with its blood at the same time. The basilisk had pretty much stopped fighting now its head was hanging by a thread of sinew. He backed up a hasty step as Dean's blade swung down and severed it, letting the serpent's head fall to the weed-choked pavement with a splat.

"Should'a brought a chainsaw," Bobby said ruefully. He set the machete on the ground and studied his hands, making sure he was clean of the venom.

"Sammy?" Dean dropped his and ran to his brother where he sat on the ground beside Margerie's body. "Sam." He knelt beside him and took his arm. "You alright?" He took his brother's chin and tipped his head up looking for blood in the dim light.

"I'm fine. She didn't get me," Sam said softly, still looking at her. "She killed herself. Why would she do that?"

"She was a crazy bitch," Dean shrugged. He scowled, feeling a strange tingling sensation in his left hand. He raised it up and looked down at the cut he'd received in Margerie's basement earlier in the day.

"Dean?" Sam looked up and flinched as Dean suddenly gasped in pain, clutching his left hand. "What is it?" He grabbed his brother's hand and turned it so he could get a look. "Bobby! You still have your flashlight?"

"Yeah." Bobby pulled it out and jogged over. "What's goin' on?" He flicked it on and shined on Dean's hand. "Oh, God." Grey lines of basilisk venom were spreading out from the cut in Dean's hand. Venom glistened darkly against his skin.

"Splashed me…while I was…ganking it." Dean hunched over on a groan.

"No," Sam breathed.

"Both of ya, take it easy." Bobby swallowed his own panic. There was no time for it with the naked fear he saw on both of their faces. "We got plenty of time to get him back to the motel and cure him; hours at least. Dean. Son, you just stay calm and it'll slow the spread."

"Calm. Right," Dean grunted and lost the breath to argue with Sam sliding an arm around his shoulders as the venom worked into him.

"Just breathe, Dean." Sam held on to his brother's trembling shoulders, grimacing with him; he knew exactly what Dean was feeling and that it would only get worse as the pain became all-consuming each time it spread.

"Let's get him up." Bobby took Dean's shoulder and pulled him slowly up, supporting him as he shook. Inwardly, he wasn't sure he had it in him to watch Dean suffer through what he'd seen with Sam.

Sam got to his own feet with a groan and forced his bad leg to cooperate as he slid under Dean's arm. "We've got you."

"Shut up. M'fine," Dean grumbled and closed his eyes for a moment as they started walking. His hand burned from the inside and he had the unsettling sensation of something moving sluggishly through his hand. It made him want to scratch at it. The only thing stopping him was Sam's firm grip on his good hand over his shoulder.

Bobby felt the shudders through the hand he kept on Dean's back and could hear his stuttering breaths; he suffered with him and wished it had been him rather than Dean. He staggered to a stop as a peal of thunder crashed above them and stared up at the cloudy night sky. "No," He muttered. "Don't you dare!"

Sam felt Dean flinch as the first, fat rain drop struck him. "Dean? Oh, crap. Bobby!"

"I know. Balls!" Bobby looked frantically around and sighed. "Get him to the funhouse." The venom-inspired hydrophobia was starting to take hold as they dragged Dean forward and he began to struggle. "Dammit, boy!" He grunted as Dean's elbow hit him in the stomach. "Keep a lid on it for a few…oof…more seconds."

Sam kept a death-grip on his brother's arm, refusing to let him tug it free. It was the only point of control he had as the rain started to fall in earnest and they staggered for the funhouse. "Dean. Dean! Get in the funhouse and you'll be dry! No water!"

Sam's words got through the panic trying to swamp him, and, for the moment, Dean managed to stop fighting them. The fear was a huge, foreign thing that made him want to scream. Instead, Dean all but ran to the funhouse, leaving them to lag behind. He jumped the stairs and just inside the door went to his knees and stared at his hand as the venom spread again. Dean threw his head back and screamed.

"Dean!" Sam broke into a limping run to reach him, wiping rainwater out of his eyes as Bobby outpaced him and got there first. His brother's voice drove fear into his heart for him. He stumbled up the steps, ignoring the giant clown on the front of the dilapidated building and dropped to kneel beside him. "Dean?"

Dean sucked in a breath as the pain eased and shuddered, unable to stop himself collapsing into Sam. "Shit," He panted breathlessly.

Bobby held Dean's poisoned hand, careful not to touch the venom still clinging to it and had to swallow hard. The center of Dean's hand was now stone and had crept up to meet his wrist while his fingers were still flesh and blood for the moment. "We need a tub or something to cure him. Never gonna get him to the car with it pourin'!"

Sam looked out at the rain that was sheeting down and shuddered with the memory of how the venom had terrified him. He tightened his arms around his brother and nodded. "Margerie's…garden of victims…under the funhouse? There was a pond or something right in the center. We know where it is and it's close."

