I do not own Naruto, Digimon, or any of the characters. I own the jutsu that sends Naruto and friends to Digital World. This story was a challenge from a friend of mine so I do not own the idea but I do own the story. All of the Digidestined are seventeen.

Thunder Equals Data

Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Ino were all walking down the street in a hurry so that they could get home before the storm hit. There was already thunder and lightning and they could hear rain coming. They had tried to call Tsunade to report in so that they didn't have to run in the storm but the only thing they had heard on their communicators was the sound of pure data. Pure data was the data that was being transmitted through the air. There was almost no machine in existence that could pick up pure data and their communicators certainly weren't those.

"Where did this storm come from anyway?" Ino asked.

"No kidding," Sakura said. "In under five seconds it went from a beautiful day to a tropical storm."

They sped up slightly as it began to rain, slightly at first, then harder. After five minutes they were all soaking wet and the rain was now starting to freeze.

"Tori," Naruto heard a very faint voice say.

"Did you hear that?" Naruto asked.

"No, what?" Sakura asked.

They all stopped and listened but heard nothing. Just as they were about to give up the voice began again.

"Tori, Mi, Tori, Tatsu, Tatsu, Tori, Mi, U, Ori, Inu, Mi, Tori, Tatsu, Uma, Saru, Tora, Ne, Tatsu, Tori," the voice chanted then there was a very loud clap of thunder and Lightning hit the ground about a hundred feet ahead of them causing an explosion that sent them all flying.

Naruto landed on his back, and the others landed all around him. Before his head had even stopped spinning he heard someone calling his name. As his eyes slid into focus he saw an extremely panicked Hinata kneeling over him.

"I'm alright," Naruto said standing. "What about the others?"

They all groaned and stood and Naruto sighed in relief before realizing that there was a light off to one side. He turned to look and saw that the lightning bolt that had hit the ground was still there. It wasn't petrified and was still energy. As he watched it grew until if completely filled the street then tore part way into the buildings on either side. Hinata pressed closer to Naruto in fear and Naruto found himself holding her hand to comfort her. The others walked over and they all stared at the lightning bolt in wonder.

From her office, Tsunade saw the lightning bolt hit and heard the explosion. Then she saw that the lightning bolt was not only still there, but it was expanding. There was no way it was natural.

"Lady Tsunade!" an ANBU said stepping out of the shadows.

"I know," Tsunade said. "It must be him. What are you up to Orochimaru?"

Naruto was about to tell them to run when Orochimaru and Sasuke appeared in front of them with Kabuto behind them. Naruto threw a Shuriken at Kabuto and he dodged it but accidentally stepped into the lightning bolt. He screamed in pain and the lightning bolt turned red then half of Kabuto's body fell back into the street. Then the lightning bolt turned black and something began to pull them toward it. Naruto and his friends all held on but Hinata slipped and began to fly toward the portal. Naruto leapt after her and kicked off of Orochimaru and Sasuke then grabbed onto a building. Orochimaru and Sasuke both flew back into the lightning bolt then the force pulling them strengthened. Naruto held on as long as he could but everyone else, except Hinata, was sucked through. After a moment, the board Naruto had been clinging to pried loose with the nails and he and Hinata were sucked through while the board swung at Hinata. He moved his arm to block it and his arm exploded into pain just before they reached the lightning bolt. Then everything went black and he passed out.

Suddenly Naruto was falling. He still couldn't see but he could feel the wind rushing past. After a moment he passed through something cold and wet. He had a sinking feeling that he had just passed through the cloud layer. He could still feel Hinata's hand in his and held on tighter so that she didn't slip away.

His vision began to come back. It was blurred at first then it cleared up. He looked around and saw that all of his friends were unconscious and they were hurtling toward a forest. He pulled Hinata closer and wrapped his arms around her then angled his body so that he sped up. Once he had caught up, he slowed himself back down and pulled his friends together. Then he made his signature hand sign.

"Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto said but nothing happened.

He tried again and again but still nothing happened.

"What gives?" Naruto asked Kurama.

"I don't know!"Kurama said. "Clearly jutsus don't work here so we're screwed!"

Just then something big and yellow flashed out of the trees and caught Naruto and his friends just before they hit then landed back in the trees and dropped to the ground. It set them down and Naruto looked around to see what had saved them only to find a yellow fox with white on the tip of its tail and elongated ears, purple gloves that extended to just under its shoulders, and it was standing on two legs because its forelegs were arms. It was also clearly a female.

"Friend of yours?"Naruto asked.

"No,"Kurama said. "Why do you ask?"

"She's clearly more capable and intelligent than a normal fox,"Naruto said. "So are you, obviously, otherwise we wouldn't be talking right now."

"Fair enough,"Kurama said. "No, I don't know her."

"Are you okay?" the fox asked and Naruto's jaw hit the ground.

"You can talk," Naruto said in shock.

"Yes," the fox said extending her hand. "My name is Renamon. It's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," Naruto said shaking her hand. "I'm Naruto. This is Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Shikamaru."

"And who is it you were talking to?" Renamon asked.

"You heard that?" Naruto asked.

"I have telepathy," Renamon said.

"His name's Kurama," Naruto said. "He's the Nine-tailed Demon Fox. He's an evil creature that got sealed inside me when I was a baby and I would prefer to be rid of it but I can't just let it go."

"Why?" Renamon asked.

"Partially because I'll die in the process and partially because it will destroy the world," Naruto said.

"Oh," Renamon said.

Naruto's friends all groaned and began to stir and then all of them jumped up and began trying to attack Renamon with jutsus. Only Hinata didn't attack because she saw that Naruto was perfectly at ease, if a little surprised, around the fox.

"What gives?" Ino asked. "Our jutsus don't work!"

"Exactly," Naruto said. "And she saved our lives so you should be respectful."

"You're one to talk," Ino said.

"True," Naruto said. "But people can change. Unfortunately not everyone's a person."

Renamon smirked and just then several different creatures exploded out of the trees and surrounded them. One was a gigantic dinosaur with a dark brown skull on top of its head and horns on the sides, one was a giant bird made out of fire with the feet made out of flesh. The bird didn't have a beak, though. It had a snout and huge razor-sharp teeth instead. There was also a white wolf with gray stripes as well as spines sticking up on its back, a blue skinned lizard with a white stomach, metallic claws, and armor with flame designs, a ten foot tall cactus with holes for eyes and a mouth as well as two legs and boxing gloves on its arms, and the last was a female angel with one white glove all the way up her arm and a metal bracer on the other wrist, boots with spike heels and a white bodysuit with on leg and on exposed leg with two leather straps around her upper thigh, two belts around her stomach, and a pair of small golden wings over her chest. She had a metal mask over the top half of her face that had no openings for her to see through but she clearly didn't need it. There were two tiny white wings on each side of the mask and her blonde hair fell to her knees. She had eight wings and a pink ribbon floating over her shoulders and falling to her feet.

"Friends of yours?" Naruto asked Renamon hopefully.

"No," Renamon said.

"Who are you?" a teenage boy asked stepping out from behind a tree.

The teen had blue jeans, gloves, goggles, spiked, brown hair, and a zip-up sweatshirt with navy blue shoulders and flame designs. He was also Japanese despite speaking English.

"You speak English?" Naruto asked.

"No," The boy said. "You speak Japanese. My name's Davis."

"I'm Naruto," Naruto said. "What are these?"

"They're digimon," Davis said. "Where have you been?"

"Konoha," Ino said.

"Come again?" the boy asked.

"Konohagakure," Sakura said. "The great shinobi village."

"Shi-what?" the boy asked.

"Where the hell have you been?" Shikamaru asked.

"Since when do you swear?" Naruto asked.

