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So here's my response:

"Thank you, "Come on," for pointing that out. That was a little rude how you put it but you are absolutely right. I am an amateur writer, I'm no professional, I write because I love to write. I'm glad you poitned out my obvious mistakes becasue back then, when I wrote this, I was a "I hate proof reading" Junior higher. (For the record, I still hate proof reading) I'm in High school now and I feel that I have gotten better. So I hope you are satisfied with my changes to the chapter."

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Harry Pete Potter was born on the 31st of July, 1980. A few seconds after young Harry, his younger twin brother, James II Sirius Potter was born. Lily and James Potter loved their sons with all of their hearts. But when Voldemort threated their children's lives because of the prophecy, the Potters went into hiding. The Ministry assigned an Auror, named Riley Charge, to stay at the childrens' side. Peter Pettigrew, the Potters' secret keeper, retired to his own safe haven while Sirius Black acted as a decoy. The plan was orchestrated by Ablus Dumbedore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. Everything seemed perfectly set and solid but betrayal is a harsh blow that can shatter even the strongest armies.

Godric's Hollow... Potter's Cottage...

Late one night, James Potter had gone off to a meeting with the Order of the Phoenix. Charge remained vigilant downstairs while Lily and the twins rested in their respective bedrooms. It was any other night, calm, quiet, and just perfect, but it was not meant to last. With the moon hidden behind the clouds, midnight had come, along with the dark powers of the world. There was a single bright light and the door was blasted down. A green flash and Charge was on the floor, dead.

The dark lord traveled up the stairs silently like black fog. His intention was not wake any resident of the household so he passed by the master bedroom without making a sound. He entered the twin's room and with a simple flick of the wand, he sent the furniture, the cribs, and every other item in the room flying. He smirked at his handy work when he saw little redhead J.J. tumble out of his crib with a bleeding arm, wailing. His older twin crawled out from under his broken crib seemingly unharmed. He crawled right over to his crying brother, wrapped his arms around his twin and looked up at Voldemort. His green eyes shone brightly, almost pleading for Voldemort to stop. The Dark Lord sneered and raised his wand.

"Avada Kedavra!"

There was a flash of green light.

Harry screamed in pain as he lost consciousness.

Potter's Cottage... Master bedroom...

Lily was absolutely terrified; she had awoken to horrid noises coming from down the hall, her children's room to be specific. Splintering wood, a baby screaming… one of HER babies was screaming. As Lily ran down the hall, she saw a flash of green light right after the horrible words of death were spoken. Even without her wand, Lily was prepared to fight the dark lord for the sake of her babies.

When she made it to the room, Voldemort was gone. Her son, Harry, was asleep on the floor, his matted black hair limp over his forehead. James Jr, on the other hand, was awake and crying loudly. She scooped poor, little J.J. up to comfort him, whispering into his ear that everything was alright. Lily didn't understand though what had happened though and was still expecting the dark lord to jump out and kill them. Lily then noticed his arm was bleeding. She wiped away the blood with her nightshirt revealing a deep cut that would someday leave a scar.

"He's, he's... the one, oh Merlin, he's the one," she whispered, "HE stopped Voldemort... he did that, oh my baby James. You are so brave to protect your brother." she cooed.

"LILY! LILY WHERE ARE YOU!" the voice was recognizable.

Her husband was home. Lily stood up to go to James but stopped. She looked down at Harry who was still sleeping peacefully on the floor.

"He looks fine, I'm…. I'm sure Riley will get him." Lily stated firmly and she quickly went down the stairs to see her husband.

In his restless sleep, Harry rolled onto his side. A few locks of his short hair moved just slightly to reveal a freshly bleeding, lightning bolt scar upon his forehead.

Three years later... Potter Mansion...

Three year old Harry sat on the stairs watching his parents smother his younger twin with love. It was their birthday but no one noticed that he was not there. Harry didn't like all the people that were down on the first floor. All of them were so tall and scary. In contrast, James Jr. loved the attention from the adults and other children. It was obvious which of the two was the braver one which everyone attributed to the fact that the 'braver one' was the savior of the Wizarding community. A low growl emitted itself from Harry's stomach. Harry puffed out his cheeks; he didn't want to go down. Parties were no fun. Harry didn't have magical abilities like his twin or anyone else at the party. Even though Harry was still young and couldn't really understand, he felt out of place, a black sheep.

But hunger overwhelmed him so the toddler acted. Harry crept down the rest of the stairs and easily weaved his way through the crowd. His godfather, Remus Lupin, noticed him though, as usual. Although Lupin was stuck in a conversation with an important looking man, he did mouth 'happy birthday.' Harry soon found the food in the kitchen. After grabbing several different tasty items, Harry hid himself under the table where the white cloth concealed him from the rest of the world.

