-10 years later-

It was a sunny day in June, a great day for a get together for the old gang. Marron had plan everything out since everyone was so busy with their careers.

Trunks had become President of Capsule Corporation, and was also on Top Fifty Sexy Men in America. He and Marron had decided to live in Capsule Corp, since he wouldn't have to worry about being. Three years after Maven was born, little Tai was born.

Gohan and Videl had gotten married a year after Pan was born. After graduating from college Videl became a police officer while Gohan did his lawyer thing.

Seventeen become a professional football when he finished college. And after he sighed his contract, he and married Valese. Four years later she gave birth to a little girl she named Nikkita.

And finally Bra and Goten. The two youngins got married the month after Bra graduated. Bra moved out of Capsule Corp into a big house near by. Five years passed and Goten got his degree in teaching. His first job was a middle school English Teacher. Another year passed and Bra was knocked up. What shocked her was she was carrying twins. Nine months later, two girls were born Mai and Mya.

"Daddy are dere yet?" Mai asked her father. The four-year-old was the perfect mixture between her parents. She had Goten's black hair and Bra's blue eyes.

"Almost." Bra told her daughter, rubbing her swallow belly.

"We get to see cousins!" Mya exclaimed. The toddler also was a perfect mixture of her parents. She had Bra's blue eyes, and Goten's black hair.

"Guess what girls, we're here!" Goten shouted in a fake tone, receiving a glare from his wife.

The twin girls unbuckle their seatbelts and flew out the car, racing for the front door of Capsule Corp.

Goten smirked at his girls as he helped Bra out the car.

"It feels like forever since I've been here." Bra commented.

"Yes last time we were here was for the girls fourth birthday three months ago." Goten told her as they walked to where their daughters stood.

Moments after the first knock the door swung open. Ten-year-old Maven answered the door. Soon after opening the door he slammed it shut.

The young quarter saiyan had the personality of grandfather. Which Marron hated. It was like having two Vegeta's in the house.

Behind the door you could hear shrieking and a loud metal smack. Once again the door open, this time Marron answered it with a big grin.

"Autie!" The girls screamed, wrapping their arms around her swallow belly.

"And how are my lovely nieces doing?" Marron asked.

"Good." They both answered.

"Well, Tai, Pan, and Nikki are in the back." Marron told them. It didn't take long for the half-breeds to squeeze by their aunt and run to the backyard.

Marron and Bra looked each other in the eye before squealing. The two women were ecstatic about being pregnant at the same time.

"I've missed you so much!" Marron squealed.

"Me too." Bra replied, parting the hug.

"Awe Goten, I have to show you the love too." Marron giggled, bringing him into her arms.

"Long time no see Mar." He chuckled, pulling away.

"Well come in guys, everyone's in the backyard as well." Marron told them.

Goten and Bra stepped into the threshold and followed Marron. On their way back they could hear the giggles of the children and the laughter of the adults.

"Well look what the cat drug in." Videl laughed, taking another sip of her wine.

"Hello Videl." Goten greeted with an eye roll

"And how big we've gotten." Valese commented, embracing Bra in her arms.

"Sissy!" Trunks squealed, skipping over to his sister.

Bra couldn't help but laugh. She encircled her arms around his torso and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek.

"Uncle Trunks!" Mai whined, pulling in Trunks's pants leg.

"Yas Mai?" He responded.

"Maven's being mean. H-he said t-that that I'ma weakling." Mai told him.

Trunks picked up his niece, threw her in the air, and caught her. "Tell him that if he keeps being a meanie, no food."

Mai giggled and jumped out Trunks's arms. "MAVEN!"

"I can't believe it's been ten years since that brat has been born." Bra commented.

"He acts like you and Vegeta." Marron pointed out.

Bra narrowed her eyes at her best friend. "And what is that suppose to mean?"

"You always have to be right." Trunks spoke up.

"He always has to be right." Marron said.

"You always have to win." Trunks added.

"He always has to win." Marron commented.


"That's enough!" Bra shouted.

"Enough arguing, I have great news." Valese said.

Everyone looked her. Expecting her to announced that she was pregnant.

"I'm going to be on the Real Housewives of West City!" Valese exclaimed.

Marron and Bra screamed and wobbled over to her. Videl burst out into laughter. While Gohan, Trunks, and Goten looked at them confused.

"It's a women's reality show." Seventeen told them.

"Ohhh..." They responded in sync.


The parents looked at the little blonde boy who was running for his mother.

"What happen hun?" Marron asked his soon.

Maven cheeks turned red and buried his face in his mom's stomach.

"Nikki kissed Mavie." Pan revealed.

"N Mavie kisseded her back." Mya added.

"NIKKITA!" Valese screamed.

"I guess the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree." Videl whispered.

