(AN: For the record a pysbeam probably wouldn't bend around in a tunnel… meh, don't care.)

The next morning..

While James was still ill enough to have to spend more time resting, Harry felt well enough to leave the infirmary. Harry and Seviper came down to the Great Hall to find Pokémon and their new trainers from first years to teachers.

"Wait…." Harry looked again.

Each teacher had a Pokémon. A Stunky was scavenging near Snape, and a Glameow was on Professor McGonagall's lap. Professor Sprout had a Meganium. Professor Sinisra, the astronomy teacher, had a Nosepass. Professor Binns surprisingly had a Drifloon floating around him. Hagrid had a Gible nibbling on a piece of meat. Hagrid looked so happy. Harry would later learn that August had given Hagrid Gible as an egg and allowed him to raise it. Harry could guess it was because she knew Gible was a Dragon/Ground Type.

A smile threatened to appear at the corners of Harry's lips; it was amazing how quickly Pokémon had been incorporated into wizarding life.

"BUEW-BUEW!" Hermione's Buizel came bouncing over to him, followed by his trainer.

"Harry, this is crazy brilliant, Buizel is amazing!" Hermione said happily as Neville walked over with Budew on his shoulder. Draco came over with Usha at his side. It was great to be out of the hospital wing; Harry wouldn't waste this day in a bed.

Harry smiled innocently. "I'm hungry; can we get our food now?"

"Sure." A cold, strange, but familiar, voice said from behind. Harry turned to see who it was. A fist connected with Harry's jaw. The force sent him sprawling onto the cool, stone floor.

"HARRY!" Hermione shouted and kneeled down to see if he was okay.

"Little one!" Seviper nudged his partner, testing to see if he was even conscious.

"I hope you like knuckle sandwiches." The attacker said emotionlessly. Students quickly gathered around the commotion and blocked the teacher's path to them.

Draco looked at the attacker; it was a 13 teen year old boy. He had messy blonde hair that half covered a headband that was designed with red and yellow triangles. He wore a pale yellow tunic with a red poncho draped over his shoulders. He wore dirty brown pants and white shoes. His left eye was a dark brown while his right eye was a foggy, light brown. A scar ran right through his right eye, from his eyebrow to his cheekbone. It gave him an ever more intimidating vibe.

Beside him was a red, armored shelled Pokémon. Its hands were two round claws that reflected menacingly in the light. In the back of Draco's head; he thought he had seen these two from somewhere.

"What was that for?!" Draco snapped.

The boy caressed his fist; he shrugged absent mindedly. "He deserved it."

"Are you a death eater's child or something?" A student demanded. The boy's Scizor got ready to strike. The trainer held up his hand, relaxing the Pokémon.

He glared at student. "No, I don't know what a death eater is, but I can assure you I am a child of cruelty. Stay out of my business."

The student opened his mouth to retort. But Harry jumped to his feet stretched his hands out his arms between the two. "Please don't fight!" he shouted.

"Well, Ketch, afraid of a good scuffle?" the boy asked, clearly amused. Whispers went through the crowd.

Harry grinned, relaxing from his stance. "Okay, psychopath," he teased. "Do I have to punch you… again?" He asked.

More whispering, who was this kid, did Harry know him?

"Harry!" A new, REALLY familiar voice shouted.

Harry looked behind the boy. His grin grew bigger. "BRO!" He ran forward and jumped into Ash's arms as the older boy entered the hall.

"Harry! It's great ta see ya!" Ash laughed happily. Sparks came from Pikachu's cheeks.


"Told ya it would work out fine." August said as she, Brock, Tracey and Cilan walked into the hall. On her shoulder with Blaze was a Squirtle.

Professor McGonagall finally was able to push her way through the students. "Professor Shadow, what is the meaning of this!"

Tracey couldn't help but snicker. "Professor." Brock and Cilan couldn't help but smile. All three of them knew that August was not the best teacher, partially from the age factor, but she was still well experienced.

August grinned angelically, "Some friends." The students looked at each other, more people from the foreign dimension.

"Squirt's an old friend of mine, Brock is an in-training Poke' doctor, Cilan here is a Pokémon Connoisseur, and Tracey here is a Pokémon Watcher. They're all here to see how the students are treating their first Pokémon."

"And him." Ron jerked his thumb at the blonde boy.

Hermione looked at McGonagall. "He attacked Harry, Professor." She explained.

"Is that true?" Brock asked with a very older brother look on his face.

