Fallen off the Cliff

She pulled up in one of her parent's cars, dressed in a plain white T-shirt, a Kevlar vest, a gun belt, several automatics and a duffle bag full of much bigger guns and ammo.

Not to mention a few pipe bombs, and the remote detonator to the C4 she had been quietly wiring the school with for months during all that extra time spent during her extracurricular activities.

She grinned at her reflection in the rear-view mirror one last time, the wrap-around shades looked cool on her.

"And even better when they were soaked in my parent's blood." Jodie thought with pleasure, having to resist the urge to touch herself at the memory of the knife sinking into their meat.

Over and over again.

Rachel and Evan she had done in with sweet words and a pillow, much less mess, and they deserved no pain.

"Unlike everyone else." Jodie said with a snarl as she got out of the car, slung the bag over her shoulders and cocked her guns.

And found that in a parking lot that should have been empty, there was Daria and Jane, clearly cutting O'Neill's class for something more edifying, illicit time together.

They stared at her with dawning horror.

Jodie just shrugged and said like she was talking about the weather, "I like you guys, you don't want to stick around for this. Just walk away."

Jane and Daria just stared for a long moment before their feet did the thinking for them and they bolted.

Would they rat?

It didn't matter.

"Soon everyone will know." Jodie said happily to herself as she strode into Lawndale with a spring in her step, even more so since she had hacked Li's security grid the night before.

She wouldn't see this coming until it was too late.

There was a person in the hallway, she didn't know who it was, but it didn't matter.

That person was dead before they hit the floor.

The screams began, and it got her slick with sweat all over.

She licked her lips, cocked her hips, and whatever she saw moving, she shot.

In the classrooms, in the hallways, in the bathrooms, in the library, the teacher's lounge, the gym.

Whomever they were, whatever they were, she shot them, she hurt them, she killed them.

They deserved to die.

Or rather, they were hers to kill.

The faces blurred together, she couldn't tell them apart.

Until she found him, cowering in a corner, soaked in blood, not his, but rather a classmate in football gear, was it Kevin?

It was impossible to tell.

He was saying something.

But it was hard to make out.

What was it?

"Jodie..." Mack whimpered as he pissed himself, a trail of yellow began to stain his pants, making her feel excited.

Reality came crashing down on Jodie in that moment, she was holding a semi-automatic, pointed at her boyfriend, she was covered in blood and gore, and she had already fallen off the cliff.

So she just said to him, "I'm sorry Mack."

Then she pulled the trigger.


Much later in fact.

When the SWAT teams finally managed to get through Angela Li's security grid, they found Mack Mackenzie and Jodie Landon in a boy's bathroom, Kevin Thompson in a corner as dead as a doornail.

Jodie was smiling.

Mack was weeping silently.

And even with half her skull blown off, Jodie's lips kept right on smiling.

It was so beautiful.