This is one of my first stories like this, so I'm really nervous. I'd had this idea for awhile, though if you guys don't like it, I'll probably scrap it and create a new story. Sorry for any OOC; I probably just became an insult to fanfic writers everywhere. This is going to be AU for season 3 of Vampire Diaries.

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Diaries or NCIS, just the storyline.

When Your Past Comes Back To Haunt: NCIS/Vampire Diaries

Chapter 1:

Dear Diary,

Lately, I've been having this feeling, like everything's about to change drastically. I keep telling myself it's absurd but what if it isn't? What if everything really is about to change? If everything is, then how will it change? What will change?

Elena stopped writing for a moment, and pondered over the different ways her life could be changed drastically again for the first time in seven years. Someone could end up dying… or the rest of the team could find out about her past and all the supernatural drama that came with it. Neither were appealing options, especially the second. It's over. That parts over, and has been since you got the hell out of Mystic Falls all those years ago. She told herself sternly.

Nostalgia bit at her like it always did when she thought about Mystic Falls. Some of her best memories were there, along with some of the worst. As much as she missed it though, she couldn't deny that she was relieved to not be the reason everyone was dying, and able to live a semi-normal life. The only people she had kept in contact with were Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, and of course Alaric and Jeremy. Everyone else she just… cut out.

She immediately shoved those thoughts into the little box in the back of her mind reserved for stuff like that before she took a painful trip down memory lane. She had just shoved her diary into her drawer when a familiar voice asked "What's that you got there, Probie?"

Elena slammed the door shut before Tony could get a glimpse, and rolled her eyes at her teammate. He occasionally called her 'Probie' to mess with her, even though he knew as well as she did that she wasn't a probationary agent any more. He reminded her of another person, in what felt like another life, a person who was firmly shoved in the back of her mind. "Nothing for you, Tony."

"Come on, Elena, what is it? Letters from a secret admirer you don't want Gibbs to see? Secret codes? A diary?" Her teammate pressed. She just shook her head, refusing to let him know his last guess was right.

"I know! Birth control pills!" He said triumphantly, only to get slapped on the back of the head by Gibbs, who had just walked in with his usual cup of coffee.

"Gear up. We've got a dead Petty Officer in some small town near Virginia. Where the hell are Ziva and McGee?" He said, noticing the other two agents weren't in yet.

"McGee's car broke down boss. Ziva's giving him a ride. They should be in about… now." Tony replied, just as the elevator opened to reveal Ziva and McGee. Elena heard them laughing, and noticed something like jealously cross Tony's face before it disappeared. She dimissed the thought, and followed the others to the elevator.

Little did any of them realize that this case would be the one that changed everything.