Anna's POV

Today was the day the Volturi are coming to destroy the Cullen, I was prepared to face the Volturi to help save the Cullen's ,i had created 12 Angles half of them looked like little children which had a sinister smile on there innocent faces and the others looked like me

We hid behind the trees waiting with a phone i nicked off someone because then technology had been evolved so i could make light flicker off and on but also i could protect my voice on phones , radios, etc... And it was fun to scare the bad guys.

I could see the Cullen's side on my left and the Volturi on my right. Carlisle approach Aro like in the books , I concentrated on his phone in his pocket then it started to ring. Carlisle stopped with a frown taking the phone out of his pocket"That's not possible " he muttered "what's not possible Carlisle" Aro said looking at the ringing phone .
"This phone i took out the battery out and now its ringing"
Carlisle put the phone to his ear with everyone watching ,answered the phone with "hello"
(Anna has change her voice to a child's one)

No one's POV

"Hello sir , its been a while" it was a child voice which surprised him.
"Who is this and how did you even ring me the battery's are our" and to prove it Carlisle pulled off the back casing .
" We are the weeping angles ,sir" Carlisle froze still along with Aro who is in deep thought.

Aro snatched the phone of Carlisle and snarled in to the phone "Where are you" striding away in deep thought ,his back towards the forest which gave Anna an opportunity" to stand be hind him .

"Behind you" Aro spun on his feet to see a stone girl with big wings on her back a simple dress that went down to her knee , her hair was slight wavey that went down to reaching her back, her face had a slight smile.

"Hello Aro sir , its been a long time"

"What are you doing here angle ,you have no business here"

"Call me Angle Anna ...if you want to and it it my business because I have watch and hear every think all round the world and we don't like you. And if you don't recall what happened around a couple of centers ago I said we would meet again then the truth shall be told"

To be continued