Shikamaru simply shrugged and suddenly the teenage boy was joined by several other teens. One had on a hot pink dress and light pink sunhat with dark brown curly hair down to her waist. Another had on a green sports coat over a white button up shirt and gray khakis with brown shoes. A third had a yellow muscle shirt with a white collar, pink gloves, and blue jeans. She also had on a baby blue hat with sky blue strings on the sides. One had a pink and white tank top with pink shoulders and collar and the rest white, tan short shorts, and pink gloves that extended up past her elbows. The last had goggles, brown shorts just past his knees, a blue short-sleeved shirt with a yellow turtleneck collar, a yellow star on both sleeves, a breast pocket on each side, and white soccer cleats.

"Let me guess," Naruto said. "None of you know what Konoha is right?"

"Good guess," Sora said. "What is it?"

"A village with some kind of digimon called shinobi," Davis said.

"Never heard of 'em," Matt said.

"Join the club," Tai said.

"She's hot," Matt whispered to Tai while looking at Ino.

"So?" Tai asked. "I thought you had a thing for Sora?"

"You can have her," Matt said. "I've got another blonde to hit up."

"You know I can here you right?" Ino asked.

"Oh," Matt said not really caring.

"And I'm taken," Ino said. "My boyfriend will kick your-"

"Ino," Sakura said grinning. "Quit lying. Everyone in the world knows that we're dating."

Ino began to gag and Sakura laughed so hard she nearly fell over. In Naruto hadn't been behind her, she would have. Suddenly all of the teens in the trees pulled out similar necklaces. The only difference between them was the color of the stone in the middle.

"Do you know what these are?" Davis asked.

Just then another teen landed on the limb and a moment later a giant red beetle landed next to him. The boy was wearing a uniform similar to Matt's.

"Izzy?" Tai asked.

"Hi," Izzy said. "Don't fight them. They'll tear your Mega levels apart."

"So you know who we are?" Naruto asked.

"Sort of," Izzy said. "I know what shinobi are and I know where you came from."

"Maybe you could enlighten us on that last one," Davis said.

"Agreed," Naruto said.

"Okay," Izzy said. "Shinobi is just a fancy term for ninja. And they're from a parallel universe where there are no digimon and where they have abilities called jutsus that allow them to control the world around them. Their abilities don't work here because there's no known data style jutsu."

"Data?" Hinata asked.

"This entire world is made out of data including the digimon despite them being alive," Izzy said. "They may not be able to use their jutsus, but their physical capabilities are far superior to those of a Mega level digimon."

"Perfect," Tai said. "What then?"

"That depends," Matt said. "Why are you here?"

"A lightning bolt hit the ground then turned into a portal and sucked us all through," Naruto said. "If we could leave we would, believe me. This world's terrible."

"You get used to the digimon," Tai said.

"It's not the digimon I don't like," Naruto said. "Believe it or not, we have worse back home. We even have an entire species of real big foots. Albino big foots. It's the people I don't care much for."

"Thanks a lot," Davis said. "The feeling is mutual."

"Look," Izzy said. "They need a way home and the only thing here that can do that is the same thing that we're trying to save. We could use their skills."

Davis glared at Izzy then nodded and sighed.

"You might as well come back to our temporary home with us," Davis said. "If you're going to travel in the Digital World you'll need a digimon partner."

"I'll be Naruto's," Renamon said.

"Fine," Davis said. "The rest of you will also need one."

They all just stood there and after a minute Izzy seemed to remember something and tossed them each a small square device that only had a screen on top and a belt clip on back.

"What is this?" Naruto asked.

"A Digivice," Izzy said.

"How do I use it?" Naruto asked. "There are no buttons."

"It's voice activated," Izzy said. "Repeat after me, come to me."

"No way," Naruto said. "That's humiliating."

"Would you get over yourself and say it?" Tai asked.

"No," Naruto said.

"It's the only way it works," Renamon said. "It's a prehistoric model from compared to my last tamer but it still works. And I agree, it is humiliating."

