I was really bored and decided to write a story. Its about Alex and she gets into trouble in the zombie apocalypse!

I don't own Wizards of Waverly Place. I only own Bat Dog, Mr. Beastly, Master/Lila, Fire Dog and Ice Cream. I know, REALLY crappy names.

Alex's POV

Worst day of my life! I got detention again and I got an F on my English test! My parents are going to kill me. Well, at least there's not a zombie apocalypse.

Bat Dogs POV

Well, It's here! The zombie apocalypse. Well It's not as bad as Macon has it. (You probably know where I got that from.) I better go help Beastly find Fire Dog before he gets into trouble again.

"Hey" Beastly said.

"Hi" I said looking down at his gun.

"Why do you have a gun? I already said no guns unless it's an emergency!" I said getting a little bit upset at him.

"Fire Dog is a zombie." He said walking off to where we last saw him.

"How? He knows better than to just go up to a walker!" I said.

"Have you told her yet?" Lila said

"Yeah, She took it pretty hard." said.

Okay I admit it, I kind of like Beastly. I mean when Batman left me on the streets I didn't know if I would survive. But then, Lila Fire Dog and Beastly found me on the streets. Well Im gonna go look for some survivors.

Justin's POV

"I saw your English grade Alex." I said smiling like a Mad Man.

"What were you doing in my backpack?" Alex said while sitting in front of the TV and started to watch Family Guy.

"And how are you going to explain this to Mom and Dad?"

"I won't. I'll just use magic to change my grade to an A+." Alex said getting up from the couch and grabbing her wand out of her boot. 'Insert random spell here' There!" End of chapter 1!