The rest of the picnic went by swimmingly, aside from the game of cooties. But by sunset, everyone had parted their ways.

"Mya get your ass in bed!" Bra shouted. the pregnant was sprawled on the couch munching on popcorn covered in melted Reese's.

The young bluenette flew into the living room. A trick she just learned thanks to her Uncle and Dad. And Bra regretted it.

"Goten! Get your daughter!" Bra screamed.

"Sorry! Grading papers!" Goten shouted.

Bra rolled her eyes and pushed herself up. "Mya Bailey Son-Ahh."

"Mama!" Mya wailed, running to her mother's side. "Daddy! DADDY!"

Seconds later Goten was in the living room where he found Bra, clutching on to the arm of the sofa.

"I just got a contraction, call my doctor." Bra panted.

"Daddy is Mama gonna be okay?" Mya asked.

"Yea, go pack some clothes. I'm going to call your grandma to come watch you." Goten told her, trying to keep calm.

Mya nodded and skipped out the room.

Bra sat back down on the couch and began to breathe harder. "Goten, come her please."

Goten grabbed his wife's hand and sat next to her.

"You can do it Bra, you did it twice." He whispered in her ear.

After dropping the kids off at Chi-chi's the pair rushed to the hospital. On the car ride there, her water broke. Seconds after arriving she was admitted into the hospital.

"There's about thirteen other women here going into labor so you'll be sharing a room." A nurse told her.

Bra growled and arched her head back."I don't care, just get this thing out of me!"

The nurse chuckled a d opened a door. There laid a blonde woman in one of the beds and her lavender haired husband held her hand.


"My water broke!" Marron screamed.

"No! No! This is suppose to be my day!" Bra cried as the nurse gave her a gown.

"Well if it was up to me, this child we have come a week ago." Marron told her.

Bra grunted and wobbled over to the bathroom. She was slightly pissed that her sister-in-law was in labor the same time she was. Followers, that's what they all were to her.

Eight hours later Marron's third son was born, which pissed Bra off to the max. Fifteen minutes later, Bra's third daughter was born.

"I hate you!" Bra whispered loudly, placing her newborn on her chest.

Marron rolled her eyes, and lightly patted her son's back. "So, what are you naming my new niece?"

Bra looked at Goten and smiled. "How about you name this one hun?"

"Well I like... Mia." Goten told her.

"So you have Mya, Mai, and Mia. Better hope you have no more girls because I don't know anymore names that start with M and is three letters." Trunks commented.

Bra rolled her eyes and looked at Marron. "So?"

"Trunks and I decided on Mirai." Marron announced.

"Oh my god! That's too cute! Mirai Briefs." Bra squealed

"So is this your last?" Goten questioned.

"Yes." Trunks answered.

Marron scoffed. "I ain't stopping until I get me a princess."

"Oh God." Trunks mumbled.

Two weeks later the gang gathered again to welcome the two new members of the Briefs and Son family. Of course Vegeta upset to know he had to share grandchildren with his rival. He got over it once he saw that his granddaughter.

Chi-chi ran around screaming grandbabies, while Bulma sulked and complain how old she was getting. Eighteen looked at the women she called friends and laughed while she got wasted with her husband. And of course, Goku was eating everything insight while Vegeta just insulted him.

As for the gang, they sat in the grass and watched their children play.

"Hey Valese and Videl." Marron called.

"Hm?" Videl responded, looking at her.

Valese turned around as well.

"Ever thought about having more babies."

"NO!" Gohan shouted.

Valese shrugged. "I think I'm happy with just Nikkita, for now."

"And why is that Gohan Son?" Videl barked.

"Because you abused me while you were pregnant!" Gohan exclaimed.

"No more babies for mommy and daddy." Sang Nikkita as she skipped over to her father and jumped on to his shoulders.

"And what if I'm pregnant now?" Videl growled.

"Daddy belongs to me, and I would tell mommy to get a abortion if she tried to have another brat." Nikkita giggled.

"An." Goten corrected in a whisper. Bra glared at him, signaling it wasn't the time.

Everyone stopped their conversation and looked at the brow-hair girl. Nikkita looked at everyone with a confused look.

"Was it something I said?" She asked in a low tone.

"Where did you here that from?" Valese asked, still in shock.

"Well Maven and I were talking and I told him I was going to rape him-"

"Where did you here that from?" Seventeen asked.

"TV, it's another word for the nasty, antyways, He said if I had our brat that I would need a abortion cuz he doesn't want to have a baby with a human." Nikkita told her mother.


Bra admitted a light chuckled. It seemed like yesterday they were in a classroom, sending text messages to each other. Now they're scolding their kids. Even though each of her friends had something mentally wrong with them, she wouldn't trade them for anything. Because with friends like these, who needs enemies.

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