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Finding Home

Chapter Seven: Uninvited


I woke up seeing Dante still sleeping so I decided to make him breakfest but when I tried to look for my clothes...they were hanging from the celling fan, how great is that? anyways I got dress, went to the kitchen look through the cabinets then the freg there wasn't much so I went out to a store close by and came back with what I wanted to make and thankfully Dante hasn't even woke up yet. I was cooking: Bacon, egg's, toast, and hashbrowns. I was so into cooking and making sure it wasn't burnt I didn't notice someone awoke from the smell of food until I was picked up from behind around my waist so I squealed slightly and smack Dante in the arm for scaring me like that, but I couldn't help but smile though.

"I smell something really good..." Dante decided to keep his arms wrap around my waist lean his chin on my shoulder

"It's only egg's, Bacon, Hashbrown, and some Toast, I didn't want to buy any beer or wine so I just got us orange juice...I hope you don't mind?"

"Nah, I don't mind."

I squeaked when Dante found my soft spot "S-stop that! I'm trying to make breakfest for us."

"Come on, I can't help it. You wearing the apron is sexy but if you have no clothes on and have that apron on..."

I blush smack Dante making him let me go, he rub his head and I couldn't help but giggle when he pouted.

"Now, go get a shirt on mister. I'm almost done with the food."

"Yeah, yeah... But I get a desert afterwards."

I huffed watching him walk out of the kitchen than went back to cooking breakfest. When I finish breakfest putting the food on mine and Dante's plate I called his name telling him I finished and he was happy to finally eat.

"Damn, food's really good babe."

I smiled even though he called me babe, but I think I kinda enjoy it when he calls me 'babe' "Thanks, I make the food sometimes at my Bar when someone's hungry for breakfest, lunch, and Dinner or even a small desert like your favourite shake~" I giggled seeing the look at his face "I like Strawberry Shake too, I always wondered why you loved it so much and tried it once...and I end up finding out why you love to drink it so much, same with pizza too."

I took a bite from my bacon, chewing then swallowing it "I do have to return back to my Bar soon..." I knew he wasn't happy "...You can come with me? I didn't bring any weapon with me..." I saw his frown turn into a big smile

"Damn right I'm coming with you babe, I don't want no ugly asshole touching my girl now would I?" Okay that made my face turn red when he called me 'His Girl'

"...I don't know if I should yell at you than smack you or be happy."

He just shrugged with a stupid grin on his face eating the food I made, I went back to eating my food as will. After we both finish eating breakfest I put the plates and glasses in the sink, before I could get to clean them Dante picked me up over his shoulder I yelled at him for that but he just smiling away so I just sighed and bear it...for now.


Dante finally put me back on my feet, I smack him on the arm. I walk inside my Bar to see Hank and Caroline was doing okay, Hank was behind the counter serving drinks to the people near him while Caroline serve the other people who sat at tables, Caroline saw me.

"Nadia!" Caroline put down the round tray on a empty table to hug me I hugged her back, she gently pulled back arms length "I was worried about you, Hank just told me you went somewhere but you never came back last night and...and-"

"Whoa! calm down Carol. I'm fine, I was with Dante here. Sorry I wasn't back last night, you shouldn't be stress out anyways."

Caroline sighed "I know, but I can't help but worry. All three of us are like a family, we suppose to worry about each other."

"Your right. Oh, this is Dante, Dante this is Caroline."

"Hi. It's nice to know Nadia has someone to take care of her."

I turn red in the face when Carol said that "C-Carol!"

I saw Dante smirk from the corner of my eye, I pouted knowing Dante is going to have fun teasing me now. I sighed mentely when I saw Hank walk over.

"It's good to see your back safe and sound Nadia." he ruffled my hair

I pouted smack his hand away but he just laughed, no one didn't notice the look in Dante's eye's when he did that.

"Shut it Hank. Oh! Dante, this is Hank. Hank this is Dante. Hank here is my sacurity guy here."

"Nice to finally meet you Dante, I'm glad you can get Nadia out of the Bar...that girl needs to relax for once, she's to tense and stress out from the assholes around here that like to cause trouble."

I look at Hank horrified he just told Dante that, I do not need to relax...okay! I do need to relax and take a break. I huff annoyed knowing I can't get out of this.

"Don't worry about that, I'll make sure she get's to relax." my mouth opened in shock when he pat my head, did he just say that? well okay it made me relax but he can't do that every day...can he?

'Ah! my mind is seeing images, why did Dante have to say it like that? he just enjoys annoying me.' I snap out of my thoughts when Dante drag me to my small room in my Bar "Why are you draging me in my room Dante?"

"No reason, just relax babe. Right now those two are taking care of you're Bar."

