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Gandalf had been reading an old leather book that Radagast the brown had gifted him. He had told Gandalf that it would help him become an even better wizard. Bilbo shook his head in agreement he had not realized yet how good of a wizard Gandalf really was. Gandalf took the leather book from the brown bearded wizard with a thank you. He was grateful whenever he received a gift. He did not receive them that often and to get one at any point in time was wonderful in Gandalf's mind.

"Have you learned anything better yet?" Bilbo asked as he poked more tobacco in his pipe.

"It is a wonderful book. Most of the spells I already know. But I have found a few in which I will give a go as soon as we stop for the night." Gandalf found it was easy to ride while reading. But he looked up to see what Bilbo was doing. He liked the little hobbit but it seemed the feeling was not returned. "I will require your help with one of them." The wizard smiled knowing Bilbo would not willingly go along with a tryout spell.

"No thank you. I need to rest." Bilbo knew he would get talked into helping the wizard anyway. Gandalf had a way with making people bend to his will and help him out. It was the strangest thing too.

"That's quite alright. I know of two younglings that would be delighted to help!" Gandalf shouted in a happy voice as he looked back down at his book. "But I do believe you would love this one."

Bilbo was growing curious and figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. "What is it for?" He asked as he reached down to pet the pony he was riding.

"It's a spell to make you feel full of food." Gandalf said not looking away from his new book.

Bilbo thought about it and it did sound good but it sounded more like a spell for Bombur than himself. He felt something land on his shoulder and it was cold. He looked over at his shoulder and saw that a bird had dropped him a present. "Yuck!" He took out the handkerchief Bofur had given him a while back and tried his best to clean up the mess.

Soon Thorin yelled back at them to tell them that it was time to find a good place to stop. After they were all settled in and after Bifur started a fire they rolled out their bed rolls.

Gandalf stood near the fire his staff in one hand the leather book in the other. "Asha, Leire'sinn." He whispered into the fire.

Bilbo could see the fire dancing in the wizards eyes. And soon he found himself watching the fire too. It danced back and forth, it made crackling and popping sounds as smoke came up from the burning wood. Gandalf repeated what he said and the fire started to form something. it twirled and got taller. Soon it started to take the shape of a woman. He could just see the side of her face from where he sat.

"Why do you call upon me?" The fire shaped of a woman said in a deep voice.

It shook Bilbo's core as soon as he heard her speak. She must have been a fire spirit? Gandalf just looked at her but the fire was growing brighter and it was getting more difficult to keep his eyes on her. He could feel the heat on his face as the fire thing grew hotter. His eyes started to burn and water but Gandalf seemed to be unfazed by her. Bilbo looked around at all the dwarves but none of them seemed to see her. What few that were still awake acted as if nothing was happening. Thorin was sharpening his goblin cleaver and Balin was reading a book.

"I called you to ask you some questions. I know what you need." Gandalf finally said as he stood a little closer to her. "I know what you've been trying to do. It has to stop." Gandalf took a bow to the fire woman as his staff started to glow.

Bilbo's ears suddenly started to hum but then going quiet. Soon he started hearing the burning wood and low whispers from Gandalf to the sound of running water. He closed his eyes cupping his hands over his ears but the sounds got louder, it sounded like a waterfall or something. He could hear splashing and bubbles.

The noises suddenly stopped and he slowly opened his eyes. He looked up to where Gandalf stood but the wizard was no longer standing there. He looked around his eyes wide with fear. He was nowhere to be seen. "Gandalf?"

Thorin looked over at Bilbo noticing that he was looking around like he had lost something. "Something the matter hobbit?"

Bilbo jumped at the sound of Thorin's raspy voice. "What?"

"I asked if something was the matter." Thorin's eyes were hard to see through the night.

There was no moon in the sky and the few stars that there were didn't help put light to anything. "Where did Gandalf go off to?"

Thorin hadn't giving the wizard any thought since they had made camp. He looked around and sure enough the hobbit was right. The wizard didn't seem to be among them. "He left us." That seemed to be his first thought with everything.

"Could he be in the woods maybe?" Bilbo knew in his gut that Gandalf would never leave them. He was in this journey till the end.

