A/N: hello again. So, ya I decided to do another HG by doing a post-war story. With permission I'm using Sohypothetically's take on President Paylor and Dr. Aurelius story and using it as my backdrop. This is in progress big time. There isn't much written yet so don't expect a chapter every other day like last time especially since I'm doing a few projects at once. Let the games begin.

The elevator doors open and I step out. The fifth floor of the Training Center has always been reserved for the tributes and team for District Five. One-hundred and fifty children entered this apartment and only five ever saw home again. Of those five none are still alive.

Starting today, this place will no longer be a prison for the two tributes from our district about to go into an arena to fight to the death. The Hunger Games ended forever a few months ago when the districts rebelled and defeated the Capitol. Instead this place will be the apartment for my family.

"Go pick out a room," says Da.

My siblings and I exchange glances. None of us want to be here, but this is how it'll have to be for now. I move first and the others follow. There are several rooms to choose from and I'm still not sure which one I want, only the ones I don't want. I will never take one of the rooms that belonged to the tributes or the victors.

Aurelia taps on the wall to get my attention. She's an Avox, someone who was punished by the Capitol for being either a traitor or a runaway by having their tongue cut out in a way that removes any way for them to talk. Our lots were thrown together shortly before the war ended when I promised her grandfather, a prominent Capitolist, my family would protect her.

When I look up she's pointing to a room. For a moment I explore. The windows are all fogged up so I use my sleeve to clear it a bit and look out. There's a bridge with a river running underneath and beyond that much of the city. But in the distance I can see the mountains.

I look at Aurelia as she uses her finger to write 'Doesn't face the City Center,' on the frosted window.

This is one of the reasons I never wanted to come back. Just outside the Training Center is the sight of a massacre, the final move in the rebellion. Aurelia and I were not far from here when we saw parachutes rain down on a pen full of Capitol children. Shortly afterwards some of the packages blew up. A few minutes passed before those that went to help and the children got blown up by the rest of the packages. Something that has haunted my nightmares ever since.

"I've got this room," I call out.