Yami was reaching the point of his homework where he wanted to throw his books across the room when he noticed his phone vibrate in his pocket. His hand automatically moved to check the device, but he paused, and glanced over to where his roommate was sat playing a game. The last time he'd been caught taking a break from the sums in front of him hadn't ended particularly well for him so he wanted to be sure the kid was distracted. Finding the kid fully engrossed he felt safe enough to check the message.

'Hey Atem, Mel and I are eating out tonight if you wanted to join, someone needs to keep an eye on you whilst Cutie is away'

Yami snorted at the text from his cousin but realised he'd actually rather spend time with him than hole up by himself after doing this fucking homework.

"Hey Yug, you still going over to Jous tonight?"

Yugi didn't look away from the screen in front of him as he answered "yeah I am, that alright?"

"Course, just wanted to check"

Yami turned away and began to type a message in response when Yugi let out a small cough in order to get the boys attention back on him "…whilst we're on the subject…"

"What is it?"

"How would you feel about me telling Jou...about...well about us?"

That got his attention. He put down his phone and twisted to look at Yugi again "You haven't told him?"

"No...I mean he-

Yami rolled his eyes and finished his sentence for him "Doesn't like me"

"He doesn't know you"

"I don't think that's the issue kid, I'm sure that boyfriend of his knows plenty"

That made Yugi pause "...Right...forgot about that"

Shit "Kid" Yami got up from his desk and went over to where the smaller was sat in front of the TV. Sitting down behind him, he wrapped his arms around him and rested his chin on the boys shoulder.

"Tell him whatever you want"

Yugi lifted a hand from the controller to gently stroke his partners cheek "yeah?"

"Of course, I mean all my friends know about us, what kind of dick would I be if I don't let you tell yours?"

"I'm telling the others that you acknowledged you're friends"

Letting out a laugh Yami playfully pinched Yugis side "You're a little shit"

Yugi leant into the the body behind him and smiled up at Yami "and you're into it"

Yami didn't even bother to reply to that, he just looked at the smaller, ensuring that every bit of the lust he felt towards the boy was obvious on his face. Judging by how quickly Yugi turned around, he succeeded, he smiled to himself though this fell quickly at the words "You've still got to finish that homework"

Yami looked back at the desk where his homework lay and grimaced, making Yugi laugh lightly. As Yami got up to return to the task, albeit begrudgingly, he waved slightly at the screen Yugis game was on.

"Check behind those rocks"


"That formation is way to precise to not have something hidden behind them"

Yugi looked at him as if he were crazy but dutifully moved his character behind the rocks his partner mentioned, letting out a quiet 'huh' when finding a collectible artifact.

"Told you" smiled Yami smugly.

"You and Kaiba would get on just fine" muttered Yugi.

Jou threw down his controller in disgust "I don't know why I bother playing against you"

Smirking, Yugi lowered his own controller with a sweet "I don't know what you mean" before laughing at the pout on his friends face.

"You're a demon"

Yugi snorted, "Please, look at this face, I'm an angel"

"Demon" Jou insisted, standing, and moving forward to turn off the system.

"Don't be a sore loser puppy" Kaiba cut in, having stepped into the room immediately understood what had happened...again. Jou looked over his shoulder and shot an equally annoyed look at his partner "I wouldn't be if I won occasionally! But between you and Yug it's never going to happen."

Seto looked at Yugi as if to say 'great you've upset the dog'

"Hey don't look at me like that, you'd think he'd be used to it by now"

Jou sat next to his friend with a thump, crossing his arms and grumbling, causing Seto to smile tenderly (well as close to a smile Kaiba could get) before getting a disc out of his pocket and passing it over to Yugi.

"Here, we've been developing a new combat based game. Mind testing it out?"

"Of course I don't mind. I'm always happy to place games Kaiba" laughed Yugi taking the offered disk from the boy.

