Disclaimer-- I Don't own DBZ and even if I did all the industries would crash because I know about as much about businessing as Kakarot does about calculus.

Hello to all those reading! I know most of you (if there are any) are thinking, DBZ road trip? What the hell is that going to be? Well, I got the idea for this when I was watching Yu-gi-oh on the Kids WB Road trip thingie. I thought it would make a hilarious fanfic, so I decided to give it a shot!! I'm putting authors in it, so if you want to be in it, E-mail me at ssj7_raditz@yahoo.com or post it in the review, the only way this fic'll be remotely funny is if I get some people besides myself in it Just leave your description, name and what race you want to be (Saiyajin, Namekin, Chaiutzuian???, human etc.). To get this thing started I'm gonna need at least 5 or 6 reviews, I can add people as we go along. I'm not going to stack everyone in one vehicle so pick someone and we're gonna go two to a vehicle (You can also pick what kind of vehicle you want :D). I know I just opened myself up to a whole herd of lemons, I'll put em in don't you worry! I'm not, however, going to write them, if you want a lemon please write it yourself ^-^. Try to pick someone a little, say, unique. You don't have to be a total freak for them, because there is only ONE VEGETA, and ONE TRUNKS. Those are the two people always say they want to marry, but the same goes for everyone else. Yes, you may pick dead people, even if they were evil. Well that wraps it up for one hella-long author's-note-chapter-ma-deal. Adios Muchachos!!!!!! *Gulps down a half a gallon of Code Red and waves*