Loki stopped in his tracks. Just begun? He could not deny that he was not completely satisfied, but how far was Thor planning to go? Loki turned around slowly, and his eyes fell to his brother's hard-on once again. Thor walked over to his brother slowly, and grabbed him by the front of his shirt. He pressed his mouth once again into his brother's, but Loki could feel that this time it was less comforting and more harsh. More angry. Thor pulled away.

"I am certain you enjoyed that just as much as I, but now it is time for your true punishment." Thor mercilessly threw his brother to the floor. Loki looked up and saw fire in his brother's once calm and loving eyes. He flipped over to crawl away, but Thor grabbed him by the belt and pulled him back. He ripped off his brother's leather trousers as though they were tissue paper. Loki, in a frightened spasm, threw his head back into his brother's face. Thor was shocked and hesitated just long enough for Loki to get up and run for the door, his pants hanging awkwardly around his calves. Loki tried the handle, but the door was locked.

He turned and saw his brother, nose dripping vivid red liquid, getting up and lumbering towards him. Loki, as quick and clever as he was, could not avoid what happened next.
Thor grabbed Loki by the neck and held him against the wall, feet dangling. Loki's breathing was becoming shorter and shorter. Thor let go and spun him around so his face, and inexplicable erection, were pressed firmly to the wall. Thor entwined one massive hand in the disheveled mess of Loki's dark hair, and without warning, plunged fully into his brother's ass. Loki let out a sharp cry of pain, and Thor pulled hard on his hair.

With his other hand, he covered Loki's mouth. Loki could feel tears rolling down his face and dripping onto his torso and thighs as they rolled off Thor's hand. When Loki stopped shaking, Thor slowly slid out, almost completely, but then thrust back, Loki's groin scraping painfully across the stone wall that separated their bedrooms. Loki continued to mewl and tremble, but Thor seemed oblivious at this point, as if it was not his tender, virgin brother he was penetrating, but simply another whore he spent most nights with. Thor began to thrust faster and harder, grunting every time his pelvis met with the pale flesh of his brother's ass. Loki began to tremble more, but not out of pain anymore. Coinciding with the grunting of his brother, he felt a wave of pleasure every time his brother`s enormous erection hit that one spot of euphoria. Loki began to moan under his brother`s hand. Thor removed the hand from Loki`s hair, and reached around to slowly pump his brother`s cock, lubricating it with the precum that was flowing freely.
Loki tilt his head back and moaned loudly in pleasure. He turned his head to join his lips to Thor's. They kissed passionately, and Thor bit down on Loki's lip. He pulled away and rested rested his head on his brother's shoulder, one hand pumping faster and faster on Loki's throbbing cock, his hips thrusting faster and faster into Loki's tight hole. Finally Loki let out a low grunt as he came, the white liquid spattering the wall before him.

Thor gave one last thrust and spilled into his brother with a loud grunt. Such force was behind it, that the side of Loki's head collided with the wall. He let out a sharp cry of pain, and Thor pulled out roughly. Loki fell limp to the floor, and remained conscious just long enough to see his brother readjust his pants and walk out the door. A slow dance of stars and spirals clouded Loki's vision before it went completely black.