"That'll work. Help me get him up." Bobby stood and watched with a frown as Sam pulled himself up with the help of the door, leaving Dean to lean against his legs.

"Ok, Dean." Sam bent and took his arm. "You stand?"

"Yeah." Dean nodded, mostly aware again and used Bobby's outstretched hand to get up. As much pain as he was in, it didn't escape him that Sam was near lame thanks to the night's events. "Bobby," Dean nudged him as the older Hunter pulled one of his arms over his shoulders. "Sam's bleedin' again."

"Oh, for…" Sam rolled his eyes as he grabbed Dean's arm to steady him through the rotating tunnel. "It's nothing. Margerie hit it, reopened the wounds a little."

"Priorities, Dean," Bobby told him firmly.

Dean growled. "He is my priori…" He broke off on a gasp and had to stop walking as pain shot from his hand, up his arm and into his head.

"It's spreading." Sam wrapped his arm around his brother's waist as he shook and gasped.

"Alright. That's it." Bobby couldn't take it anymore. "Walkin's makin' it spread faster." He spun Dean and tipped him over a shoulder; for the moment, grateful that he was too lost in pain to complain. "Let's move."

Sam sighed and followed behind them and the light from Bobby's flashlight cutting through the gloom. Knowing they didn't have to worry about the basilisk or a witch this time made the trip back through the funhouse go more quickly. He kept one hand on the wall to keep himself on his feet and had to crawl up onto the platform, skirting the dismembered animatronic clown while Bobby pulled the door to the stairs open and started down them.

"Bobby…pu'me down." Dean's voice was hoarse and slurred, but he was damned if he was going to be carried like a sack of potatoes. "I can walk."

"Shuddup," Bobby said gruffly as he started down the stairs. "More you move, the faster it spreads and it's gonna spread plenty when we try to cure it." He was definitely not looking forward to that. With Sam, his legs had been fairly immobilized leaving him less able to put up a fight. Dean on the other hand…Bobby sighed.

"How are you feeling?" Sam asked from behind them and put a hand to his brother's back.

Dean raised his head enough to give Sam a disgusted face. "Dumb question, dumbass."

Sam snorted a laugh. "Well, at least the venom hasn't damaged your wit."

Bobby chuckled as he reached the bottom of the stairs and turned down the tunnel toward the macabre stone garden. It soothed his nerves slightly, hearing them snark at each other like they always did. He neared the end of the tunnel and stopped, lowering Dean's legs to the floor and propped him up against the tunnel wall. "I'm gonna go get it ready. You just…stay here." He could hear water dripping in the room beyond and didn't want to risk it.

Sam grabbed his brother's arm as Bobby vanished around the corner. "If you see the water now, you'll balk."

"I remember, dammit," Dean growled and let himself slide down the wall until he was sitting with his hand cradled against his chest.

Sam eased down the wall beside him and groaned softly in relief at finally being off his leg. "I'm sorry I ever found this job."

"Don't," Dean told him wearily. "People were dying, dude. This is what we do."

Sam watched the shadow of his face in the tunnel, saw Dean's jaw twitch and clench. "Breathe." He slid his arm over his brother's shoulders and clearly recognized the signs that the venom was about to spread again. "Remember to breathe." Whatever argument Dean might have made was gone as the pain rushed over him again. "Easy," Sam murmured and drew his brother in against him as a ragged scream escaped Dean's rigid control. Sam fished his arm out of his lap and flinched as his hand found stone beneath his fingers instead of his brother's wrist. He was glad Bobby had the flashlight with him. He didn't need to see it to know…to understand the agony coursing through Dean as he filled the tunnel with heart-breaking screams and finally a sob as he collapsed against Sam.

"Sam?" Bobby's voice called worriedly from the other room.

"He's alright." Sam pulled Dean in against his chest and wrapped a hand around the back of his neck as Dean often did for him, to offer comfort as he shook in the aftermath. "You're alright."

Bobby appeared a moment later with the flashlight and knelt beside them. He hissed in a breath as he saw Dean's now solidly stone hand. "This is gonna be damn cold. Probably oughta get most of his clothes off so he has something dry to wear after."

"Can't believe…gonna get stripped…in a tunnel." Dean panted and tried for humor.

Sam smiled for him and pushed him upright. "Well, unless you want to ride back to the motel in the Impala getting the seat wet."

"Shuddup." Dean studiously avoided looking at his own arm and shrugged his right out of his jacket with Sam's help. "This is humiliating."

Bobby and Sam focused on getting his shirts off over his transformed arm, noting with a spike of fear that the stone had grown halfway to his elbow. Bobby pulled Dean to his feet and Dean in turn, with a little cussing, got his own pants down.

"Keepin' my shorts on, you pervs," Dean informed them in a voice heavy with anger and embarrassment.