"...I know I should relax, but I can't help it I worry if some jerk try's to do anything to Carol or worse! even though Hank is there with her what happens-" I was cut off by Dante's lips press agents mine I was surprised at first but I kissed back

We both pulled back to get some air, I still blush over being kissed by him and being him he teases me so I just smack his arm pouting.

"Are you relax now? if not I have another idea how to do just that." I don't think my face can get any redder when he winked at me, he sure is one crazy bastard...but I'm in love with this crazy bastard

"No, I'm fine now. Is this the reason you brought me in my room in the first place?" he shrugged making me sigh "do you want to go out while Hank, and Carol take care of my Bar?"

I couldn't help but giggle when he blink in surprise, he probably didn't expect me saying that. He agreed so I grab a extra jacket when there was noises coming from outside my small room in my Bar, so I grab my door knob about to turn it to open it but Dante just grab me around the waist and pulled me away from the door I was about to yell at him for that but my door was blasted open.

"W-what the hell?!"

"Shit, it seems I have to take care of some demon's. Stay here Nadia, don't try to do anything reckless while I kick some ass."

I was about to argue with him but he just rush to take care of the demon's, I crawled to my broken door way peeking out from around the corner to see Dante fighting agents three demon's Hank was helping him. I look around for Caroline and saw her behind the counter where I served my costumer's, I carefully crawled over to her safely with out no one noticing...

"Carol...are you all right?" I whispered to her when I got close to her. She hugged me tightly, I stroke her hair gently to sooth her fear "It's going to be alright Carol, Hank and Dante will take care of those demon's. They'll kick there'll see." I smiled

"I hope Hank will be okay though...I know he's a demon but I still worry."

"Hey, don't worry Dante is with him to make sure he'll come back to you. Have some faith in him."


"Well, well, well. I just found two pretty ladies."

I gently push Carol back behind me glaring at the demon "Back off!"

"Oh, you are very fiesty...I kinda like that in my woman." I felt sick to my stomach when he said that but worse he was licking his lips, okay I think I just puked in my mouth and swallowed it too...nasty

I look from the corner of my eye to see the beer glasses I have to be quick and get Carol somewhere safe, I quickly grab two of the beer glasses and toss them at the demon's face they break when they hit his face. I grab Carol's hand and run dragging her with me to get to the exit door at the back, I open it told Carol to hide outside I was about to fallow her but I was pulled back. I was lifted up by my neck, the demon didn't look to happy I can tell the glass cut his face up pretty badly.

"You will pay dearly for that stunt, bitch." he squeezed my neck tighter, I tried to use my nails to claw his hands but he wouldn't let me go

I tried to gasp for air but I couldn't cause a demon is squeezing the air out of my lungs, I move my eye's to look behind the demon to see Hank and Dante still fighting demon's. I have to some how get Dante's or Hank's attention, I thought of something probably a bad idea but it's worth a shot. I raise my right leg backwards and swinged it forward kicking the demon's privet part making him let go of my neck fall down on my knee's.

"Dante, Hank!" my neck hurts but I'm glad they finally notice but I wasn't safe yet

I was kick in the ribs sending me across my Bar landing on my stomach, okay that hurt like hell. I heard Dante call my name, I tried to sit up but my body ached so I stayed lay down

"Nadia!" Carol touch my back

"...I-I'm fine Carol."

I heard two pair of feet rushing over, I was pulled up gently into someone's arms finding out it was Dante.

"I told you not to do anything reckless!"

"I know...I just had to get Carol out of the place before she got harmed. I'm sorry..."

"Please don't be mad at her Mister Dante, she only wanted to help me get to safety until that demon found us...It's my fault."

I frowned at Carol "It's not your fault Carol. We should close the Bar...Hank can you close it up?" he nodded and went to lock up the doors and close the blinds too Dante help my stand on my feet help me to my room which has no door anymore...

Hank started to clean up the broken tables, chairs ect. while Dante take a look at my now bruse hand print neck, no thanks to that demon. Carol hand Dante the first aid kit to clean up the cuts I got when that demon kicked me across my Bar, it was painful but I'll live. Now I have to pay for the damages after I get healed up, maybe I should take Hank, and Carol with me to stay with Dante and his shop? I can tell Dante was pissed off at the demon who made a hand print around my neck, I told him I was okay but he's stubborn as always.

"What the- What happened here?!"

I just remembered Kat was coming to visit me...damn. Hank must of let her in, he already knew Kat was my sister since I told them and he seen her once before, I was in big trouble...


Angel: Damn, Nadia got hurt, and now Kat showed up to the mess? what well happen? you'll just have to keep reading my friends~ Ciao~