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2) There's no Ren or Silver-haired girl in this fanfiction. Even though you might think 'but that's what the whole game's about', it just didn't go with the plot.

Chapter one

It had been two weeks since Seto had restored Crow. After the whole battle with Shin had ended, Seto had taken batteries from the prototype Doll's he killed and used them on Crow.
Crow had reacted confused at first. After Seto had explained him about the new batteries and told him there was more where that came from, he had thrown himself onto Seto in a tight hug.

They decided to settle down for a while and just relax. Besides, Seto didn't have a current objective and Crow just didn't want to dive further into his past. So they set up a small camp.

"Hey Seto!" Crow's loud voice snapped Seto out of his daze and made him look at him.

"Oh hey. D-did you find what you were looking for?" Seto asked, cursing at himself for stuttering. (Something he did a lot around Crow)

"No, it's gone. Some prick probably stole it. " Crow huffed in annoyance.

"What exactly were you looking for?" Seto asked, cocking his head to the side a bit. Crow had just left this morning mumbling something about finding a precious item.

"A book, The pirate isle. You probably don't believe this, but without it we might not have become friends." Crow snickered.

"T-the pirate isle?" Seto asked surprised. "Why didn't you ask me?" He exclaimed, swinging his arms a bit.

"What? You wouldn't be able to find it any faster than me." Crow said with a roll of his eyes. "Besides, you probably wouldn't be able to find it at all, since you're pretty stupi- " Crow was cut off when something hard and flat hit his face. Upon closer examination he was shocked to find the item he had been looking for right in his hands.

"Hmpf." Seto huffed.

"Where did you find this?" Crow asked wide-eyed.

"I-I found it after you made me fall through the hole. Remember?" Seto explained.

"Well, thank you. But wait, you knew that I used the lines from this book in our 'conversation'?" Crow asked feeling rather embarrassed.

Seto blinker. "Y-yeah."

"And you didn't tell me? I mean it was pretty obvious it was mine. Else I wouldn't memorize those lines." Crow asked looking somewhat angry.

"I-I'm so sorry! I think I just forgot. You're not mad are you?" Seto asked. He wouldn't want his best friend to be mad at him.

"Geez, you're such a dork. Of course I'm not mad." Crow said with a scowl as he punches Seto's shoulder lightly.

"I'm glad." Seto said, rubbing his shoulder and yawning.

"You look tired. Go sleep." Crow said, pinching Seto's cheek.

"Okay, okay." Seto slapped Crow's hand away and made a childish pout.

Seto was as comfortable as he could get on the old sheets near the bonfire. Crow just sat next to him, playing with his red-brownish hair. Seto released a sigh of content before closing his eyes and listening to Crow who started humming. Something about the melody seemed familiar but he couldn't lay his finger on it.

Seto was already fast asleep when a black cat with eyes familiar to Crow's nestled against his chest.

Crow was satisfied with the fact that his humming brought Seto to sleep. He took in the cute and innocent features of the boy's face.

Seto's cheeks were puffy and rounded like the ones of a baby, although he didn't look like one. More like a childish teenager or a mature child. His long eyelashes made him look slightly girlish but cute nonetheless. The way Seto's lips were slightly parted could make every adult woman melt away because of the look of innocence. Was it strange for Crow to think like this? Probably not, they were best friends after all.

Crow noticed the black cat looking at him with the same yellow-green eyes as his. He just hissed at the animal to go away but instead it nestled himself against Seto. In turn, Seto let out a pleasant huff and curled up slightly.

Crow just looked at the cat through narrowed eyes. Seto was his best friend.

Seto awoke to the sound of something purring. It took some time to realize that there was a cat sleeping against his chest. And just then he noticed the hand roaming over his body. From his shoulder, to the crook of his knee and back.

Confused, Seto rolled onto his back to see that it was Crow's hand that had been exploring his body.

Crow had been too fascinated by the curves of Seto's body to notice said boy waking up. Only when he flipped onto his back did Crow snap back his hand.

"Oh, sorry." Crow said, scratching the back of his head. Offering a sheepy grin.

"W-what were you just doing?" Seto asked. Seto looked quite shocked by Crow's actions.

"You were having a nightmare before. And it seemed to calm you down." Crow knew very well that was a lie. When Seto was laying on his side, the curves from his shoulder to his hips and legs just looked so.. perfect.

"Oh. S-seems legit. I think." Seto said while getting up to stretch.

Crow ignored how funny Seto looked when he stretched out his arms like that and spoke instead. "We're out of wood for the bonfire. Care to come with me to get more?"

"Of course, I could use a walk, maybe we find an instant lunch or something else to eat." Seto said with a smile while rubbing his stomach.

"Oh yeah, you need to eat. Totally forgot." Crow laughed while turning to walk.

"Well I deeply apologize." Seto huffed, catching up to Crow.

"There's a pretty good spot for firewood not too far from here. I'm sure there will be enough. Food though.." Crow bit his lip "Not sure."

"Maybe the merchant will stop by later." Seto replied with a hopeful tone. "Right?"

Crow looked to his side only to meet pleading eyes, needing some reassurance. He swallowed. When Seto gave you that look you just straight up wanted to hug him and tell him everything's going to be okay. Instead Crow just ruffled his red locks.

"And if not, I'm going to make sure I get you something. I don't care how far I have to go, I'm not letting my best friend starve." He poked Seto's chest. Only now did he notice he didn't have the fishtin anymore. Honestly, it looked a little ridiculous so he didn't mind at all.

"Is something wrong?"

Crow looked up to meet Seto's worried gaze again. Hey, it wasn't Crow's fault you could so easily get lost in Seto's features. The kid was just too darn cute. He quickly pulled back his finger and spoke.

"Nope." Crow said nonchalantly and looked straight forward.

By the time they came back with enough firewood for at least two days, they saw the merchant walking away in the distance.

"Oh no! I'll be right back." Seto said as he put down the wood and run toward the merchants direction.

"Heh, he looks kinda cute when he runs." Crow snickered.

When Seto came back, Crow had already got the fire going. After all it was going to be dark soon.

"Something nice? Food?" Crow asked Seto who put some stuff down.

"Yeah. A few instant lunches, cat food, a bow and this.. for you." Seto held out a necklace with a silver locket. Inside the locket were a few strands of Seto's red-brown hair. While the rest of the inside was purple to match his eyes.

"Wow. I never thought you would do something like this for me." Crow smiled as he put on the necklace. It blended in nicely with his other accessories while it also stood out from the rest.

"You're welco-"

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