Sam took Dean's left arm above the stone while Bobby slid in on his right with a thoroughly uncomfortable face at having to grab a nearly naked Dean. "Close your eyes, Dean," Sam told him. "Maybe we can…get you closer before the hydrophobia kicks in."

Dean nodded and slammed them closed. He could feel the beginnings of a new wave of transformation coming and more than that…the slowly bubbling fear from the venom as though it knew they were taking him to be cured. "I'm good."

They moved Dean out into the chamber, picking their way around and over the mostly destroyed statues of the basilisk's victims. They were nearly there when a stray drop of water, probably from the rain storm above, fell and landed on Dean's face. He went mad. Dean knew he was fighting but it was distant…disconnected in the midst of a new wave of agony burning through him. Someone was screaming too and he wanted them to stop, unable to connect the sound with his own voice.

"Hold him!" Bobby shouted as Dean writhed in their grip at the edge of the pool. The younger Hunter swept a leg into Bobby's and sent him sprawling before turning on Sam with his good arm and slapped his forearm into his brother's neck, trying to get loose in a fury.

Sam choked with the blow, but kept his grip on Dean's damaged arm. His panic and the fight were driving the venom deeper into Dean. He was watching the grey lines crawl up his shoulder and over his collarbone while Dean fought and shook with the pain.

"Not…letting you…die!" Sam wrapped both arms around his brother as Dean jammed his knee into Sam's bad leg, making him shout. "NO!" Sam threw himself sideways and toppled them both into the little pool of now softly glowing, green water. He sucked in a breath before his head went under and struggled to hold on to his now wildly flailing brother as his wet, bare skin slipped in his grip, in spite of the fact that Dean was blindly pushing him down in his own panicked attempts to get out of the water. Sam felt hands grab at his shoulders and he was pulled up, gasping in a lungful of air to find Bobby above him.

"Hold on to him, son!"

Sam nodded, unable to speak. He rolled so that the left side of Dean's body was under the water, trusting Bobby to keep his brother's head up so he could breathe. "Dean!" Sam pushed him down, taking an elbow in the ribs that knocked the air out of him but kept his place, weighing Dean down with his body to let the antidote do its work. Dean threw his head back suddenly and let out a gasping, wrenching scream and then went limp. "Dean?"

"It's alright." Bobby took one hand from Dean's head and put it on Sam's sopping shoulder. "You passed out too once the antidote did its work. He's ok."

Sam slid off his brother and pulled Dean over against his chest. "Check…check his arm."

Bobby pulled Dean's left arm out of the slightly thickened green water and grinned, rubbing the stuff off the bare skin and found only skin, pink and healthy rather than stone. "It worked."

Sam sagged back against the lip of the pool; exhausted but kept his arms around Dean's chest to hold him up with his brother's head tilted back on his shoulder. He listened to the fast, even breaths in his ear and let it calm the panic. "S'good thing he wasn't…thinking clearly." Sam smirked and closed his eyes. "Would'a…cleaned the floor with us."

Bobby chuckled and nodded. "Pretty much did anyway." He frowned, watching his boys begin to shiver. He slid his hands under Dean's shoulders and smiled as Sam reflexively tightened his grip. "Easy, Sam. Just gonna get him out and then you. Too damn cold to stay in there. Let go."

Sam opened his eyes and did so, watching as Bobby eased his brother up and on to the floor. He rolled to pick himself up and winced as he climbed out and turned to sit with his legs still in the stinking water.

"You alright, son?" Bobby watched Sam worriedly.

"Yeah." Sam nodded and gave him a small smile. "Just tired." He rubbed at the spot on his ribs Dean had hit. "And sore." His brother stirred next to him and Sam leaned over his head. "Dean?"

Dean groaned softly and blinked his eyes open to find Sam leaning worriedly over him. "Pers…personal space, dude."

Sam ginned and patted his slick shoulder before leaning back. "You s-smell," He said through chattering teeth. It was damn cold in the tunnel and sitting in his soaking clothes wasn't helping.

"I'll get his clothes." Bobby patted Dean's other shoulder with a smile. "Good to have you back, son."

"I go somewhere?" Dean pushed up so he was sitting, shivered and groaned as he got a whiff of the green water still clinging to him. "Yech."

"Least you've g-got d-dry clothes." Sam stuttered through his chattering teeth.

Dean held his hand up and ran his fingers over and around the cut in his palm. The relief at feeling his own skin instead of stone was enough to make him dizzy. He crossed his arms over his bare chest and got to his feet as Bobby came back with his clothes. "Dude, shine that somewhere else 'til I'm decent," Dean growled as the flashlight played over his bare legs.

Bobby chuckled and handed him his clothes. "Such a diva. Ok, Sam." He bent to the younger Winchester and slid his hands under Sam's shoulders. "Up you get."

