This is my second RealTime! You don't know what a RealTime is? Shame on you!

A RealTime is where I put things in video games in our world at various times. This just seemed to fit Waka. Please give me feedback on this one and my one on Funny Demons!

Waka sat at the desk, poking at a computer. The year was 1957 and he was poking the screen.

"No, no, you half-baked prophet!" Issun groaned, bouncing to the side. "You use the mouse!"

"Quiet, my little bouncing friend…" He looked at the screen. "I don't see a mouse…"

"Over here!" Issun pushed the mouse at Waka. "This!"

He messed with it. "… What does it do?"

"It helps you click things!"

"I thought computers were touchscreen."

"That's only on the Moon!"

"And the Ark."

"Just use the mouse!"

"I don't know how—"

"If you use your computer, we will stick out even more!"

"… Tres bein."

Amaterasu padded in, a collar around her neck. She barked at Waka.

"I think Ammy wants on a walk…"

"One second!"

"I bet even Ammy can use this, fruitcake!"

"No way, tromper."

Ammy padded to the computer, put her paw on the mouse, and clicked on the Internet.

Waka was never the same around Amaterasu again.