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Chapter 11- The Dark Meeting

"C'mon Harry pass it!" Ron yelled running down the field waving his hands in the air.

"I would but I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment thanks." Harry yelled back trying to keep the soccer ball in his possession as Davis harassed him. It was a nice crisp Friday afternoon that surprisingly only required light coats to be outside. With all their homework finished early (at the persistence of Hermione) Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the digidestined had a day of free time on their hands. So Davis took it upon himself to show the wizards how to play…soccer. The two groups, along with Dean and Seamus, walked over to the quiditch field and Hermione easily conjured them up two goals as Davis had brought a ball with him to the school just for this occasion. The teams were divided as Tai, Ken, Davis, and TK on one side and Harry, Ron, Dean, and Seamus on the other with the two goals being placed on opposite sides of the field. Which bring us where we are now with Tai's team up 4-0…


"Ok ok here!" Harry tried to pass the ball to Ron who was parallel to him but Davis easily intercepted, "Cheerio Harry!" Davis said smirking before running the other way. "Get back here!" Harry chased Davis back down the other way. Davis and Ken ran parallel running up to the goal guarded by Seamus. "Go for it Ken!" Davis shouted passing the ball to his best friend. He sprinted as Seamus braced himself but at the last second Ken passed the ball backwards back to Davis who kicked the ball hard at the goal. Seamus, who was not ready for the quick switch, tried to jump in the ball's pat but was in vain as it sailed right into the goal.

"Gooooooooooal! Wooh!" Davis yelled punching his fist into the air. "That worked great! Awesome job Ken." Davis congratulated him as they high fived and everyone gathered together at the center of the field.

Dean bent over breathing hard, "Holy…crap…how…are…you guys…so good."

"Well it's not like they're the best players on our school's championship soccer team or anything…ohhhh wait" Matt said walking over with Kari and Hermione.

"Oh well that made this game totally fair then." Seamus said sarcastically.

"Well since…it's like that…after we take little break…since we still have some light left…I've got an idea of something else we could do…" Harry said trying to catch his breath.

"What?" Tai asked.

"Ahhhhhhh! Why didn't you tell me these do that?! Davis yelled hanging onto his floating broom harder.

"Oh right. Hey Davis, this game were playing with brooms, yea they fly." Ron said laughing watching Davis struggle with the broom. Tai, Ken, and TK slowly pushed off the ground floating up to where Davis sat. each one wobbling trying to maintain balance and steady the broom. "You think after how many digimon we've rode this would be easier." Tai said to TK when they were high enough to be out of earshot of the others.

"Digimon weren't this small thin. And I swear this thing is trying to throw me off." TK responded. Then, Harry, Ron, Dean, Seamus floated up next to them, making it look so simple.

"Geez have you guys never seen quidditch before or something?" Seamus asked.

"Ummm no, I guess they don't really have this in Japan." Tai answered just starting to stop wobbling.

"No there is. The Japanese team competes every year to get to the world cup." Ron argued.

"Yea, they're pretty good too. I can see them going to the world cup in the next couple of years." Dean said helping Ron's argument.

"They do? I guess we should pay attention more." Ken said laughing nervously.

"Anyways, you guys ready for some quidditch?" Harry asked tossing the main ball in hand. The teams flew over to each other's ide of the field (the digidestined flew quiet slowly, not exactly sure how to make the brooms move.) and Tai and Harry squared off in the middle of it. "3, 2, 1…go!" Harry yelled tossing the ball up between them. Tai tried to make his broom go up but after trying to raise up it did nothing. Harry however was off in less than a second, grabbing the ball and speeding off toward the goal being flanked by Ron, Dean, and Seamus. The digidestined try to intercept him but with barely knowing how to go forward, Harry easily sped right past them and threw the ball right through the hoop scoring.

"Wooooh! 10, us. 0, you guys!" Ron yelled floating back to his side of the field."

"This is going to be a very long game." Davis moaned, while his friends just nodded in agreement.

Something…something was coming for him. He wasn't sure what. Which was strange to say the least. The dark lord always knew what was coming or what would happen but this was…new. This…creature he guessed he could call it had an aura about it that, though he would never admit it, sent a tiny shiver down his spine. The creature that made its way to his base was very dark and though it was powerful enough to block him for reading its intentions, they were far from good. The dark lord was able to see flashes of destruction, and death. When this creature came to the base, Voldemort was looking forward to meeting him.

"Ok, Hermione this had better be good for you getting me up so early. And on a Saturday! Who wakes up this early on a Saturday?! This is unheard of! Its preposterous! It's absolute-"

"Ronald, if you don't shut that hole in your face, I have a few curses that will shut it for about a week, are we at an understanding?" Hermione quickly responded to Ron as the two and Harry walked down a long corridor in the castle, "and besides, it's noon! Just because you sleep until three everyday doesn't mean you can just-"

"Ok ok I got it Hermione. I'm a lazy bum, like always. So where are we going anyway?"

