Valentines Day special! Another faerie tale for your enjoyment :3

Claude walked into Alois' room with a silver platter. Upon this platter was a teapot and cup as well as the usual sugar and milk that Alois always had in his tea. He set the platter down on the bedside table and sat down on the bed next to Alois, who was already covered up.

Pouring the tea, Claude asked: "What kind of story shall it be tonight, your highness?" Alois hurriedly moved into a sitting position and removed the blankets from his body.

"Lay down," he ordered. Claude looked at him strangely. "Lay down!" repeated Alois a little more insistently and very impatiently. Claude did as was ordered, unable to hide the confusion from his eyes. Once he had done so Alois put the blanket over Claude and pushed the edges underneathe the demon's figure. He then stood up in his white night gown and walked over to the side table.

"Master?" asked Claude, his puzzlement apparent in his voice now. Alois sh'd him and grabbed the tea pot. He shook a little from the weight, not realizing how heavy it really was, but still managed to pour it into the cup as well as put far too many spoons of sugar in it. The blonde Trancy then walked over to Claude and handed it to him before sitting in Claude's usual storytime spot.

"I wanna read to you," muttered Alois, his cheeks going pink. Claude looked his master up and down, able to hide his emotions once again and thus hiding his complete and utter shock. His master wanted to read to him and was serving him?

"But master-" Claude began again only to be cut off.

"Quiet Claude! I'm starting the story..."

Once upon a time there was a nice man who cared for a sweet little garden. He cared for every flower in it like it was his own child, except for one. There was a little yellow dandelion that the gardener loved more than any other flower in the garden. His neighbours told him to pull it out, as it was just a disgusting weed and surely nobody could love an ugly little weed, especially not one so common and unoriginal.

But the gardener continued on loving this little dandelion and taking care of all it's needs, as well as the other flowers. Whereas the other flowers were like his children, this one was like his lover, his queen.

Unknown to the gardener, the dandelion loved him back and spent every day watching him and wishing that it could show its love.

So one evening, as the little dandelion was watching his beloved tender enter the house for the night, the dandelion was visited by Cupid.

"Do you really and truly love that man?" Cupid asked, obviously more than a bit puzzled by the source of all the love he had felt in the air.

"Yes, of course!" the little dandelion replied earnestly. "I'd give anything just to be with him." Cupid considered this for a moment.

"Very well," he eventually replied. "I will turn you into a human that you might let your love blossom. However, if he does not love you back in your new form without you revealing your true identity then you have to give up all the love you've ever felt for him to me. Deal?" The little dandelion nodded eagerly, determined to express his love for his beloved gardener no matter the cost, and confident that no matter what the gardener would love him back.

Thus Cupid granted his wish and turned the little dandelion into a human boy. But not long after he became human the boy was spotted by a powerful lord of the country who simply had to have him.

This lord was old and in his final days of life, and he needed nothing more than someone who he could pass off as his long-since vanished son who had been kidnapped many years previously. As luck would have it, the dandelion looked just like the lord's son and the lord stopped his passing carriage to essentially kidnap the boy.

If this boy didn't pass as his son then his foolish brother would be the only available heir to the lordship and their family name would fall to ruin. Thus the boy began being trained to be a proper noble. He hated it with every ounce of his being and longed to return to his garden and his gardener.

Eventually, as the lord passed away, his gardener ended up coming to him in the form of a beaten down butler who seemed weary of life. Naturally the dandelion boy was confused and upset by the appearance of his beloved, as the older man had once been so full of life and so vibrant that it was simply saddening to see him like this now.

"I have heard that you once owned a magnificent garden," the boy-lord said to the man when he appeared to ask if he could be of any service. "Why is it that you have abandoned such a beauty and such a job for this? Wouldn't you rather be my gardener?" The man looked saddened by this as he replied.

"No, your highness. It is true I once owned a fantastic garden, but long ago my most beloved flower was stolen from it and now I have not the heart to garden ever again." So the boy let his old gardener work as his personal man-servant, trying each day to earn back his love or subtly make him realize that the boy was his much-loved dandelion.

One day, a few years since the gardener had started working for the boy as a butler, the two were sitting in the boy's room, the butler about to read him a story for his afternoon tea. When suddenly the boy stopped him and bade him sit down. The butler did as he was told and sat down, clearly confused. Then the boy began to serve his butler tea and read him the story. As he did so a ray of light fell upon the boy's head and his old gardener realized that-

Alois stopped reading with a yawn.

"That... that he was..." his eyes drooped and Alois curled up in a ball on the bed. "His old gardener realized..." He broke off as he fell asleep. Claude smiled and got out of the bed and walked over to where Alois lay, lifted his master up, and put him into his usual place in the bed, tucking him in.

"His old gardener realized that his beloved master was the same as his beloved dandelion and was happy again," finished Claude, allowing a smile to grace his lips as he usually did when his master couldn't see. "Good night, your highness. Let's do this again sometime."