"I care not where he went off too." Thorin was still mad at the wizard for making a suggestion that they make amends with the elves.

"But we must find him." Bilbo thought it was strange that one minute Gandalf was talking to fire the next he was gone. It felt like somthing was wrong but he didnt know what. Maybe somthing bad was going to happen? Maybe he should tell Thorin what he had seen? But then again on the other hand there was a chance that the king would not believe him.

"He will turn up before sunrise." He figured that maybe the wizard liked to sleep away from him and his men. Dwarves did have a bad habit of snoring loudly and he knew the hobbit didn't like it.

"You don't get it. He was here one minute then the next poof!" Bilbo stood up walking over to Thorin stepping over some of the dwarves that were asleep.

"What are you talking about?" Thorin looked up at the hobbit like he had gone mad.

"He was talking to the fire….it…well it got really big and turned into a…well I'm not sure." He thought back to what it had looked like. "I think it was a woman. She looked almost like an elf or somthing." Bilbo had the same look on his face as he did when he talked to the trolls a few days ago.

Thorin shook his head. "You expect me to believe that?" Thorin had never heard of anything like that.

"It's true! I swear on my mother."

"Your mother is dead. I think you were dreaming." Thorin was losing his patience with Bilbo. The young hobbit was starting to sound like his nephews with there strange tall tales. He was tired and grumpy and Bilbo's lies weren't helping him any. "Go to bed." Thorin laid down in his bed roll his back facing the hobbit.

"But…" Bilbo started but was caught off by a sharp voice.

"Now hobbit!" Thorin buried his head more in his rolled up blanket that he had made into a pillow.

Bilbo watched him feeling a little silly for telling Thorin. Maybe he was seeing things or maybe he was asleep? He looked over at Thorin's nephews who were asleep side by side a few feet away from their uncle. Bilbo went back over to his rolled out bed and laid down. He looked up at the stars thinking about where Gandalf could be. Soon the sound of crickets helped sleep find him but he awoke a little while later.. He tossed and turned all night not able to find a good spot that was not making his bones pain or his muscles go stiff.

Soon it was near morning and the sounds of shuffling disturbed him from his resting. Soon he heard a loud ping sound followed by a laugh and an ouch.

"You are one evil brother." The voice sounded like Fili.

"Well don't tell uncle or he will wring our necks." Bilbo knew without a doubt that the happy voice belonged to Kili.

"Will you two be quiet!" Bilbo shouted in frustration from the lack of sleep.

"Sorry." Came the reply of the two brothers.

Bilbo refused to believe that it was time to get up. He sat up looking around Fili and Kili were the only ones up at the moment. "Have either of you two seen Gandalf?"

The two looked at each other thinking. "Nope. Haven't seen him since yesterday." Fili said as he tossed Bilbo an apple. "Eat up."

"I'm not hungry." Bilbo placed the apple next to him standing himself up and stretching his arms out in front of him.

Soon high pitched screams filled the air causing the three of them that were awake to jump. "What was that?" Bilbo asked looking back at the brothers.

Thorin and the others awoke to the sound looking around. "Orcs!" Thorin screamed as he stood up grabbing his weapons. "Take arms!" Thorin's men all jumped up weapons in hand readying themselves for battle.

"This way! Quick!"

Everyone turned to look at who yelled. It was Gandalf. "Hurry!"

All the dwarves and one hobbit ran after the gray-headed wizard. Orcs not far behind them.

"Where are we going wizard!" Thorin yelled while looking back making sure all his men were with them.

"They will not cross these waters! They are magic."

They ran up a small hill and soon a large river came into view. "We can swim across. Hurry and jump."

Thorin watched as his men jump one by one into the water starting with Bilbo. Thorin, Fili, Kili and Gandalf were the last to jump into the water. The cold water took Thorin's breath away as soon as he hit the water. Most of his men had swam across the water. Just himself and his nephews plus the wizard were left. They were making way when suddenly a huge wave came up from the water making its way toward them.

Thorin's eyes went wide. "Swim faster!" Right now he hated Gandalf for suggesting they swim across the so called magic water. He would forever kick himself if Gandalf's plan got them killed. He did not want to drown or lose his kin. It seemed that no matter how hard he swam the shore got farther away.