The boy folded his arms in defiance and nodded. "I have every right." He stated as if it was obvious he didn't do anything wrong and if he did, he didn't care.

Neville looked at Budew in confusion.

"For what?!" Draco snarled; Usha's fur pricked.

The boy shrugged. "It's his fault; you don't just leave in the middle of the year. I'm not one who is not merciful."

Harry gave a small smile. "Guys, it's okay. This is my rival, Derek."

"He's your rival?" Hermione repeated.


"That's correct." Derek answered.

August smiled. "Yea, Ash, your most recent rival was camera guy, Trip?" she asked.

Cilan nodded. "You got that right."

Ash grinned, he looked at Pikachu who smiled back and nodded. "Hey August, I challenge you to a battle." He stated.

August's smile grew. "YES! You're so on."



The students whispered. A real Pokémon battle! Ash and August ran out of the hall, the student's followed, along with the teachers and the pokemon. Harry, Derek, Hermione, Neville, Brock, Cilan, Tracey, Draco and their Pokémon walked out together.

Harry rubbed his chin, "You didn't have to punch that hard." He said.

Derek shrugged again. "I wanted to battle you and yet I couldn't find you. I barely got the secret of where you were, and I had to spy to learn that information."

"Still as sneaky as ever." Seviper observed.

They found all the students gathered around the edges of the court yard. August was on one end, Ash was on another.

"How many Pokémon should we use?" August asked.

"Let's start with two on two; we still haven't eaten a full breakfast yet." Ash replied.


"K, let's battle!"

They each took out a poke-ball and threw it into the air.






The students watched with aw, somebody whispered. "That bug's going to be crushed."

Neville heard this and hugged Budew closer. "Is that croc going to obliterate the butterfly?" he asked nervously.

Brock smiled. "Actually, August and Butter have the advantage," he replied. "Even though Butter looks harmless and Krookodile looks, well..." He chuckled. "Like Krookodile. Butter is a Bug/Flying type, Krookodile is a Ground/Dark Pokémon. This gives August a slight advantage due to the fact that Dark type Pokémon are weak against Bug Pokémon."

August grinned. "Now that's a power house!"

"I know, me and Krookodile have trained and are ready to battle!"

"No holding back?"

"No holding back."

"Good, Butter use Gust!"

"Free," August's Butterfree flapped her wings furiously.

Krookodile bowed his head and planted his feet as the strong gusts hit him.

"Now Stun-Spore!" the stun spores floated in the air.

"Use Gust again!"

"FREE!" The strong gust carried the spores towards Krookodile.

"Rr, Krookodile use DIG!" Ash commanded.

"KROOK-O!" Krookdile used his claws and dug into the ground.

"Is he safe?" Hermione asked.

"Um, for now…" Tracey replied.

"Butter, flush out Krookodile with Pysbeam!"

Ash gritted his teeth as Butter charged up its power. "Krookodile get to the surface!"


Butter shot the beam down the whole.

20 feet away Krookodile burst out of the ground, the beam grazing him.

"KROOKO-DILE!" he roared somewhat pissed.

"Our turn, Krookodile use Bite!" Ash shouted.

Krookodile jumped into the air, mouth wide open. "Fly high!" Butter dodged the attack.

"Use Silver Wind!"


Ash's eyes widened. "Krookodile!"

Butter's wings glowed, she flapped her wings, and powerful gust stirred, silver sparkles came out. Each time Butter flapped, a silver crescent moon shaped energy, came out and hit Krookodile, slamming the Pokémon into the ground.

Dust kicked up. The students gasped. Neville looked at Cilan and Brock. "What was that?" he asked.

"Silver Wind," Brock replied. "A bug type attack, super effective on dark and getting slammed into the ground like that, ouch."

Cilan nodded. "A hint of planning, August knew Krookodile would be unable to dodge in the air. She sent him the prefect sour ball."

"She's good." Hermione muttered.

"Oh course she's good, she's been Harmoanian Battle Champion for eight years." Cilan said with a little laugh.

Hermione's eyes widened. "Nine… nine, ten, sixteen…. Eight!" she looked and Brock, Tracey and Cilan. "Eight years, how is she the Battle Champion for eight years? She's 16, she would have been 9 at the time, and you don't get your license until your 10. The Harmoanian Battle Competition only registers Pokémon trainers, you need your license."

Draco and Neville caught on after that, they looked at the three eldest. Brock, Cilan and Tracey looked at each other. Tracey smiled he held up his hands.

