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With his arms crossed and chin rested on them, Seto stared into the nearly burnt out fire, the light reflecting against his eyes which held a worried look. He had gotten himself quite confused when thinking back about the brief conversation he had with Crow before the dark haired male had run off. He had told him he would be 'right back', but it had been quite a while now, and he was growing more worried with the second. Even playing with a few stray cats had not been enough to lift his spirits, his worry for his friend much more grand than that.

With a sigh, Seto rolled over onto his back, staring up at the sky above. It was rather dark out, which didn't help at all. What if Crow had been injured? No, the surrounding area was pretty safe, that wouldn't happen so easily, and he wasn't one to just venture off without telling him first.

Seto started to roll over, groaning softly in frustration. He hadn't realized just how worried he could get about that guy until now. He felt like a mother duck that had lost its child.

"Crooooow.." He whimpered, making a slight pout as he lay on his side, hearing none of what was going on behind him.

"Yes?" Seto jumped at the familiar voice, letting out a very unmanly screech as he trashed around like some cat that had just been cruelly awoken. After some trashing about, he jumped to his feet, taking on a ninja-like pose to attempt and be threatening. All be was met by was laughter though, leaving him confused for a moment.

"O-Oh my, Seto you-" Crow cackled, unable to keep himself from laughing at the odd display. He knew he had left the other alone for longer than planned, but he hadn't thought that would make him so jumpy.

The smaller of the two just stared as Crow slowly became able to suppress his laughter, taking deep breaths to calm himself down. Seto, who had now dismissed the hilarious pose and just stood there, arms crossed, waited until Crow looked up at him, so that he could shoot him a slight, ineffective glare.

"You're late." He stated, which immediately wiped the grin off of Crow's face. A sigh escaped him instead as he straightened himself so that he could look at Seto seriously.

"I know, and I'm sorry. I lost track of time and maybe got lost a little. I didn't mean to leave you here all by your own while it got dark, I promise." He didn't want to lie to him, but he couldn't possibly just tell him the truth.

"Well I-"

"Seto, please." Crow cut him off, resting his gloved hand on the other boy's shoulder and giving it a light squeeze. "I'm sorry, alright?" Seto simply sighed at that, nodding in reply.

"You should get some sleep. " Crow suggested with a small smile, walking over to what little remained of the campfire and lying down beside it. After some hesitation Seto joined him, crawling into the other's arms while keeping a stubborn look on his face.

"..You don't have to sleep together with me, you know, you could just sleep on your own spot." Crow commented, raising a brow.

"Are you implying that you don't want me to sleep next to you?" Seto, now having closed his eyes, asked firmly.

"No. I was just suggesting that if you wanted to-"

"I'm sleeping here." Seto cut him off, rolling over onto his other side so that his back was facing him.

"As you wish." Crow sighed, watching as the maroon haired boy curled up slightly, indicating that he was cold.

"Lay closer to me."

"What? Why?"

"You're cold. Turn around and let me hold you."

"No, I'm fine."

"So stubborn.." Grabbing onto his shoulder, Crow rolled Seto around so that they were facing one another, pulling the boy closer to him. After wrapping his arms around him comfortably, and trapping one of his legs by hooking his own around it, he sighed, pleased with the fact that Seto didn't seem to struggle. "There. Warmer?"

"Yeah.. I guess so." Despite refusing to admit it, Seto was actually more comfortable than ever like this, his nose lightly pressed into Crow's neck so that he could even take in his scent with each breath.

"Good night, Seto."

"..Night." He responded softly, his eyes slipping closed once more as he relaxed, a small smile curving his lips even as he fell asleep.

Crow didn't mind just lying there all night to assure that Seto would be safe while he was asleep, but it was kind of hard to keep the other warm when the slightly smaller boy was continuously trashing about, mumbling inaudible words in his sleep while groaning and whimpering. It was probably just a nightmare, and it would end soon enough, but seeing him like that still was less than pleasant.

Even though Crow was constantly stroking his hair, and whispering soothing words, the trashing did not stop, and Seto was starting to sweat slightly while his face had a pained expression. Neither of them was getting any better from this, and so it was decided that it was best to wake Seto carefully.

After taking a deep breath, Crow began to lightly shake the boy's shoulder, speaking in a hushed tone. "Seto.. Seto please wake up." He didn't get much of a response to this, only some more soft whimpers.

"Seto.." Crow continued, shaking the other a little more.

"Seto!" He finally said firmly. This was enough to stir the other awake, leaving Seto in a confused state.

"C-Crow?" Due to the nightmare, Seto was now wide awake, tears slowly filling up his eyes as he saw his friend right in front of him, clearly alive. "Oh god, you're okay!" He nearly cried out as he threw his arms around Crow's neck, tears escaping his eyes and slowly rolling over his cheeks. "I thought you were gone! I-I.. you.."

"Calm down, calm down. Take a deep breath." Crow, although surprised by the way he was being clung to, said reassuringly, slowly stroking over Seto's lower back. "Did you have a nightmare?"

Seto nodded at that, taking quick, shaky breaths. It went without saying that the nightmare had been about him, and that something horrible had happened to his companion during that terrible dream. He didn't want to speak of it, and just buried his face in Crow's shirt, glad that his friend was safe.

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