It's too early for this thought Marik as he yawned and slowly making his way down the dormitory steps. He knew he should have refused the position of Dorm head, it meant that all the little jobs (such as showing the new kid around) got left to him. However the power it gave him made it worth it.


Marik caught sight of said new kid as he turned the corner. Yugi Mutou. The student who, despite not having attended any classes thus far, had been the cause of many rumours seeing as he had ran out of the introduction ceremony right in the middle of the principles rambling speech and had not yet returned. Until now.


The boy turned to face Marik and smiled timidly "That's me"

Marik grinned and held out his hand "I'm Marik Ishtar, third year and Dorm Head. I'm here to take you to your room"

"Nice to meet you" Marik looked carefully at the young boy as he shook his hand, he really was a cute one. Small, slim big eyes...there was going to be some disturbance with his arrival in the dorms. Nothing Marik couldn't handle but disturbance non-the-less.

Yami Atem was not known for his kindness, no he was famous for being gorgeous and unapproachable. Having a double room to himself was a luxury he had gotten used to and he had made his opinion on getting a room mate very clear. "This isn't happening"

Marik sighed in frustration "You're a first year, you don't get a choice in the matter."


"Isn't here."

The boys eyes narrowed "fine, I'll just-

"Shut up and deal with it?"

"Make it so he'll beg to move out"

Wishful thinking Marik rolled his eyes giving up for now and turned to let Yugi in, but he had already done so himself apparently.

"I think I can handle you" the boy stated looking right at his new roomie, but Yugi stiffened as the taller boy looked him up and down not even trying to hide his smirk and snorted a quick

"I doubt that very much"

"Yugi Mutou, meet Yami Atem" Marik offered weakly already foreseeing how the introduction would go.

"You weren't originally meant to be living in the dorms right" questioned Yami with a tilt of his head "can't that still be the case?"

"Nope" spat out Yugi. Marik thought now was as good a time as ever to leave them to it, it seemed like they'd entered into a staring contest of some kind and he could practically feel the heat from the tension. "I'll let you get settled in then, Atem, play nice"

"I don't do that"

No you certainly don't thought Marik as he left, the two boys not moving just eyeing each other up. Deciding to just go with it Yugi threw his bag down and went to offer a hand "So you're Yami?"

"Atem. Don't call me Yami"

Wow "Okay then..." Yugi decided that it was probably better to stay quiet and get on with unpacking his stuff, so he made a start but he found it hard to do so when the gaze of his new room-mate was making him increasingly uncomfortable "Are you going to help me or something?"


God this guy was infuriating. "Well then stop-"

"You don't have a lot of stuff" Yugi gave the guy a proper look, he certainly was attractive, in an annoying way. This guy was obviously used to getting his own way.

"My house is near here so I only brought my essentials"

"Why even bother coming then?"

"You really know how to make a guy feel welcome"

"That's not even close to what I'm trying to do" There was no tone of joking in his voice, and when he saw Yugi had no retort he strolled across the room and slammed the door shut, leaving Yugi well and truly alone.

Yugi knew it wasn't going to be a good morning. When he woke up Yami, Atem or whatever his stupid name was had already left and Yugi had no idea where the canteen was. So he'd had no breakfast. As well as that he'd also been late to class (as his small size didn't make passing through crowds in the opposite direction an easy feat) only to find that his seat was right in front of Yami. Neither of them seemed pleased to find this. If all that wasn't enough in his absence his desk had become the dumping ground for other classmates things. After several attempts at finding the owners and being obviously ignored, Yugi had managed to clear it and slammed his textbook down and sat with a thud. He could feel gazes burning into his back. This was not going to be fun.

For the third time that week Yugi went on his search for his bag. Every day his locker had been broken into and his stuff hidden somewhere on campus. He'd managed to find it each time but that didn't make it any better. Why he'd become a victim to this he wasn't sure, though he noted that being absent for the first month of school had not helped him, neither did the blatant dislike that Yami (as he insisted on calling him so long as it still annoyed him) showed him. The kinder students just stayed clear of him, whereas the less kind ones acted on that dislike. Despite his aloofness it seemed that Yami was still someone that everyone wanted to get involved with though it didn't see that many had damaged that. "You okay there Yugi?" Yugi looked up to see Marik looking at him kindly. "I'm fine, just looking for-"

"Your bag?" Suddenly Yugi noticed a familiar bag in Mariks hand, he smiled in relief "Yeah, thanks."

Marik handed the bag to Yugi who checked to see if everything was still in there "It'll stop eventually you know"

"I know I just have to ride it out" Poor kid, thought Marik. He knew enough about him to know that this wasn't what he needed right now. The sadness in his large eyes made even his hard heart melt. As much as it could anyway. "How are you coping with lessons?"

The blondes nose wrinkled at the thought "You covered a lot in the few weeks..."

Marik couldn't help himself he just had to hug the cute little being in front of him "I'll make you a copy of my notes from first year"

Yugi pulled away from the awkward embrace "You don't have to do that" "No. But I want to. And it's my job to look after my residents" "Well...thanks" Yugi tried not to groan as Marik ruffled his hair "It's fine cutie, I'll see you around"

Yugi flattened his hair and watched Marik walk away and prepared his return to class. … … As he entered the classroom Yugi noticed the lack of a teacher, he quickly turned to leave but a hand on his collar dragged him back "No you don't shrimp" Yugi squirmed but couldn't get away, this guy was so much taller than him he was practically being lifted off of the floor. "Let go" The white haired boy grinned, obviously enjoying this "Not happening"

"What is your fucking problem?"

"You are. You piss of Atem so that means you piss off me as well"

Seriously? "Your logic is stupid" "It's high school kid, there is no logic to this shit" A fist crashed into his nose cutting him off and he was dropped on the floor. Laughter faded as the boy left him to try and stop the flow of blood. A quiet "ready to move out now?" made him jump. Yugi turned and saw Yami looking down at him from the doorway. His face gave nothing away, just the same cold emotionless glare. Anger shot through Yugi, he wiped his nose and stood "What is your problem?"

"Problem? I don't have a problem" laughed Yami casually leaning against the door frame.

"Bullshit. You don't want a roommate, I get that. You don't like me. I get that too. But your not liking me means no one can apparently" The boy didn't confirm or deny either of those statements, it barely seemed like he'd heard him.

"Does that mean you're going to leave?"

Through gritted teeth Yugi spat out "Not a chance" There was only silence as the teen looked him up and down once more. Unfolding himself from his casual stance he exited with a quick "suit yourself." Yugi allowed a few choked back tears to fall once he was sure the boy was gone.