"Hey, Sakura!" Naruto yelled as he stumbled and fell into the Hokage's office. Sasuke had given him hell in the fight to bring him back but in the end Naruto prevailed.

"N-Naruto! What the hell happened!?" Sakura yelled in reply, seeming genuinely concerned. Tsunade stood up behind her, not jumping to conclusions like Sakura but still on her toes

Naruto replied, "I went and fulfilled my promise; I got Sasuke back for you. W-why are you looking at me like that?"

Sakura didn't look grateful for his return of her crush, she looked absolutely pissed for no apparent reason. Her fists were clenched, shaking in fury while her head was looking at the ground, eyes shut as she tried to keep from smashing her teamate into a pulp.

"You IDIOT! You hurt Sasuke-kun; possibly even maimed him and ended his carrer as a ninja!" She yelled. Naruto's eyes widened as he stood back up, shoving Sasuke's genjutsu-induced-unconscious form off and he met her gaze. Sakura froze as she saw that his normally warm and laughter filled cerulean eyes were quickly becoming cold, betrayed eyes.

"Why are you blaming me," he growled, "for defending myself? He shoved a Chidori through my lung and barely missed my heart! I got lucky his teammate had a change of heart and realized how fricking insane that bastard is!" His normally-only-somewhat-feral looking features had turned into humanoid-fox-like ones in the wake of her having jumped to conclusions. Why the hell would she think he was trying to kill someone he considered a brother?! The man had shoved a Chidori thorough his chest for the gods' sake!

Sakura was confused to put it lightly. He crush had tried to kill her other teammate? She couldn't believe her Sasuke-kun would have tried to kill Naruto. Just because she considered him an idiot didn't mean she wanted him to die. She tried to form a defense but gave up after thirty seconds. Instead, she went for the next best thing to defending her crush.

"Kai!" She shouted, forming a hand-siign to interrupt the chakra maintaining the genjutsu. Naruto realized what she was doing and tried to jump stop her at the same time as Tsunade. Unfortunately for him, she was already done and jumped out of the way. Sasuke's eyes shot open, noting the pain he felt but ignoring it as he saw the only obstacle between him and the power to slay his brother standing off guard. Faster then anyone could stop him, he was up with a Chidori in both hands, something he trained for months to do. Not intending to fail again, he shoved his Chidoris through both of Naruto's lungs. He would have gone through his heart and ended it right there but he had no intention of letting the ass die a quick death.

Naruto's eyes went wide and his face returned to its normal look. He coughed up and bit of blood and opened the way for blood to start pouring down his chin. The last thing he heard/saw as he died was Tsunade punching Sasuke through a wall and turning to Naruto, rushing to heal him but giving up after a second.

"He's dead. I hope you can live with yourself." She deadpanned to Sakura.

Naruto opened his eyes to find he was in his mindscape outside of Kyuubi's cage. He couldn't figure out why the furball had pulled him here or for that matter how. Last thing he remembered, Sasuke had shoved a pair of Chidoris thorugh his at the cage, Naruto saw that instead of the crisp and clean writing he'd seen on the seal, now there was only a few blotches and the seal was cracked and fading.

Kit, I won't lie to you. You really fucked up this time.

Naruto glared at the Kyuubi and growled out, "Not really much you can do against a pair of unexpected Chidoris to the heart. What do you, Kyuubi, plan to do about it, if anything?"

Grrr... Watch your tone kit. First, my name is Kurama.

Naruto blinked, he never would have thought that the Kyuubi had a name. Second, I have a proposal. Before you say anything, this is an accept-or-die situation. My proposal is that you rip off the tiny bit that remains of the seal and let me out. I can heal you from that blow, unlikely as it seems, give you access to my power to stop the Uchiha brat, and give you relationship advice.

"What's in it for you?" Naruto asked. Nothing in life came without a price.

I simply ask that you sign the Kitsune summoning contract and summon an miniature form of me as your personal summon. Yes or no? Oh, by the way, another reason is that if you die, I die.

Naruto kept his face neutral but internally his thoughts were running at a mile a minute. In truth though, even if the fuzz ball was keeping something back it wasn't as if it would change him to let the fox out more than it would if he died. "Fine, we have a deal. Now show me the contract and I'll take off the seal." Naruto's eyes widened as he noticed something the fox had hidden or at least didn't think important enough to mention. "What about my contract with the toads?"

Kurama laughed as he answered, You're name will be erased. In truth, it won't matter. Not only will you get a personal summon, you will have a contract with a far more superior species in every aspect; patience, wisdom, power, and sage mode. So are you ready to sign it and live again?

Naruto nodded wordlessly. He still kind of regretted leaving behid the toad contract but he was happy to live. Kurama pulled out the contract and held it in front of Naruto who pricked his thumb and signed the contract. Immediately a chunk of him left only to be filled with something else. He realized that it was the difference between the side effects of the toad contract and the side effects of the fox contract. Something on the other end of the contract shifted but he put it down to be looked at later.

Now, let's get you back to the living. If you'll please undo the seal?

It was more of an order than a question despite how he phrased it. Naruto nodded and reached up to the last of the seal. Steeling himself for whatever may happen, Naruto quickly pulled off the seal, leaving no room for regrets.