"You caught us." He joked. "Yea, August was not herself in the first year she took the title but after that, at that competition she was known as the Harmoanian Champion."

(Flash back)

Dawn and Brock sat down in the stadium. "One more round." Dawn stated. "Then Ash will be Harmoanian Battle Champion."

Brock frowned in concern. "Yea, but the present Harmoanian Battle Champion has been winning this for years now. Ash better have a plan."

Dawn frowned and sighed. "When does he ever?"

Ash walked out onto the field and took his place; the cloaked Harmoanian Battle Champion walked out from the other end, a Pikachu was on her shoulder.

"It's strange that the champion always has her hood up." Brock said.

"Maybe she wants to get less on the paparazzi." Dawn suggested.

Ash smiled. "Are you ready to battle?"

The champion smiled and nodded.

An Arcanine walked out onto the field, a boy about Brock's age rode on top. He stopped where Ash stood.

He had short blonde hair that was covered by an orange and blue baseball cap and light blue eyes. He wore a dark blue shirt, black, fingerless gloves and a heavy, dark grey jacket. Also tan pants with the end of the legs being black and black shoes with blue lines.

"Good luck Ash, she tough." He warned.

"Thanks Lukas, but hey, where's August?"

"My lil'sis sends her regards for not battling you earlier, but she has two surprises for you later." Lukas said winking.

Arcanine walked out into the middle of the field. Lukas raised his hand, silencing the crowd. He held up the wireless microphone to his mouth.

"Welcome to the Last Round of the Harmoanian Battles!"

The crowd cheered.

"On other left is Ash Ketchem, from Pallet Town."

More cheering.

"And on the other; our current Battle Champion!"

Even more cheering.

"Let the battle begin!"

The ground shook from an explosion, the ground cracked under Lukas's and Arcanine's feet.

"Ah!" They fell through the hole.

"LUKAS!" Ash ran to the side of the hole, the battle Champion ran to the closest end of the hole from her side.

Two mechanically hands shot out of the darkness, each grabbed the trainer's Pikachus and retreated back into the darkness of the hole.

"Pikachu!" Ash shouted, just as he was about to jump down the hole, a metal cylinder with two mechanically arms and legs, a dome head, came out.

"What is that!?" Dawn exclaimed.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"Make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth! That's right!"

"Team Rocket, what did you do with my Pikachu?!" Ash shouted.

"Mmm, nothing yet twerp." Jessie said.

"Meowth?" James asked.

"Step ahead of ya." Meowth hit a button, shutter mechanism opened up the middle, revealing a glass wall. On the other side of the glass was a metal chamber where Lukas and Arcanine were, both Pikachus were in there as well.

"Let them go!" Ash ordered.

"No way, we just snagged an Arcanine and two Pikachus." Meowth replied and laughed.

Pikachu charged up a thunder bolt.

"Pika-CHUUU!" The electricity absorbed into the walls.


Electricity shot out of the walls shocking every captive.


"Uh-uh-uh, whatever attack you send at the container, it'll bounce back!" Jessie revealed.

Lukas slumped against Arcanine, he clutched his chest. "My… heart…" he breathed.

(Pause in flashback)

"What did he mean his heart?" Draco questioned.

"Lukas had an accident a few years back." Cilan said solemnly.

"He had witnessed a member of Team Rocket swipe a kid's Pokémon; he and his Arcanine went to rescue it." Brock shook his head. "They ended up in the forest, it was bad weather, the member of team rocket's Electibuzz, tried to shock the Pokémon but Lukas took the hit, after that he got caught in a mud slide."

"Arcanine found him the next morning, he was left paralyzed from the waist down for a while, but he got a good doctor to rehabilitate him." Tracey paused. "August didn't want him to give up. Lukas never did. At the time of the battle, he was able to walk with a cane." Tracey added.

"His heart problems started from all those volts that Electibuzz and a lightning strike during the shock. It's a miracle his okay." Brock finished.

(Flashback continued)

"This doesn't look good." Dawn muttered.


"Lukas, hang in there!" Ash shouted.

Jesse laughed. "And what are you going to do twerp?"

A rock hit the side of the cylinder, "Who did that!?"

Team Rocket turned. The Battle Champion; threw another rock, hitting the side of the robot again.

"STOP THAT YOU BRAT!" Jesse shouted.


The Battle Champion smiled. "No matter the cost of that tin can, I'll still wreck it and you'll give back my brother and Ashy's Pikachu, oh and mine and Arcanine,"

Ash blinked. "Ashy…"

She took out a poke-ball. "Go Dratini!"

