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Everybody left the room and Neville moved closer to Harry. Tom looked a little anxious at the situation, knowing that something that was supposed to be private was about to be revealed, he just didn't know what yet.

"Neville, do you know what happened when you threw that plant at Tom?" He shook his head. "You turned Lord Voldemort into a kitten. And my noble ass felt the need to rescue the little thing, not knowing who it really was. I went into hiding and slowly came to realize that Tom was indeed the same annoying little furball I had rescued. Now, you might not know what an amazing turn of events that would be for me but I'm willing to explain as long as you swear that you'll never tell another soul about what I'm going to tell you."

"I swear. And may I just say that it's a pleasure to know the real you. I was getting worried about you in school, you never did seem to really fit in the way you should have, even though no one else believed me when I pointed it out. You just never really got into anything you said you were interested in, I could see it in your eyes. Except flying, you loved being in the air." Viper laughed.

"I don't necessarally like flying for competition, but I love doing it recreationally. They never caught me getting my broom for a late night fly because I never needed to get into the broom closet. I can manipulate the shadows into lifting me up into the air and carry me around, which is a much better feeling. It's thrilling, knowing that there's nothing tangible underneath of you to keep you up in the air."

Neville just smiled and Tom held his breath, waiting to see what Harry really wanted to tell him.

"That's not why I wanted to talk to you though. I wanted to thank you for what you did that day, without it I never would have realized what an amazing person Tom can be when he wants to be. I never would have realized that I needed to find a mate in order to keep the Shadow Demon gene going and I most certainly wouldn't have realized that I was meant to be with Tom." He turned to face Tom. "As long as he's okay with it." Neville tilted his head.

"You mean, you haven't been with him the whole time? That's what it looks like, I mean, you two are always holding hands..." Viper laughed.

"I told him it was his choice so he asked if we could take it slow. So we are. But I still wanted to thank you for bringing him closer to me than I ever thought he'd be." Neville nodded and looked at his watch before leaving with the hasty excuse of being late to seeing someone. The two men let him leave and smiled at each other before they went to be in their respective rooms.

The next day they left Hogwarts and moved to the Ministry to take care of a few press issues that needed to be cleared up. So far it seemed that the Wizarding World was being more accepting than they were expecting and Harry had the sneaking suspicion that someone was planning something very big and very underground.

But as nothing had happened yet and no one looked particularly suspicious about anything he couldn't really go around making accusations. And until he had proof that someone was going to do something large and unexpected, all they had to do was really nothing. Tom took care of all the political stuff with the occassional opinion from Viper and Viper spent all of his time trying to find new ways to sweep Tom off of his feet. And although both were going swimmingly, still there was someone lurking in the shadows that was planning something big. Good, bad, neither one of the two could tell what...but they both knew that it would result in a large change that would alter their entire world.



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