"You already had a partner?" Davis asked.

"Yes," Renamon said.

"Just say it Naruto," Sakura said. "I want to see what happens."

Naruto's entire body turned fire engine red but he muttered, "Come to me."

Nothing happened but all of the teens in the trees exploded into laughter and nearly fell out of the trees. Naruto somehow turned even more red and was about to crush the Digivice when it lit up. He stared at it and a ring of light shot out and wrapped itself around Renamon's neck then faded.

"Wait," Naruto said. "Is that really how it works or not?"

"No," Izzy said wiping tears of mirth out of his eyes. "A human can only get a digimon partner if that digimon shares the same basic trait. The trait is different for each."

Naruto just shook his head then kicked a rock at Izzy. It sailed past Izzy's head at well past three hundred miles an hour and Izzy nearly jumped out of his skin. Then Naruto turned and began to walk through the woods but stopped when Sakura caught his arm.

"Where are you going?" Sakura asked.

"For a jog," Naruto said.

"You don't know this place," Sakura said.

"When has that stopped me before?" Naruto asked.

"Good point," Sakura said. "Take the fox with you."

"My name's Renamon," Renamon said.

"You heard her," Naruto said. "Now let go."

Sakura released his arm and he continued walking. After a moment Hinata stepped forward.

"Can I come with you?" Hinata said.

"Sure," Naruto said.

Naruto and Hinata jumped and easily cleared the ring of digimon and landed on a branch.

"You coming Renamon?" Naruto asked.

Renamon nodded and jumped like they had and landed next to them. All of the Digidestined were shocked into silence by the display. Then the three of them continued by jumping from one tree to another.

"Maybe she bonded with him because he's a ninja like her," Tai said.

"If that were true she could have bonded with any of them," Izzy said. "You know that the trait has to be nonphysical."

Naruto led Hinata and Renamon through the trees at an enormous speed that was hard for both of them to keep up with. After a few minutes he stopped so that they could rest.

"Holy cow you're fast," Renamon said.

"I'm curious as to what trait we share," Naruto said after knocking over a tree for them to sit on.

"Beats me," Renamon said. "Are you humble?"

"Not remotely," Naruto said.

"Neither am I," Renamon said. "How about respectful?"

"Nope," Naruto said.

"Well then I give up," Renamon said.

"Tell me about your last partner then," Naruto said.

"Well," Renamon said. "Rika was nearly always angry but not necessarily violent. She thought that she was better than everyone else at times but at others she was the perfect friend. She took the blame for me being hurt every time."

"What happened to her?" Naruto asked.

"She and our friends fought something called the D-Reaper and killed it but at the cost of their own lives," Renamon said. "I was the only one to survive out of both the humans and the digimon. I returned here to try to move on. Looks like I did and didn't."

Naruto nodded and then stood.

"Not to cut the rest short but we should head back," Naruto said.

"Right," Hinata said.

They all stood then began to head back. After about two minutes they stopped when a cat with white fur and purple stripes landed in front of them.

"Hello," Hinata said.

"Meow," the cat said.

"Are there any digimon that can't talk?" Naruto asked.

"Nope," Renamon said. "You can trust them Gatomon."

The cat tilted its head then stood up on two legs and smiled.

"Hello," Gatomon said.

Just then Hinata's Digivice lit up and a light color shot out and went around Gatomon's neck. Then it faded and Gatomon smiled.

"Yay!" Gatomon said. "I've got a master!"

"Master?" Hinata asked.

"Human partners are often referred to as masters by digimon," Renamon said.

"Oh," Naruto said.

"You know the angel you met earlier?" Gatomon asked.

"Yes," Naruto said.

"That was another Gatomon after digivolving," Gatomon said.

"Cool," Naruto said.

They headed back and found the others waiting. Izzy had left for his house in the real world and Tai began to lead the rest of them through the Digital World toward their new homes. Naruto was none too excited.