"Glad to hear it. You know you've got a job waiting for you once you graduate? I'd pay you for it now if you'd let me"

Yugi sighed, having had this discussion before "and you can, after graduation once i've been hired after the same process as everyone else. Plus the school doesn't allow part time jobs you know that"

"Sure, now you listen to the rules" scoffed Jou however anything else he had to say was lost in the material of a cushion that Yugi threw at his face.

"Shut up loser"

Jou moved to retaliate but was stopped with Kaibas groan of "children please" resigning himself to simply stick a tongue out at Yugi making the boy laugh. He watched fondly as Kaiba settled himself on the arm of the chair next to Jou, running his hand through the boys hair whilst he checked some emails on his phone. Jou seemed to lean into the touch subconsciously, a happy smile flitting across his features. What a shame Yugi felt what he was going to say next was going to ruin this touching moment.

"So anyway...whilst we're all together like this I have something to say "

Jou instantly reacted "Oh for Ras sake what have you done?"

"Why do you always assume the worst?"

"Experience" cut in Kaiba with a grin. Yugi glared and continued "So Yami and I-

Jou went pale "Oh no"

"Are sort of kinda maybe-

"Don't say it"

"Dating" Yugi finished, watching as Jou cradled his head in his hands and let out a low moan. Not to say this reaction wasn't what he expected, but to see his best friend so obviously disapproving still upset him. "Is it really that bad?" Yugi asked, wincing slightly at how whiny his voice came out.

Jou only groaned in response. Yugi turned to the brunette beseechingly "Seto please"

The businessman side of Kaiba came out, if it ever actually shut off, "okay Jou sit up and listen. Yugi, are you sure about this relationship?"

He didn't even hesitate to answer "Yes"

Kaiba just looked at him for a moment, as if gauging his sincerity. He was obviously satisfied with what he saw as the boy just turned to his boyfriend and shrugged "well there you have it"

"Bull shit!"

Letting out a sigh and leaning back into the sofa, Yugi turned his head towards Kaiba and question"did you really think that would work?"

"It was worth a shot" he muttered back making Yugi roll his eyes before turning in his seat so that he was facing his friend face on "Jou is this really that bad?"

He opened his mouth, closed it again, and then grumbled "I don't trust him"

"You don't know him"

"I know more than you do!"

"Seriously? Information from a background check doesn't count"

"Well the-

Kaiba chose this as an opportune moment to cut in, placing a hand on Jous shoulder in what was probably supposed to be a placating move "okay mother bear that's enough." Jou did go still under the grip and settled back into the cushioned back of the sofa. Kaiba then turned to Yugi, his gaze softening on seeing the distress on the boys face "Look... I'll say to you what I said to him. I can see that being together has been good for you, from what I know of him it's probably been good for him as well. However the…" he struggled to find a word "situation that he's in, isn't ideal."

Yugi ducked his head slightly, muttering "can't say I know much about it"

"and that's exactly why-"

"Quiet Puppy"

"Seto-" The brunette just raised a hand to quieten his partner, not looking away from Yugi.

"You've not talked about your families?"

If the two hadn't known Yugi so well they would have missed the slight stiffening of the boys posture, Kaiba continued "there's a chance that getting too deeply involved could end up with you getting hurt."

After taking a moment to process those words, Yugi responded.

"Is that what the problem is? Not Yami himself, but me getting hurt?"

Both boys remained silent but Seto stiffening awkwardly and Jou muttering with a red flush slowly covering his cheeks was enough of an answer for Yugi to smile at the two affectionalty. He shuffled over on the sofa so that his was next to Jou and leant his head against the boys arm.

"Thank you"

"For what?"asked Jou

"Caring...but you can't avoid being hurt in this world no matter how much you try. Both of you know that."

Again, the quiet was all Yugi needed to know that he was right. Jou rested his head on top of Yugis whilst Seto reached down to grasp boyfriends hand, like this the three boys shared a moment, in companionable silence.

Soon, Jou spoke up.

"I won't promise to like him...but if he makes you happy Yugi then...I'm happy too...but if he steps out of line even once I will not hesitate to-"