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Draco stalked up the stairs towards Professor Shadow's classroom, he would have skipped but he didn't want to be losing 20 points. Plus this was during his free period. He wouldn't miss practice or as Shadow put it, leisure time after classes. He opened the door, it was empty. Draco felt uneasily as he entered. He walked past the desk; he at least expected Shadow or that wild Absol.

He stopped at the desk, he picked up the framed photo, as he expected from a muggle, a non-moving picture. But he didn't expect was how many people were in the picture and Pokémon.

The picture beheld Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Drew, Max, Conway, Dawn, Zoey, Iris, Cilan, a blonde haired boy about Brock's age or a little older (OC), Paul, Gary, August, Ash, Mrs. Ketchum, Harry and all their Pokémon, there was also another blonde hair boy with a scar over his eye.(Also OC) He was Harry's age, who was standing next to the said trainer. A tall dark red armored Pokémon next to him.

Draco put it down, how could someone be close to so many? He noticed another frame that August put on the desk when she came into class that day. He picked it up.

The only person in the picture was August, she was kneeing. Absol was to her left wearing his red bandana around his leg with the pin like August had around her neck and the pin clip to her jacket. There was a black and blue dog faced looking pokemon sitting on her foot. It had a red bandana around its neck, it held its pin. Next to the dog kid was a redish fox looking Pokémon lying in a relaxed position. It was also wearing a bandana around its neck, the pin clipped to the tie. The last Pokémon was on August's lap, it was a blue turtle looking thing, expected it was wearing a purple knitted hat.

Draco put the photo down and walked behind the desk. There was a growl, Draco stopped. Underneath the table that had the Harmoanian Cup was a bunch of blankets. A Pokémon stepped out from underneath. It was black with blue rings designing its body and piercing red eyes.

Draco stood up straighter and folded his arms. "What are you looking at?"

The Pokémon studied him; its rings on its ears began to glow like it was planning to attack. Draco started to get nervous; he shoved that feeling away and glared at the Pokémon. It paused as its rings stopped glowing. The Pokémon held its nose up high, mimicking him.

Normally Draco would be made at someone mocking him but instead he found this amusing. He laughed, the Pokémon looked pleased. Draco walked over and kneeled down looking at the Pokémon.

He raised his hand, the Pokémon jumped back frightened and whimpered. Draco started to withdraw his hand afraid he did something wrong, and he thought the pokemon was going to hurt him like Buckbeak did. The Pokémon read his face and inched its head out from underneath the table. Draco slowly brought his hand forward, the Pokémon inched a bit more closer, meeting his hand.

Draco smiled victoriously and gently rubbed its head.


Draco turned, August was at her desk; Blaze was hanging off her shoulder as usual, the second photograph was in her hand.

"I see you curiosity got the better of you." Draco was silent. Augusto continued to talk. "I see you met, Usha, daughter of heaven, sister of night."

Draco looked back at the Pokémon. "Is it yours?"

"She actually, an Umbreon, but no, she's not mine."

"Then Ketchum's?"

August gave a sad smile as Absol entered. "AB-sol."


"No, Professor Oak gave her to me to try to rehab her."




"Her last owner abused her, trained her too hard as an Eevee trying to get her to evolve into an Espeon," August shook her head. "That stupid trainer didn't do the research, the owner tried to get Usha to evolve, but the person did it at night."

"The difference?"

"Once your friendship is strong with your Eevee you can evolve it with a Sun Shard during the day to get an Espeon or with a Moon Shard during the night to get an Umbreon."

"Um-bre…" Umbreon lowered its head.

"Usha put her whole heart into pleasing her trainer but the trainer made her believe it was her fault she evolved into an Umbreon. Usha hasn't been trusting towards any humans really."


"Um-breon…" Usha nudged Draco's foot.

"She respects you, I'm surprised. I was the only human to get close to her."

"How come only you?" Draco asked suspiciously.

August held up the photograph with her and the other Pokémon in it. "See these guys, the one on my lap is Squirtle, he was my best friend when I got lost when I was seven, the fox is Vulpex and the blue and black one is Rioule, they join and started to take care of me. Absol…"

Absol smirked at hearing his name.

"...Was a 'menace' to the... forest, Pokémon thought he was bringing terrible things around," She smirked. "We found that was bull, and so that was our little family. When civilization found me, I lost track of them for years, until bit ago. I found them at the recent Unova Harmoanian Battle Competition. But I never caught any of their species out of respect of what they did."

