chapter 1: death and atonement

OC: Jackson Mcmanus link pic in profile

AN:when I use my OC I'll use jack or charm for his dialogue. I don't own Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt if i did season 2 would eather have started or ended by now but i do own Jackson Mcmanus.



VERITAS -music

story start

-hoags prison, Boston-

It was just a normal day for jackson mcmanus walking out of the infirmary until he heard. "hey you jack mcmanus" from a random prisoner "yeah and what of it" as jack replied. "nothing we just want to pay you and you brothers back for killin our friends" another prisoner said. "all right if its a fight you want I'll take you guys on .but who wants their ass kicked first?" jack said as he got in to the krav-maga fighting stance.

SONG:Freelancer Implosion- RvB Season 10 OST (By Jeff Williams)

"well lets get stared" as jack starts to run to the first convict with in this line of sight then gave the con a palm heel strike to his temple. As three more came as the whore beaten down quickly with three punches to the face. "come on guys try harder I need a work out" as jack walked over to the last con

and dished out a knee strike to the face. And he walked back to the infirmary he felt a sharp pain in his leg as he looks down he finds a knife in his leg where the Femoral artery was all "well shit" jack said as he died.

-heaven, waiting room- [AN: that was where i think garter went when he died]

"well it looks like I died oh well" jack said a sheet paper flew to him "charm." he read "Whose charm?" jack asked as another sheet came "you, so what am I like a angel" he said another sheet "half angel?" jack said a new sheet came " atonement. OK what do you want me to do?" another sheet

"collect heaven coins. how will I get said coins?" jack asked "hunt ghost easy enough but ill need supplies and my Gran Torino" jack said as his 79 Gran Torino [AN:2008 death race Frankenstein mustang paint job] sport rolled up to him "look in trunk. Alright" as he did so he found some clothes

(dark gray pea coat, black t-shirt jean, cargo pants and red and white sneakers) a necklaces and his HF katana [AN:metal gear solid raiden's High-frequency sword ]

as he got in his car he noticed a button on gear stick with a scope crosshair ant triggers on the steering wheel "well hello what does this button do" as he pressed it two black chain-guns appeared one on both sides of the hood. "well merry Christmas to me then"he said as he opened the glove box to find his black racing gloves a map and a letter 'charm the city you will be working in is called daten city its known for its ghost infestation the map is of the city and where you will be staying you will also be working with two angels named panty and stocking they are also hunting ghost to get in to heaven. When you reach a white light you will be transported one mile from daten along with you car geting upgraded we blessed you sword so it can cut ghost now.' he read mentally "OK a new start a free upgrade to my car and free housing and I'm out of prison today may be a good day after all" jack said with a face splitting grin. The sound of screeching tires was herd as he drove in to the white light "well daten city a saint is coming for ya" he said as he left.

AN: I plan this to be a stocking/oc paring for the reason I don't know that panty sleeps with a nine hundred and ninety-nine men before briefs he will be on friendly terms with panty orshe see's him like a brother but It will be with what I'm feeling how it should go.