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A visit to the Country which border is closed, part 1 of 3

By: Maximillian Fisherman

Since this year, the country of Panem has invited one journalist to go to Panem. Since what is called the dark days outside journalists have not been aloud in Panem, but I'm the first one to enter this closed country in 50 years. This is what I did see.

When I arrived in the former continent of North America I landed in wilderness, but I was quickly picked up by a hovercraft and taken to the capital that is called the Capitol. When I arrived in the Capitol I was transported to the president's mansion were I met president Snow. He is one of the most inspiring men I've ever met since he alone at a age of 10 took over Panem from his father. After the talk with the president we had one of the most amazing dinners I ever had. It was thousands of different dishes and my favourite was a honey and carrot soup.

After the first week I noticed there was a festivity on the way. It's called "The Hunger Games" and this year it was a so-called "Quell". Snow told me that the games is a way to control the districts that surrounds the Capitol and in a few weeks 48 children will arrive in the Capitol to participate in the games. But he did not tell me what the games were about.

When the tributes arrived in the Capitol, they were immediately taken to a prep team that made them beautiful. And after they were finished they was shown up in public in a chariot ride through the Capitol. Then Snow welcomed them to the games and short after the speech they were taken into a massive building were they would live the week to the games started.

After 4 days they displayed a sort of score on each tribute. They were rated from 1 to 12 and about 16 of them got a 1 and none of them received a 12. But one boy named Haymitch received an 11. The evening after the scores were announced there were interviews with the tributes, and hearing from the interviews the games were about the poor was forced to kill each other!

Reporter: Maximillian Fisherman

Paper: The Alpine News

City: Vienna