Alison sat in her bedroom, in front of her window, looking out at the lights below. It was Halloween night and she had nothing better to do than watch the little kids run around. She definitely wasn't going out for candy tonight, too childish for her. She didn't have many friends, so going out for fun with them was out.

Alison sighed and walked downstairs. Her mother was sleeping on the couch, her soft snores being muffled from the pillow her face was pressed into. Alison tried not to think about how much her mother annoyed her.

Instead, Alison just put on her sweatshirt that was hanging on the coat rack, and left the house. The cold October wind blew through her long dark hair, making her shiver a little. She walked in the opposite direction of the kids, heading towards the park.

Alison hated that she was so boring. She was just a plain girl, with pale skin and long dark hair. She didn't like it at all. Her eyes were a dull grey and her hair was straight and black. She didn't think of herself as a pretty girl, she had never been told that she was pretty by anybody. Her clothes were plain, jeans and a black sweatshirt.

She looked up at the moon and wished that her life would get more exciting. Nothing special ever happened in her neighborhood, it was just as plain as her. She wanted adventure, maybe even something as small as a event at school would make her feel better. But that never happened. Not once had an event been held at her school, or chance for a vacation ever came up.

But something inside her said something crazy would happen, and it would be soon.

When Alison arrived at the park, it was empty and dark. The only light was from a flickering streetlamp beside a wooden bench. She heard the sound of running water, probably from the small fountain in the center.

She walked over to the bench beside the flickering streetlamp and sat down, leaning her forearms on her knees. She stared at the ground, her mind going blank. She just sat there, staring off into space. Alison didn't know why she even left her home, but she did know that she had to be at the park on this bench.

It was like something had pulled her here, beckoning for her to walk deeper into the park. But she didn't go any deeper, she wouldn't allow that feeling to pull her into its web.

A few moments later, Alison heard leaves rustling to her left. She jerked her head up, alert that something was there. She was ready to run for it, it was common for stray dogs to wander into the part. Most weren't friendly.

But what came out of the bushes wasn't a dog, it was a fluffy white rabbit.

Alison sighed and ran a pale hand through her hair. She didn't expect to see a rabbit, especially in the park. Rabbits weren't seen very often at all.

Kneeling down, she extended her arm, palm side up.

"Come here little rabbit, come on." She said calmly. Her voice had a slight edge to it, indicating that this annoyed her, but she knew that this bunny must belong to someone so she didn't want to scare it.

The rabbits left ear twitched in response. It stared at her with bright red eyes, its nose twitching with curiosity. The rabbit moved closer and closer, deciding it was safe to go to Alison.

As soon as the rabbit was within arms reach, Alison checked to see if it had any identification. Nothing on the rabbit said where it was from, but she did see something strange on the rabbits front left paw. A gold ring with a red stone in the middle, just small enough to fit on one of the rabbits small toes.

Alison raised a brow at the rabbits ring.

"Where did you get that?" she asked the rabbit. She didn't expect an answer of course, but Alison was too curious so she just had to ask aloud.

The rabbit jumped away and ran into the bushes.

"Hey, wait!" she called, running after the rabbit.

Alison chased the rabbit through the trees and bushes, branches blocking her way. One knocked her in the face, making her stumble and fall.

Right into a hole.