Summary: Sam and Dean and later, Castiel are trapped in a Bad Fanfiction Story. Crack! Ensues.

A/N: So, I randomly got this idea and just started writing. It's meant to read as a pretty bad fanfiction. It's part of the funny.

Warning! If you can't deal with intense, graphic feelings, and men almost acting out those feelings, don't continue reading. Also, this story is not even pretend canon, I imagine at points Sam, Dean, Castiel, and whoever else ends up in this story will be OOC. This story is also not plotted out, so no idea how long it's going to go. So be forewarned.

Chapter One: The Fourth Wall Is Noticed

"Dean, I don't understand why you've aligned yourself with a vampire."

"Benny has done a lot for me."

Sam bitchfaces. "What could Benny have done for you that I haven't?"

"Well, for one, he stayed by my side through purgatory, when you couldn't have bothered looking for me."

"Benny knew where you were, I didn't even have an idea or where to start looking for you… You're upset that I made the best of the situation and after months of not hearing from you, I found a girl?"

"I don't understand how you could turn your back on me, after everything I've done for you, Sam. I've died for you, so many times, and you what, couldn't look for me, for a year?"

"You're upset. I get that. But you don't understand what it's like to have every single person you've ever known dead, or missing… you've never had to truly be on your own."

"You don't think I was on my own while you were in Stanford."

"You were on your own, to a point, but you still had Dad and Bobby that you could talk to, and you made friends with some other hunters… I know that… you've never had your entire support system stripped away and lose it without a clue where to go from there."

"That's true, I suppose. But that doesn't change your actions… after everything, you could really give up on me? I could never give up on you, you know that."

"I do, Dean."

"Then what? The feeling isn't mutual that's for sure. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that loves the other like a brother should."

"You shut your mouth."

"Or what? You'll admit that you don't feel the same way."

"Or I'm going to have to prove to you how much I love you…" Sam makes his way across the room, readying himself to actual make his true feelings about his brother known, he knows it's wrong, but he can't help himself.

"What are you gonna do?" Dean asks, fearing that Sam was going to only hug him…

Just as Sam takes Dean's face in his hands and starts moving his mouth closer to Dean's perfect lips…

Castiel Appears and pulls them apart. "Stop this madness! You guys have traveled to some kind of alternate universe and in this universe you guys are incestual. The feelings that you are feeling for each other are not your own, and I doubt you two want to deal with the consequences of what will happen if you guys act on your sexual desires now."

Sam and Dean glare at the angel who has ruined their moment. Dean has half a mind to take Sam, despite the Angel's presence.

Castiel realizes how close he is to Dean. He is reminded of Dean's upset over his "personal space issue" and takes a step back. He looks down at Dean's lips, and back up at his eyes… temptation trying to win… struggling with himself knowing that it's just the universe that's affecting him, and their profound bond… despite being strong, doesn't truly contain the sexual fantasies that are playing through his mind now.

Soon, Castiel can't help himself, he loves Dean. He's seen every inch of that perfect body, having put it together, and after a few unfortunate and incredibly Dean-irritating appearances' to him in the shower.. he knows that body is incredible. He knows that it would not be incestual at least, if he acted this feelings out towards Dean, but he knows that it's only the work of some unknown source. He's never felt this funny need to touch Dean before. The closest he's come to it is in purgatory… he was so glad to see Dean when he found him, even though he knew that as his penance, he couldn't see him, that he had to keep them away from Dean. His body ached at the remembrance of that hug. Feeling Dean so close to him…

Before he could stop himself, he reached out for Dean, and pulled him close, reenacting their hug. Pulling him close enough to smell his hair, turning his head, so he could begin sucking on his neck… moving his lips closer to Dean's lips, looking in his eyes for consent.

Then he gets tackled by an Angry Sam.

"How Dare you touch my brother like that!" Sam yelled, punching Cas in the Jaw. His hand instantly swelled at the use of hitting something so hard, powerful, and angelic. But he didn't care… he was hot with jealousy. There was no way that Castiel was going to kiss his brother before he ever had the chance. He had known Dean all his life, and if anyone had a claim on him, it was him. Not just some Angel that had only known Dean a couple years, even if he had readily died for him a couple times.

Dean snapped out of the lustful spell cast by Sam and Castiel. Two of the people who he loved most in the world were fighting, and he had to stop it.

He pulled Sam off of Castiel, "Stop it Sam! Castiel is our ally, not the enemy."