It was not until after the party that a house elf found him. It was quite a scene. The house elf had stuck a broom under the table, not bothering to lift the cloth. He hit a sleeping Harry on the head. The now awake toddler gave a yelp and had sprinted away, knocking over a chair which fell on top of his twin. James Jr. cried and struggled to get out from under the chair. James Potter had rushed to the rescue, practically flinging the chair away and lifted J.J. out of harm's way.

"Hurt! That hurt!" The young boy wailed.

James tried his best to comfort the boy with no avail and so it was Lily's turn. The good mother took her baby into her arms and placed a light kiss on his forehead, rocking him back and forth. Lily's work was a whole different kind of magic. J.J. had calm down instantly, now sporting puffy red eyes. Lily hummed to comfort the boy more. Harry watched in slight fascination. He always watched his mother give his brother this affection but Harry was never on the receiving end. The only interactions with his mother were when she needed to give him the essentials so that he could live relatively comfortably.

Lily stopped humming and looked into J.J.'s eyes. "You feel better?"

Little James nodded. "Uh-huh." He then looked at Harry with apprehensiveness.

"Why don't you go play with your new toys?" Lily said in a hush tone.

James Jr. gave her a suspicious look.

"Don't worry we'll take care of everything." James said reassuringly. James Jr. nodded. Lily put him down on the ground to let him waddle over to his toys. Still keeping an eye on their son, Mr. Potter turned to Harry. "Now aren't we being a little mean, its Jamie's big day."

"It was pretty violent of him to strike out at Jamie like that." Lily mused about their usually introverted child.

James said and scratched his head. "What a puzzle this guy is."

"Honey, maybe he feels jealous of Jamie, I mean he is a squib…" Lily pointed out; her eyes flicker to look at Harry. "Maybe he needs an environment matching closer to his abilities. Maybe he could go live with my sister. Muggles are much more similar to squibs and it would take away Harry's envy." Lily offered.

James snapped his fingers. "Brilliant Lily! Contact your sister, no matter what, get her to agree, I'll get the papers in order." He ordered cheerfully. It was hard to follow what his parents were saying but, deep down, Harry felt that it was nothing good. He did just misbehave and hurt his brother.

The Dursley's were not happy at all with this arrangement. Harry's uncle yelled at James for what seemed like hours. Harry didn't like it at all. Everything was different. The house itself was smaller than the mansion he had live in up until now. When he saw his father leaving without him, Harry did everything in his power to go with him. It was easy for James to pry the sobbing toddle off his pant leg and give him to the thin but firm arms of his aunt. Harry's father was gone with a CRACK. Harry cried and cried; his uncle didn't like that so he yelled at the boy until Harry was too frightened to even utter a sound. His aunt and uncle had a long talk in the kitchen afterwards. In the end, they seemed to have decided to make Harry as "normal" as humanly possible.

Dursley's... August 7th...

Harry sighed; he flinched from the pain in his roaring stomach. For a week he's been in the cupboard. He hadn't been given a lot a food, it was punishment for mentioning magic over and over again. Freak, unnatural, stupid, were some of the words that his uncle yelled still rung in his ears. His aunt had promised him if he became a good boy and stopped believing in magic that he would be treated better. She said he would even get his own room, but Harry didn't stop talking about his family though, he missed his brother, his mother, and his father.

The young boy shivered from cold and weakness.

Harry shook his head as a tear rolled down his cheek. He hated this new life of his, he missed his toys, he missed his room, and most of all; he missed his brother. His heart still stung at the thought of his parents, why did they send him away? Didn't they love him too? Harry didn't want this. To live only after he is supposed to reject his past, to be hated and scorned for being different.

"I… I want to be loved." Harry continued to repeat this over and over as he closed his eyes. He wanted this so bad, he would do anything to feel the wonderful feeling J.J. must feel every time he was showered with affection. He wanted to know this love and keep it forever.

Then there was a flash of a brilliant white light. Harry quickly opened his eyes again, and to his surprise he was surrounded by fluffy, purple clouds. Purple crystals floated around in the air. It was no longer cold, just a comfortable temperature. For some reason, Harry felt numb, but not in a bad way. All the pain was gone.

Harry still wanted dinner though.

He halfheartedly kicked one of the puffs of the purple clouds from the one he was standing on. To bad it wasn't a marshmellow. Harry glanced around, it seemed like he was the only living being here.

Was this all a dream?