The blue dragon Pokémon stretched herself.

"AW," Jesse cooed. "What is she gonna do?" she mocked.

The Champion grinned, with a flick of her head, she knocked her hood off. August blinked her eyes to adjust to the sunlight.

At the Ketchem's house…

Tracey, May, Max, Misty, Gary, Professor Oak and Mrs. Ketchem sat in the living room. They were too stunned for words.

"August's the Harmoanian Battle Champion…" Gary whispered.

"Who would of thought?" Professor Oak muttered.

Max jumped to his feet. "That is so cool!"

Off at some Pokémon Center….

Harry blinked as he watched the public TV. "I can't believe it."

"You should see your face." Seviper chuckled.

"What did you know about this?" Harry asked.

"I noticed her stuffing a cloak it her bag once."

"Oh, your soooo helpful."

Seviper snickered.

At the Stadium….

"Dratini, Dragon Rush!" August ordered.

Blue energy surrounded Dratini; she rushed at the robot's glass window. Arcanine used himself as a cover for the other captives just as Dratini hit the glass. The glass shattered, Dratini passed over their heads and straight through the other side of the robot and back onto the stadium floor.

Lukas pulled himself onto Arcanine's back, both Pikachu's jumped on. Arcanine stood up and jumped out through the broken glass and onto the stadium floor.


"Pikachu!" Pikachu jumped into his trainer's arms.

"Uh oh, that doesn't seem good." James said warily.

"Meowth do something!" Jesse ordered.

Pikachu jumped out of Ash's arms.

Dawn stood up.

"Piplup, Bubble Beam!"

"Arcanine… Flame Thrower." Lukas said softly.

"Pikachu" Ash said.

"Sparkles." August called out to her Pikachu.

"Thunder Bolt!" they said together.

The four attacks hit the robot causing it to explode. Jesse, James and Meowth went sky rocketing out of the stadium. "Team Rocket is blasting off againnnnnn….."


The crowd cheered. August ran over and helped her older brother off his Pokémon.

"Lukas, how are you doing?" she asked, he smiled and ruffled her hair.

"Better lil'sis."

Brock and Dawn came out onto the field and took Lukas to the side lines, Arcanine followed. August turned to Ash. Sparks jumped onto her shoulder.

"So, this is your first surprise, you're the champion." Ash said with a grin.

August grinned back. "Yea and this is my second, I challenge you to use your starter against mine."

"Sparkles? Okay, two pikachu's against each other."


August smiled and walked back to her side of the field. She took out a poke-ball and threw it.

"Blaze, come on out!"


Ash blinked. "Blaze is your first Pokémon."

August nodded. "You bet; I lied when I said Sparkles was my first Pokémon. Me and Blaze have been training for the day you challenged the 'Harmoanian Battle Champion.'"


Ash smiled. "If it's a battle you guys want, then we'll give it to you, ready Pikachu?"


Both Pokémon went onto the field.

"Pikachu! Thunder Bolt!"

"Blaze! Ember!"

(End of Flash back)

"August likes making the strangest surprises." Tracey said.

"Krookodile's getting back up!" Neville shouted.

The others drew their attention back to the fight.

"Krookodile, use Stone Edge!"

"Butter dodge!"

"Free!" Butter was to close, the shards hit her.

"Ouch." Draco muttered.

"Butter, you good?" August asked.

"Free!" Butter flew back into the air.

August looked back at Krookodile but discovered that he was gone.

"Where did he…."

"Krookodile use Aerial Ace!" Ash commanded.

August's eyes widened.


Krookodile came out of nowhere and slammed into the Butterfree, smashing her into the ground. Dust kicked up.

"Butter!" When the dust cleared, everyone saw the bug Pokémon on the ground, swirls in her eyes.

Brock held up his hand. "Butter is unable to battle; victory goes to Krookodile and Ash."

Ash fist pumped the air. "YEA!" He ran over to Krookodile and hugged him. "You were great buddy!"


August picked up Butter and cradled her in her arms. "You were brilliant."



Butter nodded. "Free."

August pulled out her poke-ball. "You deserve a good rest." Butter returned to her poke-ball.

"Ashy that was awesome!"

The students were stunned. Their teacher lost, and yet she was so happy.

August pulled out another poke-ball. "Now show me one of your new Pokémon, one that I haven't seen."

Ash returned Krookodile to his poke-ball and took out another. "You got it… Froakie let's go!"

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