Sam glared at Castiel, who was getting up from the floor. Holding himself back for Dean's sake, huffing and puffing. Castiel, still bewildered by both the sudden depth of his feelings for Dean, and at being tackled by Sam, stared forward… watching the scene unfold. Awestruck that Dean seemed to have chosen to save him, rather than Sam from the situation.

Catiel's vessel warmed at the thought.

Dean stood between the two men, his hands held out to either side of him, warning the two, to keep the distance between them, and letting them know that the fight was not okay with him.

Everything stayed tense, as Dean tried to think about how he had gotten into this incredible situation.

He tried remembering that morning. Visualizing the crappy motel room that he and Sammy had checked into the night before.. trying to remember the case before them. They had been working on a standard run-of-the-mill ghosthunt.

What he hadn't noticed was both Sam and Castiel had been creeping up close to Dean, while he had been reflecting on his morning… there was little space between the three of them now, but an inch on either side of Dean. Sam seemed to be reaching high, and Castiel low… Dean while he loved both men, and felt himself get hard at their proximity had it in the back of his mind that for some reason he must not act on what his downstairs head was telling him.

Castiel, got to him first, going straight for Dean's lips, while Sam went straight for Dean's pants. Sam was undoing Dean's belt while Castiel was unzipping Dean's jacket. Dean was trying to focus on where everything suddenly changed.

He remembered a sudden change of scenery, and then arguing with Sam. He doesn't remember how he ended up in this other shitty motel room, or even how the argument started.

Sam had gotten Dean's pants undone by now, and Castiel had gotten Dean's flannel shirt off of him, and was beginning to lift his Van Halen t-shirt up…

Dean pulled away before Sam could reach his hand and cup his crotch through his boxers, and before Castiel could successfully pull off his shirt.

Dean pushed his little guy back in and pull up his zipper and redid his belt, pushed Castiel's hands away, and tried to focus on the task at hand, not his aching erection.

How had he gotten here? What happened before Castiel turned all lustful... he mentioned something about an Alternate Universe.

"Cas." He said, voice heavy with longing. "You said this was an alternate universe that's affecting our heads?"

Cas looked at Dean from the bed, licked this lips, "Yes." Cas's voice was more breathy than Dean had ever heard before. "I believe that these feelings are being caused by a fan of Chuck's books."

"Come again?" Dean said, turning head on with Castiel.

Castiel mirrored the action and tilted his head, "I believe the term is, uh, fanfiction."

Sam stood up, from where he knelt at Dean's Knees, "You don't mean those pervy stories about Dean having sex in a 3-way with pie and you?"

"I'm unaware of stories of that nature. What I mean by," he held up his hands and air quoted, "Fanfiction" put his arms down and continued, "is fictional accounts of you and Sam's exploits written by the fans of Chuck's books… people who believe you two don't exist."

"Are you saying that we're trapped in a fanfiction?" Dean asked.

"That is where I believe we are."

Sam hopped on the other bed, "Do you have any idea how this happened, Castiel?"

Cas physically slumped, "Unfortunately, I'm unaware of how this happened. I only sense the nature of the universe and can tell, that there are many holes within it. Like for example, the world is not as expansive as it was… it now only extends as far, as I believe the fanfiction author has ever seen."

Dean pulled the drapes back to reveal a suburban neighborhood right outside the motel room they're in. "I don't think this kid has traveled far at all."

"I don't think their writing is very good either. Have either of you noticed how heightened the emotions are? When I was lustful, I ached for it. Now, that we know we're in another universe, I have this unsettled feeling that is making me feel sick."

"Huh, I didn't noticed it very well, but that argument in the beginning… I wanted to kill you, than suddenly I wanted to…" Dean look down, his cheeks red.

"Yeah, you probably shouldn't say it." Sam agreed nodding.

Dean looked back up and stood, to walk around a bit. "But the point is, my mood changed on a dime, I might have a great sex drive, but that was unnaturally quick."

Castiel stood from the bed, "Perhaps, we should try to find a way back."

Sam turned to Castiel, "Didn't you just poof in here, can't you just poof us out of here?"

"When I first felt beyond our profound bond," Cas turned towards Dean and turned back to Sam, "I tried to "poof" out of here, and couldn't. Whatever this author has written about this universe, it's deeply affected my power."

"Are you saying there isn't a way out of here. That we're stuck?" Dean said, with sudden trepidation.

"I'm saying, that I don't know how we will return to our universe, yes." Castiel said in his grave gravelly voice.

"What are we going to do? We can't stay forever, I can't have feelings this intense and not act on them!" Sam yelled.

"Well then, we need to find a way out." Castiel stated. "Before you two do something stupid."

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