"How did you meet them again?" Draco asked, curious now.

"Ab-sol." Absol gave a warning look to August who waved it off.

"See there's these teams of criminals wanting to rule and abuse Pokémon's gifts, Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Plasma and the one I deal with the most was Team Genesis." (Made up)

She gave an exasperated sigh. "Dam those guys were piss heads, their leader and a good amount of them are in jail now, mind you."

Draco blinked.

"There was a whole mess of Team Genius blackmailing me with Squrit, turned out alright though, anyways ever since they took care of me, I've been closer to Pokémon."


Usha leaned against Draco's leg.

"She seems to like you… a lot." August murmured; her face brightened. "I got it, after she's all better, you could be her trainer!"

"What!?" Exclaimed Draco.

August shrugged. "What? She likes you and I have a feeling you like her."

Draco looked down at Usha; August eyes flickered to her clock. "Well, we passed detention time."

Draco looked up, slightly worried he would get in trouble, because it looked like he stalled the detention. August grinned at his face.

"Don't worry, I didn't have anything planned."

Draco looked at her dumbfounded.

August ignored the look. "Once Usha gets completely better, you can have her." Blaze hopped off August's shoulder, jumped across the desks and pushed open the door. "There you are."

Draco scratched Usha on the chin again before leaving. He couldn't help to think that this was the strangest detention he had ever had.

August watch the door close.


"Char-CHAR-CHAR!" Blaze retorted.

August turned and smiled at them. "He's not that bad, he'll be good to her."


August chuckled. "Yes and if he mistreats her, you'll make him sorry."

In the corridors...

Draco walked down the corridors to the dungeon. Quiddtich tryouts were soon and he wanted to get in a nap. As he walked down a flight of stairs, he couldn't help but glance out the window. He stopped right in his tracks. Draco stared right at one of the old trees on the grounds. He could see someone in the branches. Harry.

"That idiot," Draco cursed under his breath.

In the Whonping Willow...

Harry sat in a tree studying Seviper's Poke-ball. He sighed.

"Oy! Ketchum!" Harry frowned, that sounded like Draco. Harry peered down, Draco was standing a good distance away from the tree. Harry couldn't help but notice how wary Draco was acting.

"Get down now!" Draco ordered. Harry drew his attention back to Seviper's poke-ball.

"I'm fine up here." He replied.

Draco grimaced in pure annoyance. "I don't care if you're mopping, you can mope anywhere but there!" Draco exclaimed.

"Why? The tree isn't going to come alive." Harry said in a joking matter. "I just want to be left alone." He added in a miserable tone.

One of Harry's poke-balls wiggled. "Huh?" Harry took it and enlarged it. The moment he did, the poke-ball opened and his Politoad appeared.

"Pol-LI!" She clapped her hands together with Harry's face between them, and she hit his face hard. In fact she hit him so hard, she stunned him.

"Eh…." Harry tilted a little too far and fell out of the tree and hit the ground. Hopper jumped down from tree and landed on Harry.


Hopper clapped her hands. "Pol-LI!"

Harry just moaned and rolled over onto his back before sitting up. Neither realized the tree was swaying slightly. Harry glanced at Hopper who was clapping her hands happily. He smiled.

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up." Harry said and patted her head.

"Ketchum if you don't move now, you'll get crushed!" Draco warned.

Harry and Hopper looked at him as the tree moved more. "What by the tree?" he teased.

"YES!" Draco shouted.

Harry blinked confused but turned his head as he heard the tree moan. A branch was heading right for him and Hopper. He grabbed his Pokémon and rolled out-of-the-way just as the branch whapped the ground.

"How..?" Harry murmured in disbelief as he stood up.

"Get out of its range!" Draco ordered. Harry jumped to the right to avoid another branch but another came sweeping down. Hopper managed to jump right over it, enjoying every moment; obviously she thought it was a game. Harry dropped to the ground and allowed it to swing right over him. He quickly stood up but a bundle of the branches was coming down towards him.

Suddenly a white glow appeared around the branches. They jerked to a stop. Harry turned and looked where Draco was standing. The Slytherin wasn't alone, Hermione, Neville, August, a black humanoid Pokémon that Harry didn't recognize and Professor Snape were there. The Pokémon was concentrating on the branches. Harry guessed it was a psychic.