A flood of power flowed his chakra system as the ancients gates moved open and allowed the Kitsune to step out of his massive cage. After all, spacious it may be but it was still a cage. Looking around at the decrepitating sewers, Kurama looked at Naruto and told him to brace himself. That was all the warning the young jinchuriki got before he was filled with what felt like liquid fire.

He shouted out in pain as it felt like his flesh was being melted and adjusted. Scratch that, make that his entire body was being melted and reformed. The pain was to much to bear for the young jinchuriki as he fell to the ground and into blissful oblivion.

Naruto woke up after what felt like only a few disappointingly short minutes. The first thing he noticed was that his body felt light as a feather. He groaned and sat up, freezing as he heard two shouts of shock and one shout cursing his very existence. Looking around he spotted Tsunade and Sakura staring at him with in amazement and Sasuke frozen where he was climbing back through a hole in the wall. Naruto could make a pretty good guess as to what happened.

"Sakura, Tsunade? What's wrong?" He asked, genuinely befuddled as to what was wrong with them.

"N-Naruto...? How are you alive? We watched Sasuke kill you. Tsunade confirmed that Sasuke had killed you." She breathed out, almost too quitely for anyone to hear - key word being almost.

"I had a meeting with the Kyuubi. I released his seal and signed a summoning contract for the Kitsunes in return for him healing me and bringing me back from the dead. That reminds me." He paused and went through several hand signs, biting his thumb and slamming his hand into the ground. He yelled out Kuchiyose no Justu: Kyuubi no Kitsune and where there had been nothing before, there was now a full grown ghost-white fox. Naruto looked at the fox curiously as it stretched its back out to get rid of any stiffness.

"Kurama? What happened? Why are white?"

Before the fox could answer his host's question a squeal brought the present companie's attention back to Sakura who had pushed herself into a corner. Her body was radiating a very clear fear scent- Wait, fear scent? When the hell did I become able to smell fear? There've been other people who were scared of me but I didn't smell that on them...

Naruto put that off as something for later. He stood up and started walking to the frightened girl but stopped when she backed farther into a corner. He then realized something; she hadn't been scared of the Kyuubi in disguise, she'd been scared of the boy who been on the otherside of him.

"St-stay away from me, demon!" she yelled, confirming his suspicion and inadvertently breaking Naruto's crush he had on her since their academy days as well as well as any bonds he'd had still remaining with the original Team 7. Sasuke's second attempt to kill him had confirmed that it had been all sasuke and only maybe a slight amount of influence from Orochimaru.

"Sakura, he's not a demon. Why would you say something like that?" Tsunade asked, her protective side overtaking her professionalism. Naruto turned to his Baa-chan in thankful disbelief.

"You don't think I'm a demon, do you Baa-chan?" He asked, not a little hesitant to hear the answer. Tsunade turned to him with an expression that spoke of untold volumes of shock.

"Of course I don't baka. I think the real demons are standind in a corner and next to a hole in the wall as well as out in the streets of Konoha. Naruto, if anything you act more human that the idiots in this village do. They don't realize just how blessed they are that you haven't turned against them." She said in an attempt to let him see that not everyone viewed him as the Kyuubi rather than its jailor. Naruto was touched but at the same time saddened. She'd just voiced the truth that he'd been avoiding for as long as he could. The truth that no matter what he did, no matter how much he helped the people here, more than half of them would always view him as a demon. His new look didn't help that any.

He now looked like a fox. Litterally. He had fur growing on his entire body. When the damn kitsune told him there'd be physical changes, Naruto had imagined that his pupils might become slitted or his whisker marks become more defined; maybe his finger nails might have lengthened into claws. That all happened and then some. Along with nails and slitted pupils he got: fur, his whisker marks became actual whiskers, his canines lengthened to the length of a fox's, his ears had moved to the top of his head, and he now had a muzzle. In all essence he was an upright walking fox. His senses had even been passively increased, unlike before when he had to channel chakra to increase them. Suddenly, fear washed over him as he thought of how this might've affected his chakra system. Before he did anything rash though, he remembeered that he had summoned Kurama. A.K.A. he could still mould chakra. Tsunade looked him over before frowning.

"Come on," she said, "we need to tell the council about this." Tsunade flashed her chakra, signaling the ANBU stationed outside to come in. "I need you to go to each of the Council members and tell them to report for an emergency meeting. Tell them if they decline that I'll personally deal with them after the meeting."

The ANBU shuttered at the way she said 'personally' and saluted the Hokage before shunshinning to the clans' respective compounds.

"In the meantime, I need to tell you about your new body Naruto. You could cause some undesireable levels of damage without nowing what has happened to your body." Kurama spoke up, scaring the hell out of everyone. After all, who expects a fox to speak.

"Ok. Fire away." Naruto said.

Kurama started his speech, taking about thirty minutes to explain all the important parts of Naruto's change; his new body, the new taijutsu style he'd have to learn, the side affects of summoning contracts and more speciffically those of the kitsune summoning contract, and most importantly, how his jinchuriki status actually extended his life-span by nearly twenty-five times. Though this was new to him, it was actually true to all jinchuriki. As it happened though, Kuram's deal with Naruto included Naruto becoming a demon.