"The library, I was just curious and found something very interesting…" It was noon on Sunday. Just a couple of days since the two groups of friends had played their games against each other. She led them into the library, making sure to be very careful not to make too much noise, and the bushy haired girl led her friends over to her table in the corner where scrolls and books were laid out all over. She took out a big book from the bottom of the pile and showed it to her friends.

"Magical Schools and Why You Should Go." Harry read the title before giving Hermione a quizzical look. "What's with this?"

"There is no wizarding school in Japan."

"What?" Harry and Ron said at the same time surprised.

"There. Is. No. Wizarding. School. In Japan. If a Japanese wizard wants to go to school, they have to get their way to China. Tai and the others lied to us. They are not from a school in Japan."

It took Harry and Ron a minute to process the information. Ron was the first to speak "If they've been lying, you don't think they're working for you-know-who do you? We definitely have to tell Dumbledore about this."

"Hang on. Ron, Hermione, It wasn't Tai or the others who told us originally they were from a Japanese school. It was Dumbledore…Do you think he could've lied to us too? I mean, he wouldn't do that? Would he?" The three stood there thinking for few minutes. 'Dumbledore wouldn't lie to us, never the less the whole school in fact, would he? And even if he did I'm sure he must've had a good reason? I guess there's only one thing for us to do.' He straightened up, "Guys, we have to ask him."

"Who? Tai?" Ron asked.

"No. Dumbledore." The other two looked at each other for a second before looking back at Harry and nodding.

"Headmaster do we really need to keep these muggles around that much longer? Yes they've helped us a little but I believe we are perfectly capable of handling these…these… digi crreatures without their help. I mean really, what if one day we really do go to war with the muggle race. You are giving these children too much information about us. I say we just thank them for their help, erase all their memories and send them home. Because-" Professor Dumbledore sat quietly at his desk slightly smiling to himself as Professor Snape paced up and down his office complaining about the presence of the digidestined.

"Professor Snape, I understand your concerns but please, it will be alright. I promise you." Snape opened his mouth to continue to back up his argument when a sharp knock came at the door. Dumbledore looked up "Enter." Snape was furious. Harry, Ron, and Hermione entered the room looking at the two professors.

"Oh, we're sorry. We just had a couple of questions for the headmaster but we can come back later."

"No no, it's quite alright Miss Granger. My conversation with Professor Snape was already finished anyway." Snape glared in Harry's direction before leaving the room with a sweep of his cloak. "Now, what is I can do for the three of you today?"

Harry stepped up, "Well Professor, we just had a question about the new transfer students…"

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow, "Very well, go on."

It was Hermione turn to speak, "Well you see professor, I was looking in a book about the locations of wizarding schools in the world and saw that there is actually none in Japan…so?..."

Dumbledore took a deep breath and stood up walking toward the group. "I should have known…that the school's three best detectives would discover this soon enough. I will not lie to you anymore. No. the Japanese students are not from a wizarding school."

Harry stared at the headmaster dumbfounded that he had really lied to them. What was going on? Hermione spoke up before he could "So Professor?...where are they from then?"

"That, miss Granger, I cannot tell you a this point. All will be revealed in due time. However, I promise you their purpose here is a good one and to not worry."

Harry stood in thought for a moment. 'Well…Dumbledore had always had their best interest in so he can trust him, couldn't he?' He nodded. "Ok Professor." Harry turned and walked out followed by his friends.

"What are you thinking?" Ron asked.

"I'm thinking we can trust Dumbledore. I mean, why couldn't we? But we just keep a closer eye on our new friends." Hermione nodded in agreement.

Clouds zipped past the face of the Master in fast pace as he flew through the dark night, though it's not like he minded. He had a meeting to attend and he would be damned if he was late. He flew in front and at his flanks were where his generals lay. Piedmon, Myotismon, Devimon, and Daemon kept their formation tight around their master as their destination neared. 'I love this feeling!' the Master thought in his mind uncharacteristically. In his old life he didn't experience too much time in the air and so to now have the power to enter the air at his will was new and very satisfying. Of course the power had to also be given to a few of his generals for obvious reasons but in a long run it won't matter.

But for now all that mattered was his meeting with Lord Voldemort. He had been dying to equate himself to the wizard for a long time. Since his second day in this dimension he had heard whispers of this so called He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Of the so called terrible things he had done. Ha. If they thought he was bad, then the wizards wouldn't know what to do with him. The Master smiled to himself. Just thinking of his plans, the wars that are to come, all the death, he relished it. Devimon flew up next to the Master "My Lord, we are nearly at his headquarters."

The Master nodded, "Good, lets land in the tree's below." Devimon and the other generals acknowledged and softly landed behind the cover of the tree's. Right across a dirt road from the forest laid a huge mansion surrounded by acres of land. But surrounding the mansion was a tall cement wall and right across from them was a gate guarded by two humans in black robes with skull masks on their faces. "We can easily bypass these humans master." Piedmon said from behind.

