eyes of blue
013. eyes

It had startled Blaine the first time it happened; the strangest flash of something different, something he'd never seen or experienced. His mother had handed him a plate for dinner when he noticed something different about the dish. It was the same one he'd always used, part of the set he recognized even from childhood, but suddenly, it just looked different.

And then, it was normal again, in no time at all. He'd stared at it, holding it in his hands and willing it to change back, but it didn't.

He wondered if he'd only imagined it.

Then he noticed it elsewhere—just flashes of something strange and indescribable. He saw it in a flower his classmate collected, and a bowl of berries, and the blanket on his brother's bed, all transforming into the same unfamiliar thing that apparently only he could see.

He was determined to find out what it was that he was experiencing, and he knew there was one person who would have an answer for him: the Giver.

"They're colors," the old, weathered man explained to him. "Specifically, what you're describing in the color blue." He continued to explain about colors and how everything had one before Sameness. Blaine listened eagerly as the Giver explained it all to him, assuring him that he'd slowly start to see all of the colors in everything.

Still, it took a little time until Blaine could really appreciate the change, until he truly understood the beauty the Giver had spoken of. It wasn't until he was with his classmates again, and while Rachel was telling everyone who'd listen about her first day at her assignment. Blaine sat quietly as everyone spoke excitedly, unable to disclose any information about his own assignment as Receiver.

It was then that Kurt turned to him, and Blaine caught sight of the boy's eyes; they were blue. But no, he thought, they were so much more than that, so completely beyond words, especially the vocabulary he had because of Sameness and his newness to colors. He couldn't help the way his jaw fell open a little, as he stared shamelessly at Kurt's magnificent eyes.

Kurt cocked his head to the side as he noticed Blaine's gaze. "Is everything okay?" he asked, and Blaine was suddenly back to reality, the dazzling color of Kurt's eyes fading once more.

Blaine swallowed tightly and forced a smile before he nodded, and Kurt smiled back, looking away once again. Blaine felt his chest ache slightly, missing the beauty of the blue, eager for it to become permanent, just as the Giver promised; he felt sad for those who would never experience the amazing sight. Yet, at the same time, Blaine couldn't help but feel a little selfishly happy that he was the only one who was allowed to see Kurt's eyes for all that they were.