The explanation ended at exactly the moment that Yamanaka Inoichi opened the door and told them all the council members had been assembled. Tsunade nodded and turned to Naruto before saying, "When we get in there Naruto, you need to be on your best behavior. At the very best, your new body will make them extremely nervous. At the worst, they'll immediately attack you. Though the Shinobi council may hold off long enough for me to explain and may even accept my explanation, I guarantee you that the civilian council will demand your head. Can you be good for your own safety?"

Naruto went wide eyed but he silently nodded. By this time, Sakura had fainted from building fear and Sasuke had been quelled by the spike of Killing Intent Tsunade and Naruto had sent simultaneously at him when it looked like he might attack again. Tsunade had called in the ANBU and told them that, despite the fact that they might love their precious Uchiha, they were to put him in an ANBU prison cell with maximum security and wait for her orders to get him. The ANBU nodded and cuffed Sasuke before shunshinning off with him.

With that, Tsunade led naruto off to the Council chambers. The moment the door opened, all members were shocked speechless and couldn't say anything they prepared to say to Tsunade for summoning them on such short notice. Seeing that she wasn't going to be interrupted Tsunade started the meeting.

"As you all are probably wondering why I called you here at this hour. I would think you could clearly see but I will explain it a bit more indepth. This is Uzumaki Naruto. Before you jump to conclusions, no he has not been taken over by the Kyuubi. On the contrary, he just returned from returning Uchiha Sasuke to Konoha under genjutsu. Haruno Sakura broke this genjutsu and, in the process, unleashed Uchiha Sasuke on Naruto. Sasuke shot up from his posistion whe he'd been lain down. He stabbed naruto through the chest with a pair of Chidoris. Naruto died. I confirmed thet Naruto died. However, instead of staying dead, he made a deal with the Kyuubi and, from what I understand, became a demon. This means that he physically can not be killed so don't even bother trying. Before you get pissy. He is not a demon like we imagine them. He is still all Naruto." Many of the council members shuffled nervously. This development involving the Nine-tails jinchuriki was different from anything they'd seen before and they didn't know how to deal with it. Needless to say, despite Tsunade's words, councilor Haruno stood up and did what all civilians would do.

"Kill him!" she screeched, justifying her title as councilor Bashee, "Get rid of the demon! He'll kill us and our children in our sleep!"

Her words roused the rest of the civilians while the sinobi stayed quite, still contemplating the event; Naruto was a great friend to all of their children. Hyuuga Hiashi was the first of the Shinobi to react.

"I agree with councilor Haruno that he should be removed as a threat though I don't agree the the best path is to kill. I beilieve that, as much for our safety as for his, he should be banished. Civilians will act as they did for the first twelve years of his life. Thye will scorn him, ban him from their stores, form mobs to try to kill him. Unlike before he became a Shinobi though, he can defend himself now. The civilians would be signing their death warrant to attack him as he would have to defend himself. I wouldn't call it actuall banning so much as moving him out of the village for his safety and the viillagers' safety."

Tsunade went wide eyed. As much as she mistrusted the Hyuuga, he'd actually made a valid arguement. Naruto's new look was going to draw hell from the villagers. Much as the boy was going to hate it she had to send him away.

"Naruto, I am truly sorry for the but Hiashi-san makes a valid argument. Though you will hate it, you have to leave. Your new look would draw all hell from the villagers. Any and all respect you've built up with them is gone. I'm truly sorry but you'll need to leave today. There isn't going to be anyway for you to hide your new appearance for long." Tsunade explained, regretting her decision more by the second as his expression turned from one of impatience to one of disbelief/anger.

Naruto let out a growl but knew from the looks on the faces of the shinobi council and Tsunade's face that there wasn't going to be any room for him to argue. Knowing this, he told them grudgingly, "I don't care what you say but I'm going to have one last meal at Ichiraku's before I leave. Please tell my friends and Kakashi that I'm truly sorry for leaving without saying good-bye to them." With that he left without another word to anyone. There were a few gasps of surprise and questions directed at him but he ignored them all. Right now he was focused on figuring out what he was gonna do now. He could go out on a training trip but with his current features that would only draw a man-hunt directed at him.

Kurama, who he had forgotten about and didn't notice when he was followed out by the snow-white fox, nudged his hand to get his attention. Jumping at the sudden contact, he looked at the fox for an explanation and wasn't disappointed.

"Kit, you should know that the only ones who might understand this are other jinchuriki. I know of their locations and just so happen to know that Kumogakure has two; the Hachibi and the Nibi. You could go there if you need someplace to go to." the centuries old fox told him.

Naruto contemplated this for only a second before making up his mind. If Konoha didn't want him, he'd take a chance and see if Kumo could deal with a third - not to mention the most powerful - jinchuriki in their ranks. "Ok Kurama," he said, "I agree that we should go somewhere with other jinchuriki. just shy of all humans are going to shun me with my current form. With any luck, the people of Kumo will be tolerant or even happy to have another powerful ninja join their ranks."

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