Harry whirled around. Floating towards him was a strange, yellow and white creature.

"Who, who are you?" Harry asked; fear was evident in his voice. The creature before him was bizarre and an unknown variable. Harry could feel the immense power coming from the creature even though it was smaller than he was.

"I'm Jirachi!" The creature greeted, flying even closer to Harry.

"Jir-ah-chee? Duh yew want somethin'?" Harry asked, curiosity slowly becoming stronger than fear.

Jirachi cocked his head. "What do I want? Aren't you the one that called me? What do you want?" Jirachi said, throwing Harry's question back at him.

Harry squirmed uncomfortably. "Well… um…"

Jirachi giggled. "It's okay, I heard you the first time. " The small creature explained holding out his hand. "Come with me and I'll take you to a place where you'll have a family that will love you forever!"

Harry looked dazed for a moment before he reached out and grabbed Jirachi's hand. Jiarchi pulled closer until Harry had to hold Jirachi. The Pokémon smiled at the young boy before there was another flash of white light.

Ketchum Household...Night time...

Mrs. Ketchum sat down at the kitchen table after putting her six year old son, Ash, to bed again. He had told her something was coming but Ash didn't know what. Delia just figured he had a funny dream, she noted not to give him ice cream before bed again. The young mother looked out the window; even though it was dark, she could see something in her garden. Fearing that it could be a hurt Pokémon, Delia grabbed her flashlight along with her coat and went outside. Mrs. Ketchum debated calling Professor Oak as she pointed her flashlight at the figure in the garden.

"Oh my…" What she saw was a boy, no more than three years old, curled up in ball between her bean stalks.

He had messy black hair and pale skin. He wore clothes too big for him and he had a few bruises and scratches. On his forehead was a lightning bolt shaped scar. Gently scooping the poor child up, Delia brought him into the house. Once inside she placed him on the couch, wrapping the boy in a blanket and brought things out to attend to his wounds. With a damp cloth in one hand and the phone in her other, she called Professor Oak, Officer Jenny, and Nurse Joy.

Though it was late at night, the three people she called came over in record time at the mention of a hurt child.

Professor Oak watched the now conscious boy as Nurse Joy finished what Mrs. Ketchum had started. The boy looked so meek and frightened.

"Has he said anything?" Professor Oak asked.

Mrs. Ketchum nodded. "Yes, when he woke up a little while ago, I asked who he was and he mumbled Harry Potter."

"Hmmm, I'll look that up in my data base." Officer Jenny muttered, leaving the room to call her station.

Professor Oak looked back at Mrs. Ketchum. "Did he say anything else?"

Ash's mother thought for a moment. "Yes, he muttered Jirachi."

"Really?" Professor Oak asked; intrigued.

Mrs. Ketchum nodded. "Yes."

Nurse Joy came over. "I'm done, but what worries me is it looks like this boy hasn't eaten for a while."

"Should I make some soup?" Mrs. Ketchum asked.

Nurse Joy nodded. "Yes, but he won't eat. I tried to feed him already. Harry refused it." She said with a sigh. Joy was worried about the boy. She knew he need the nutrients for his body and it wasn't good that it was being neglected. She cursed the events that led the boy to this state.

"And I have some more bad news." Officer Jenny stated as she walked over. "Harry Potter doesn't exist. There's no file on him in any of the regions."

Professor Oak sighed. "Then we'll have to find him a home…" They turned to the little boy resting on the couch. To their surprise, Ash was standing over Harry feeding him pieces of a loaf of bread, chatting up a storm like the energetic boy he was.

"Ash?" The little boy looked at him mother.

"Mommy, is he my little brother?" Mrs. Ketchum looked from her son's dark eyes to Harry's sparkling green eyes, she smiled.

"I think he'll be fine here." She said softly, the other adults agreed.

6/21/16: I changed Harry's name to Harry Pete Potter so that James's name wouldn't be used twice. Thank you Guest from Jun 17th for pointing this out. When I saw your post I couldn't help but laugh and say "whoops" since that mistake has been staring me in the face every chapter. I decided to leave James Jr.'s name as James because I'm so far into the story and it was easier to change Harry's middle name since I only mention it once. I also think that a child not firstborn could be named after their parent. Maybe James is a family name? I'm not sure on the Potter family tree so I'm just going to leave James are 'the second.'

I like the idea that Lily got priority on picking Harry's names and James got James Jr. My train of thought is that James is more of a family name and James wanted that to be passed on to his sons but Lily picked out Harry Pete Potter so James decided on James Jr. Sirius Potter. Lily dedicated Harry's middle name to her sister because, even though they have their differences, they are still sisters.