This is a collection of one-shot bedtime stories. For now it just has to do with Claude and Alois, but perhaps in the future it will include other Black Butler characters. I originally started writing them for my sweetheart, but she insisted I share them with the online community, so enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a little blonde prince who lived in a huge castle where he was surrounded by many servants, all rushing to do as he wished. He had three handsome man-servants, all with identical faces, who never spoke a word to anyone but eachother. Next he had a maid with a gentle face but the kind of curves that made many men of the kingdom desire her. Finally he had the butler.

This butler was unlike any average servant. He was tall and lean with dark hair and spectacles. He exuded grace and almost had an air of nobility unbefitting a butler. This handsome devil of a-

"Stop being so self-centered, Claude!" Alois whined at his butler. Claude stopped talking and looked at his pouty master who lie in the bed upon which he sat. "You're ruining the story..." This he said more quietly, frowning. Claude smiled so slightly and quickly that Alois had no time to catch it.

"Sorry, your highness," whispered Claude before he continued telling his master a bedtime story.

"The prince was beautiful in his own right though..."

And his hair was the color of gold and his eyes the prettiest blue anyone had ever seen. Unfortunately the prince and his butler had a secret. They loved eachother dearly and spent their nights holding one another in their arms. However, due to their rank and gender, the two were not allowed to openly express their love. This was all due to a neighbouring prince who convinced the Queen that such couples should not be allowed.

This neighbouring prince was the Queen's heartless dog. He was a tyrant who stole money from the people of the kingdom and wanted nothing more than to ruin the beautiful and kind blonde prince's life. He suspected of the relationship between prince and butler but as yet had no proof.

Unknown to this evil prince, his very own butler cared for him deeply. However, afraid to be rejected by his heartless master, this butler remained silent about his feelings.

Then, one night, the blonde prince was struck with an idea. As a powerful prince he may not have any chance at a future with his butler. But as a peasant woman...

Excited at his plan the prince ran and told his butler of his plan. They immediately started working on it.

The next day the blonde prince was to ride out into battle against an enemy country. Normally he would win victorious with no casualties on his side, as he was a great war leader. But he had something different in mind this time and, in the heat of battle, appeared to drop dead, sliced open by the enemy sword. This was nothing but a ruse though and the real prince escaped the battle unharmed and ran away with his butler.

"They lived out the rest of their days as man and wife in a small working village," Claude spoke softly. He looked at his masters sleeping face and smiled before planting a soft kiss on Alois' forehead. He turned and walked out of the room, pausing at the door to whisper: "And they lived happily ever after."

Alois smiled in his sleep and pulled the blankets up a little higher before rolling onto his side.

"Claude..." he muttered in his sleep.