"Harry run!" Neville yelled. Harry didn't need another word from his friend. He got up and sprinted to the group. Once safely away from the tree, the Pokémon released it from her psychic hold. The tree fixed itself so it was upright and shoke the stiffness. Harry quickly looked around.

"Wait, where's Hopper?" he asked with slight panic in his voice.

"There she is!" Hermione exclaimed pointing at the tree. Hopper was sitting on top of one of the tree's branches munching on a poffin? Where the hell did she get that?

Harry pulled out her poke-ball and pointed it at the toad Pokémon, "Hopper return!" Hopper became the red light and returned to her poke-ball. Harry sighed in relief.

"Mr. Ketchum, why were you causing trouble by the Whomping Willow?" Snape demanded in a cool, emotionless voice.

Harry rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "That's what it's called, I get why you call it that."

"Mr. Ketchum."

"Aw come on Snape, he obviously didn't know about the tree." Augusto defended. A smile was playing across her face. Harry guessed she found this highly amusing.

"That reminds me." Harry kneeled down to the Pokémon. "Thanks for the save, little guy."

"Gotho-rita." The Pokémon blushed.

"That's Gothorita." Hermione pointed out.

"A Gothorita." Harry pulled out his poke-dex.

Gothorita; the Manipulate Pokémon and the evolved form of Gothita. Gothorita uses starlight as its power source. It arranges rocks in the same way as the stars, and can use its Psychic powers to control people and Pokémon.

"That's so cool." Harry awed. Gothorita went and hid behind Augusto.

"I caught her right before I came to Pallet Town for your birthday." August explained, "She just shy to strangers."

"I'm going to prepare myself for practice now." Draco announced and began to walk away but paused. "That toad creature is just as much trouble as Longbottom's toad. I wouldn't keep it around." He walked off.

"That git," Hermione muttered under her breath. Neville looked down at the ground embarrassed.

"I hope Mr. Ketchum you've learned a lesson about magical beings today." Snape acknowledged. Harry nodded.

"Yes sir."

"Good." With a sweeping motion of his cloak, Snape glared at Neville. The poor boy stared harder at his shoes as Snape strode up to the castle.

"I was sure he was going to deducked points." Hermione muttered.

Harry looked at Neville. "You okay?" Neville nodded.

"Yea… news travels fast." He murmured.

"Snape heard about the boggart." Hermione elaborated. "And about what Neville did."

Harry nodded before looking back at the Whomping Willow. "Oh yea…the boggart." He pulled out Seviper's poke-ball.

"Char!" Blaze said peering off Augusto's shoulder.

"We heard about what happened in class, is Seviper fine?" August asked.

"I haven't dared to let him out." Harry said and held out the poke-ball.

"Then let's see, shall we?" August took the ball and opened it. Seviper came out. As soon as he was free. He swung his tail around and hit Harry in the gut.

"OFFI!" Harry fell to the ground. "He's fine." Harry moaned.

"THAT! Is for putting me inside the poke-ball." Seviper hissed as Harry got up.

"Oh Harry are you okay, what if he used Poison tail?" Hermione fumed.

"No he didn't, he's fine. Harry's been hit plenty of times and not just by his own Pokémon." August replied waving her hand. "We're talking about the boggart later, k? I did promise I would look after you." Augusto started to walk down the hill, quickly followed by Gothorita.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Neville asked. August turned around but continued to walk down backwards.

"Blaze and I have to go talk with Hagrid! Oh, and Harry, Skorupi misses you, I would trade one of your Pokémon in for him, see ya!" she turned around and walked out of sight.

Hermione turned to Harry. "Are you sure you're okay, mental and physically?" she questioned.

Harry nodded. "Yea…"

"You were crying after the Dementor." Neville pointed out.

"I just saw some awful memories."

"It must have been very bad." Hermione said sympathetically. Harry nodded.

"Yea, but I've moved on…. I think." Harry whispered the last part so no one would hear except Seviper. Harry smiled genuinely. "But I'm not looking at the past, I'm looking at the future, and I see a lot of homework!" he announced.

There was a spark in Hermione's eyes which made Harry regret his words. "Oh! You're right! This is only the second day! We can't get behind." Hermione grabbed both Neville and Harry's wrist and dragged them up towards the castle ranting about the work they had to do. Seviper followed behind laughing at the poor boys.

Neville glanced at Harry and asked nervously. "What's a Skorupi?"

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