A/N: So I'm out of inspiration for this story. This will probably be the last chapter. Sorry for such a long wait, but I was applying for graduate schools and that little annoyance of reality got in the way.

I wake up the next day wrapped in R's embrace and smile knowing that everything is going to be OK. Finally we have a plan other than hiding in the fortified stadium. Finally we can go out and start changing the world. This 'exhumation tour' is going to be daunting but I've always wished I could travel more, and now I get to do it with R. I know it's not going to be like it was before the virus began, but I hope that the post-post-apocalyptic world will be better for it.

As I snuggle deeper into R's arms, I feel a jab in my right butt cheek. I begin to giggle as I realize that R's morning wood is pretty insistent. Trying not to wake him, I turn over and begin stealthily making my way beneath the sheets. Along the way I press a kiss to his shoulder that gathers no response from the sleeping boy next to me. Next I place an open mouthed kiss on his pectoral that does nothing but make him turn onto his back. I lightly run my fingertips down his side and lick a trail down his abs and am rewarded with a low-hmm of satisfaction. Being careful not to jostle R, I straddle one of his legs and begin to lightly trace my fingers along his length. When I'm satisfied that he won't wake, I place a wet kiss to the tip of his erection and a quick flick of my tongue to its underside. I hear a louder moan this time and notice a slight bucking motion as his legs spread slightly wider.

Still trying not to wake him, I place a series of light kisses and lips to his balls and encircle his shaft in my hand. Lightly I begin to stroke him and see how far I can take this without waking him. I begin to lick him like an oversized lollipop and I hear him exhale my name. I smile and take him into my mouth. As my lips descend his length, I hear R gasp and know he's awoken.

"Julie?" he breaths. I look up at him with my lips still firmly closed around him give him a wink I hope looks devilish.


I wake up to the most delicious sight I've ever imagined. Julie is straddling one of my legs while going to town on my erection. Her lips are firmly closed around me and I can feel her tongue along the underside of my cock with the tip reaching for its' base. She winks at me and I feel my cock twitch in her mouth.

"Oh God" I choke out. She begins a steady up and down motion on me and I find my hands slipping into her hair to feel the steady rise and fall of her head. As her tongue flicks at the head of my penis I feel my balls tighten, and as her mouth envelops me again, I hold her head still and begin thrusting into her. Her mouth is so warm and wet and just as I let out a long moan, I feel her throat swallowing around me. I come instantly into her mouth and let her head go as I relax back into the bed.

"Good morning" she says as she crawls back up the bed to cuddle into my side.

I wrap my arms around her as I kiss her forehead, "Is it ever."

Julie giggles and I pull her closer. I kiss her lips and nip at her bottom lip as I lightly trail a hand down her side and over her him. I squeeze her bum and pull her leg over my hip. She gasps as my fingers find her center and I give her a leering smile when I find how wet she is. As I take a few minutes to recover I begin sucking at her neck and shoulder while my fingers begin to explore her pussy. She's already soaking so I plunge two fingers inside of her and begin a fast pace. My mouth moves down to her breasts and I suck on one pink nipple before moving to the next.

Julie is moaning my name and gasping for breath so as soon as I'm able I flip her onto her back and drive myself inside her. She gasps again and I set up a fast pace, knowing that neither of us will last long. One of my long fingers finds her clitoris and begins stroking.

In a manner of minutes she's gripping my arms and her muscles are squeezing my cock dry inside her. As I feel the last spurt of release I remember the condoms I had pilfered the day before.

"Oh shit" I say as I pull out and see my white cum ooze out of her pink flesh. It's truly a beautiful sight but the repercussion could be disastrous. "Julie, we uh… we forgot to use, a condom."

Julie laughs at me and I begin to wonder about her sanity. I thought she would be just as scared as I was or even furious at me for forgetting. "It's ok silly, I'm on birth control. I did have a serious boyfriend before you."

I'm relieved and relax a little while still holding onto her thighs.

"Come here," she says, holding her arms open for me to slide into. "Are you ready for today?"

I know she's talking about the mission we've decided to go on.

"Yes" I say.

"It's going to be hard, and we really haven't done any training for it."

"We can do anything," I say looking into her eyes. "As long as we stay together."

Julies eyes are shining as she smile back. "Forever" she says, deciding against calling me a cheeseball again.

"I love you" I tell her.

Julie smiles even wider and I see a tear trace it's way down her cheek. "I love you too" she says as she kisses me again.