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Millions of Miles

Chapter six


Relena simply stared for a moment, lost in memories of love, pain, and grief. Her breathing quickened and tears sprung to her eyes. He looked at her curiously,

"How do you know my name?"

Relena, stunned, turned away and clenched her hands in her lap. 'How could he not remember?!' But then it dawned on her- the color contacts. She'd let the color in her hair grow out and cut it to about shoulder length but she'd kept the hazel contacts. Quickly she removed them and looked up at him. He was reading again to his daughter; she tapped his shoulder and he looked up. Immediately their eyes locked and realization flashed across his features.


She nodded; the lump in her throat preventing any words from coming forth. He reached out his hand and rested it upon her cheek and she placed her hand over his, holding it there. Their eyes didn't waver until Camryn realized her father hadn't finished the story and used the unfinished book to hit the offender in the face.

Relena turned her attention to the upset child between them, and stared at her honey blond locks and Prussian blue eyes. She passed a hand over the child's head and Camryn turned and looked between her parents. Heero leaned down and tweaked Cami's nose and she giggled delightedly.


Heero nodded and pointed to Relena, "Mommy."

Camryn cocked her head and looked at her mother inquisitively. "Mum-mum?"

Relena's eyes filled with tear and she pulled her daughter into her lap. "Yes Camryn, Mum-mum."

Relena moved into Camryn's seat and kept the child on her lap where the toddler fell asleep not long after. She and Heero shared their stories, both clearly upset they missed one another by nothing more than a day. But both agreed to put it all in the past and concentrate on the future.

They exited the shuttle and left the port arm in arm, Camryn in a stroller between them. They checked into a hotel and it would be from there that their new story would begin.


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