"But where is the fun in that?" Devimon hissed smiling wickedly.

"Quiet." The Master said sternly. His two subordinates quickly closed their mouths as he pulled out one his most prized devices out. It was this device in fact, with some help from his prisoner, that helped him cross into this dimension. He held it up and the device quickly gave a scan of the building before the Master looked back at the screen, "I know where he is. Devimon. You may dispose of the guards."

The Demon licked his lips and jumped out from behind the tree line landing on the road. The Deateaters reached for their wands but they weren't fast enough, "Death Claw!" Devimon extended his already long arms at an alarming rate and before the guards could even utter a sound his claws pierced their necks. Devimon smiled feeling the satisfied feeling of flesh and blood between his fingers. He squeezed his and hands into fist and yanked them out of his victim's neck. The Deathaters immediately fell to the gound, dead.

The Master and the rest of the generals walked out from the forest, "You were always good at the silent kills Devimon but you are way too sloppy" Daemon said gesturing to the bodies "Just look at all the blood now pouring out."

"Ahh, you see. That is where I come in my friend. I'll have that blood cleaned right up." Myotismon said nearing the bodies rubbing his hands.

"Later Myotismon. We don't want to leave him waiting." The vampire couldn't help but show his disappointment but never the less stood up straight.

The Master faced the house "Let us go."

Voldemort sat in his chair in a lone dark room. The only other things in his room besides him and the chair he sat on, was a large wall sized window, a fireplace with a very dim fire going, and a Deatheater who leaned against the wall across from him almost perfect still. He was supposed to be a sort of guard that Lucious insisted upon. The only reason he accepted was so he wouldn't have to listen to his constant pestering. Well, whatever the case, his guests were on the grounds and would be here any minute. Whatever these intruders wanted, they would have to face him first.

All of a sudden something hit his senses, hard. Apparently his Deatheater was also aware because he then walked over to the giant window and before anything else could happen the window exploded sending his guard flying into the opposite wall. 'Some guard.' Voldemort thought before looking in front him to see five new figures into his room. The Moonlight did little for him to describe their appearances as they were still covered I the shadows of the room. All he could see was a billowing cape behind the one in front. He analyzed this creature, searching its mind. He saw brief glimpses of tremendous battles and what seemed like the creature was standing in front of a human clutching a weird device in his hand with goggles on his head…he would never understand muggle fashion.

"My lord!" Lucious yelled bursting through the door with a few Deatheaters behind him. Suddenly the creature closest to the grown Malfoy, in incredible speed, unsheathed a sword and held it to Lucious' neck, "One more step human and your insides will decorate this floor."

"How dare yo-"

"Calm Yourself Malfoy." Voldemort spoke for the first time. He didn't need the light to see the protest on his face, "But my lord!"

"I believe our intruders should be commended." Voldemort continued undeterred. "I think they should be allowed to live long enough to explain how they found this place and why." Malfoy nodded slowly and backed up as the creature lowered its sword but kept it well in hand. The Dark Lord then gestured his hand to the lead creature in front, "So, before I kill you, what is it you are doing here creature?"

It chucked before it spoke in a deep dark voice, "Ever since me and my companions arrived in…the area…we have heard a great deal about the legendary Lord Voldemort."

Malfoy and Deatheaters gasped. Voldemort was intrigued. "It would seem, that though you have heard about me and what I have done, you do not fear me."

"No." The Creature responded, "I do not. However I do have proposal for you."

"And what do you propose?"

"We, as in my forces and yours, both want the same thing. The death to muggles. I propose we join forces and this goal can be met much easier."

"So you broke into my house to ask to join my army?" Voldemort asked a little amused.

"No." The creature responded harshly "I am proposing we run our armies as equals."

Voldemort couldn't help himself but to bend over laughing. The dark lord was pretty sure he hadn't heard such a good joke in a very long time. When he was done after a full minute of laughing Voldemort sat up, wand in hand. "I am afraid you're mistaken about me. I will never lower myself to that of a pathetic creatures level." He raised his wand pointing to the creatures chest "I believe our meeting is over now. Avada Kedavra!" The spell shot and hit the creature resulting in an explosion of dust. Voldemort smiled to himself before the dust cleared and he saw the creature still stood as if untouched. "How?-" Voldemort was going to ask how the creature could have survived before he saw in front of it what appeared to be an old bed sheet floating a little above the ground groaning before it disappeared in a cloud of what looked like dust.

It was the creatures turn to laugh. "You must think me stupid." The creature gestured to where the last one just disappeared, "Bakemon. Very handy." He seemed to stare right into the dark lords eyes "I agree however. This meeting is over. I will be in touch for our next meeting. Goodbye for now." And with that the creatures flew back out the window and were gone.

"My lord? Shall we go after them?" Lucious asked.

Voldemort thought for a minute, "No. they may prove useful in the future. We shall let them live, for now."

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