Bilbo watched on as the dwarves around him yelled to their leader. Bilbo watched the water get closer and closer to Thorin and his nephews. But there was something odd about the way the water looked. It had a face and it looked a lot like the fire had. Same shape and everything but this time she was light blue. She seemed to look angry as she slashed down upon the dwarves and wizard.

"No." He whispered his ears started to go silent again. This time instead of water he heard a strange sound. It was a beeping or something he had never heard before. He could hear in the background the sounds of Thorin's men yelling. Things started to go bright and he closed his eyes. He could feel himself falling forward but something grabbed the back of his jacket and pulled him back.

Thorin reached out grabbing his youngest nephew pulling him close. He knew the wave was about to hit and he didn't know how long the river would go on and he didn't want to take the chance of losing him. He caught sight of his oldest nephew and almost had him in his grip when the wave hit. The air left his lungs as he and his nephew were swept away. He could feel Kili struggling against him but he held on to him for dear life. He wished he could tell him that everything will be alright.

He knew they both needed air and he only wished he could of had more time to grab Fili. He couldn't see all that much, the water seemed a little foggy. But he could see a blob of gray and knew it was Gandalf. But as he tried to reach out for him the wizard started to glow white. It got bigger and it engulfed him, he had to shut his eyes from the brightness. He started to feel strange like he was falling. He tried to open his eyes but it felt like something was holding them shut. His chest no longer felt like they needed air but it felt as if he didn't need it. His face felt like it was numb and the grip he had on Kili felt like it was getting lighter. He could still feel the cold water around him and hear it in his ears.

He felt himself begin to fall faster, he could still feel Kili's back against his chest he wrapped his other arm around him. He wanted to make sure he wouldn't lose him and he wished to be holding his oldest as well. All he could do was wish Fili would be alright.

Soon his back fell against something hard. The air left his body as he landed, the air he did not know he had left. It felt like a bucket of water had been splashed on him and a very big bucket at that. He opened his eyes closing them again and pulling his head to the side. Kili's wet hair was in his face and was getting into his mouth. He pushed his nephew off his chest and reopened his eyes. The first thing he saw was a strange object making its way toward him. It looked to be made of medal and his eyes went wide as he watched it close in on him. It made a screeching sound along with what sounded like a battle horn but different.

The big piece of medal stopped, a foot just shy of hitting his face. The strange piece was being held up by some strange looking round black stuff.

More squealing sounds filled the air as Thorin brushed his wet hair away from his face so he could see better. Thorin jumped up looking down at his nephew who still laid on the….what was that? It was not grass, nor was it marble. It was some strange black tar stuff. He helped his nephew up looking around. "Where are we?" The air smelled smoky and odd. It was stuffy too. He drew his sword swinging it around at the medal beast at the same time he looked around for Fili and the wizard.

Kili looked around not knowing what to say. He shivered as a small wind blew by. The water from his hair leaked down his face getting in his eye. There were strange things rushing by him and one almost hit him. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. And by the look on his uncles face he had also never seen such a thing. He looked to his right hearing more strange noises. He drew his bow shooting an arrow at a white medal beast that was coming his way. It ended up impaling itself in the front of it making a tearing medal sound. It made a sudden stop and its side opened and a human emerged from inside the beast.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?! You shot my car!" The human looked very mad as he stopped to look at the front of his 'car'. He ran his hand over the hood as white smoke floated from the grill he looked back at Kili. "I should beat you! Do you know how expensive this is?"

The human started to walk over to the smaller man but Thorin stepped in front of him. "Don't you dare touch him or I will cut you down."

The human looked down at him Thorin only stood just below the mans chest. "Cut me down? You act like you're in a play or something." He looked at what Thorin was wearing up and down. "You look like it too."

Thorin had no idea what the man was saying.

Kili heard another beeping sound. It was getting louder and he turned around to face it and saw a large yellow square thing coming his way. It looked nothing like the (car) he had just shot. It was much bigger and it was scary. He heard his uncle yell his name and tell him to move but he drew his sword ready for the beastly thing.

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