Sam groaned as Bobby pulled him to his feet and curled over his bruised chest. "Ow."

"What happened to him?" Dean asked as he pulled up his jeans, grateful to be clothed and warmer.

"Same thing that happened to my back." Bobby rolled his eyes at Dean and rubbed a hand over his lower back. "One very pissed off, venom-panicked Winchester."

"I was not panicked," Dean argued and pulled his jacket on, suddenly embarrassed as hazy memories of screaming and fighting his brother and Bobby drifted through his head. "Stop smirkin' at me," He glared at Sam and took his brother's arm with a sniff. "Dude, you're riding in the trunk."

Sam was struggling to keep his right leg under him by the time they reached the parking lot and the Impala. He had to hang on to Dean to stay standing while Bobby draped a towel from the trunk over the passenger seat before he could ease into the car. He didn't want the stink of the antidote perfuming the car any more than his brother.

"Thanks, Bobby," Sam smiled and let his head fall back to the seat.

Bobby patted his shoulder and closed the door. "I'll go clean up the mess in there," He told Dean. "Don't worry, I'll take care of the kid too."

Dean sighed and leaned against the car, looking over at the park and the shadows of the rides against the night sky. The rain had stopped some time while they were underground and the clouds had started to clear, letting the occasional shaft of moonlight break through to wash over the park and the Ferris wheel in the center of it all. "Poor kid was just trying to impress his dick of a big brother," Dean said sadly and turned away. "Just…be gentle, you know? When you salt and burn his bones. He's not…the kid deserved better."

Bobby clasped a hand on Dean's shoulder in understanding. "I'll take care of him, son." He nodded to the car. "You take care of yours."

"Always, Bobby," Dean said fiercely and rounded the car to climb behind the wheel. He glanced over at his little brother and that fierce protective instinct flared, as it did every moment of every day since he made his deal as if to remind him that in a few short months he would be leaving Sam alone for good. Dean looked out and watched Bobby heading back into the park with a duffel bag and, for a moment, wanted to call him back and tell him to get one of the basilisk's eyes. He shook himself and started the car, letting the rumble of her engine soothe him. "You good?"

"Yeah." Sam cracked one eye to look at his brother as they pulled away from the park. "Dibs on the shower."

Dean chuckled and shook his head. "I'll race ya for it." He grinned as Sam slapped his arm.



Dean slapped Sam's right leg as he passed him, making his brother hiss in a breath. "Time to go, Sasquatch."

"Jerk." Sam rubbed a hand over the bandaged bite marks on his thigh.

"Bitch." Dean grinned back and tossed his brother's bag to him. "Pack up the car. I gotta hit the head."

Sam took his bag and stood as the bathroom door shut. "Maybe I'll ride with Bobby," He grumbled as he limped out of the room and to the car. They had decided to spend a couple days at the salvage yard and give Sam's leg a chance to heal properly. He opened the trunk and tossed his bag in then shivered as a sudden chill passed over his entire body. He looked up as Bobby came out of the room next to theirs and shook it off. "Hey, Bobby."

"Where's princess? Still gettin' his beauty sleep?"

Sam grinned at him. "Bathroom."

"Well, tell him to move his ass." Bobby smiled at Sam and climbed up into the cab of his truck. "I ain't spendin' another day in there with those creepy shadow portraits."

Sam chuckled. "I'll get him." He limped back into the room and sighed, seeing the bathroom door still closed. He rolled his eyes. "Dean! Bobby's waiting on us." He went to the door and banged on it. "Dude, we can leave without you." He waited for Dean's rant and frowned when it didn't come. "Dean?" Sam knocked on the door again, then put his ear to it and listened. He heard nothing. "Ok, not funny. Dean!" Sam banged on the door and took the knob, concern getting the better of him. "I'm coming in. Last warning." He waited and, when he heard nothing, turned the knob and pushed it open…onto an empty room.

"Dean?" Sam stepped into the bathroom and swallowed hard as fear rose up to choke him. There was no sign of his brother. "What's going on?" There was no window in the bathroom for him to have left by. Sam stumbled back into the bedroom and looked around in confusion. "Dean!" He'd been outside. There was no way Dean had left the room and not been seen.

Sam ran to the door and looked out into the parking lot, again seeing no sign of his brother; only Bobby as the truck's engine rumbled to life. He turned back and stared at the room. "This isn't happening. This is not…Dean? Come on, where are you?" He stepped out of the door to get Bobby and froze. Sam turned back to the room slowly as shock coursed through him and walked in a stumbling step across the carpeted floor to the wall. Sam raised a shaking hand to the row of shadow portraits on the wall and let his fingers ghost over the profile of a portrait he knew had not been there ten minutes earlier. He would know that profile anywhere and the impossibility of seeing it there now strangled him with terror.



The End…?

…Stay tuned for the continuation in "Just a Shadow of Myself"

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