The hunky transfer student

One day in Tokyo 3 high school high the halls were atwitter with fast flying rumors of the brand new hunky transfer student. He had hair the shade of the moon and eyes the color of the post impact ocean. Shinji didn't care for rumors as much as he cared for being badass and piloting robots so he paid no heed. But that very same day he found out the transfer student was coming to his class. He introduced himself and plopped his fine but down in the chair right next to Shinji.

With a dingdangrangpang of the bell they both headed to gym class where the whole class was swimming. Shinji sat out as usual but on the way out of the pool area he skidded and gracefully collapsed into the pool. The boy with the moon hair dove in after him but failed to bring him up because Shinji kept on writhering around like an octopus in fear so the life guard had to rescue both of them.

Shinji still clung to his classmate long after the rest of the class left and coughed into his shirt a lot and got snot all over it too. He finally borrowed his face out of the shirt and rolled away in a ball like the hedgehog he is. "W-what's your name?" Shinji squawked. "Shion" he said as he handed a towel to Shinji.

After they got dried off and changed Shion invited Shinji to hang out with him. They swagged their way downtown and talked to eachother about various things. Shinji learned that Shion had come from a place called No. 6 and that there was some kind of major bug problem down there and Shion moved to they city because he was allergic to dystopian societies. "Well it's not all that much better here", Shinji said as he told Shion about how mcfricked up Tokyo 3 and nerv really is. "I've got a plan but and I'll tell you tomorrow okay" Shion declared as he was leaving.

As Shion approached Shinji's desk in the morning a tint of red snuck it's way cheeks of the Shij. "We're gonna steal Lilith" Shion whispered so that no one could ear. Shinji gulped and nodded. They infiltrated nerv and after a fierce battle and a few yandere outburts from Shino they managed to sneak into lil into the woods and kissed pasonately. "Hot damn" Sjino gasped but then they discovered Kensuke was filmibg the whole thing! There next mission was to take down Kensueke.