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"Little Shop of Horrors?" Conan asked, already feeling skeptical.

"Ya, Conan! It just opened! Let's go!" Genta yelled, as full of gusto as ever, one foot almost out the door.

"Please, Hakase?" Ayumi pleaded.

"But don't you guys think it's strange for a restaurant to be called-" Conan tried to say before Haibara interrupted.

"Edogawa-kun, you're not afraid of man-eating plants, are you?" Haibara said with a smirk.

"M-man eating plants?" Genta sputtered out.

"Ya, Genta-kun!" Mitsuhiko said, "Little Shop of Horrors was originally a musical about a plant that ate human flesh."

"See what I mean about it being weird for a restaurant to be called that?" Conan said.

"But they're supposed to have some of the best yakisoba noodles in all of Tokyo," Ayuma chirped.

"Not to mention unagi!" Genta yelled, quickly forgetting all about flesh eating plants. Conan just sighed. How did his quiet Saturday morning end up like this? All Conan really wanted to do was watch some soccer on TV while Hakase upgraded his shoes. According to the professor, the new upgrades would let Conan magnetically attach to surfaces. Kind of like Spiderman. Obviously, Conan did not tell any of the Shonen Tantei this; they'd definitely pester him nonstop to show them.

"Alright, but, only if you manage to answer this quiz," Hakase said abruptly, grinning. Oh boy, another quiz, Conan thought. He had to admit, the restaurant's strange name did get him curious; something just felt off about it. But he wasn't sure he wanted the Shonen Tantei tagging along. The Shonen Tantei collectively let out a groan at the prospect of the quiz, but did eye Conan hopefully.

"Um, I need to use the toilet," Conan said, trying to escape, but he was too slow and Genta and Mitsuhiko managed to pin him down.

"Here's the quiz," Hakase started, "Smith has been working for a long time without a break. So, he decides to go on a vacation. What does he do to get there? 1) Take a boat. 2) Take a car. 3) Take a plane. Well?"

And here we are, Conan thought. The place was surprisingly pleasant looking. No sign of any man-eating plants and the storefront was a cheery blue color. A happy looking waitress invited them inside and seated them, handing each of the six people present a menu.

"Yakisoba noodles!" Ayumi chirped.

"Unagi! Unagi!" Genta chanted.

"Can I have the noodles too," Conan said, pointing at the menu. Haibara and Mitsuhiko did the same.

"Four noodles and an unagi, coming right up," the waitress said, "And what about you sir?" she asked, looking at the professor.

"I'll have-" Hakase started, before noticing Haibara's glare, "A glass of water will be fine." Haibara gave him a quick nod of approval. Hakase sure has it rough, Conan thought to himself. But then again, he didn't want to be on Haibara's bad side either, so he just kept quiet.

Conan's head followed the waitress as she walked away with their orders. That's when a man dressed in black sitting in the corner of the restaurant caught his eye. He was drinking what appeared to be brandy, accompanied by an American styled brunch. It couldn't be, Conan thought, tensing up. Rena-san hadn't mentioned anything to the FBI recently, after all.

"Oi, Haibara," Conan whispered, turning to his side. But he did not like what he saw. Haibara was shaking uncontrollably, the look of fear on her face confirming what he was about to ask. Damn it. He needed to think fast; he could not let this chance pass. But before he could think any further, a woman's scream pierced through the air. Conan whipped his head around, just in time to see a woman stand up out of her seat, hands by her mouth to stifle another scream. Across the table from her, a man was sitting, face on the table, a look of horror in his eyes. That's when Conan noticed it, the man's arms slowly disappearing, as if, as if, being eaten by a man-eating plant. Conan quickly darted his head back to the man in the corner; a small grin was stretched across his face.

Post Story Notes
1. Who is the man dressed in black? Is the Black Organization involved somehow?
2. What is with the man's disappearing arms?

Agasa's Quiz

Smith has been working for a long time without a break. So, he decides to go on a vacation. What does he do to get there?

1) Take a boat.
2) Take a car.
3) Take a plane.