Dark shapes flutter around. Wands dimmed. But no faces, no bodies. Just voices.

I see a building in the background. Giant wooden doors, weathered from age and war. The bricks on the far right now missing. That is practically all I can make out through the snow that is pouring down, yet I do not feel cold.

"What do we do?" she stutters, cracking after each word. Her voice almost reaching a glass breaking high. Who she is talking to... I cannot tell.

"Be quiet, just... just don't talk right now, we'll figure this out." another voice came out of the glowering darkness. It seemed to come from everywhere all at once.


"I told you to shut up!" he barked. Soon after there was a flash of light and a loud shattering noise. Then there was rapid breathing... I can almost make out what is being said next. I felt as though I needed to hear it, I yearned to hear it. What was so important? Why did they need to be quiet? All the questions repeated one after another then...

I sat up in my bed. The flash still blinding me even though I was now awake. It always seemed to follow me into the realm of the awake. I had forgotten to go to the nurse wing to get some potion for dreamless sleep which I usually needed to sleep... to sleep without those voices howling in my head. Voices that I don't remember, but they sounded so scared and hurt.

I clutch the covers close to my chest as I lean back against my headboard. My eyes closing trying to get the headache that pounded against my skull to dull down a bit. My cat, Mycroft, jumped in my lap. He peered up at me with those wide green-yellow eyes of his. "I'm fine," I whispered softly, rubbing behind his ear's gently. It was almost as if he nodded and walked in a circle in my lap before laying down, his chin resting on my hand. I continued to run my fingers of my free hand through his rusty brown fur.

I had only talked to Snape about the dreams once. He always seemed to know even if I didn't tell him. Then one day he told me about something that would help. He suggested the potion, which he taught me how to brew. "If you'd read your books you would already know about this." he seemed to hiss, his facial expression softening for only a split second.

I could only rarely catch looks like that. It was as if he was hiding something... or he was ashamed of something. Neither of which I could figure out and I know that if I would even dare to ask he would scold me for prying... and a scolding from him is not something I want to experience for a second time.

Thinking back to all the potions I had to learn in his care, all the cuts and burns I've obtained. One time he actually had to leave... quickly. Part of me wants to say that he had to leave to sneak out a laugh of some sort, part of me says that he was just done with my "foolishness." We never spoke about it again, even though I was in a sling for nearly a month and a half.

I slowly begin to settle back in bed. Nudging my cat over some as he seemed to always start to hog the whole bed.

Even through the drapes of my four poster bed I could see the soft glow that came from the lake. It left the common room and the dorms drenched in soft shades of green. It was almost calming, although I could do without the cold drafts. At least Mycroft was enjoying the dungeons, he always seemed to be off wandering around somewhere.

I don't see how he could stand to be on the cold floors. Oh well, being in here was far better than being in the common room. I was surprised that not many people hung out there... but even just the one blonde headed boy was enough to push me to coming to the girls rooms which were vastly different.

It was almost as if we all had our separate rooms. The girls were split up into four, as usual, but in between each bed rose a large beautiful stone wall, so we were all allowed a certain amount of privacy. Then to add the drapes which were thick anyway... It didn't feel like I was sharing anything with anyone. That's the way I like it. I couldn't even tell you who I was sharing with, then again I was the first one up here, and my bed is at the end.

Yawning, I begin to doze off. Hoping that this time will be dreamless. I will have to remind myself to get some of that potion tomorrow, I don't exactly know the rules of what I can and cannot brew... I guess it would be in my best interest to check that out.

Waking up I pull on my uniform and cloak and head out. It doesn't take long to get ready as I don't wear make-up and just quickly brush through my bouncing red curls. I, also, have no one to wait for, no one to go towards. So, I will just go until I get used to everything there is here.

While making my way to the great hall I pulled out a piece of parchment that I had folded in my bag, first class Arithmancy. "Oh joy," I say sardonically. Shortly after I found myself on the floor and looking up at a red haired boy who had also fallen back.

"S-Sorry," he stumbled, while trying to get up. He brushed off his dusty cloak and then extended his hands, his fingers were bony and pale. Grabbing on I let him hoist me up. "You were in the cabin with that Draco." I saw the involuntary twitch on his face.

"Yes, you did." I nodded. Thinking back to how I had to stop them from both pulling out their wands. Not surprising. But was a bother.

"Are you 'n him... Ya' know..." he tilted his head a bit.

"If you are suggesting that we are together you will find yourself very mistaken." I straightened the strap on my bag. He nodded quietly. "It was charming to meet you again... I'm afraid I didn't catch your name, but whatever it is nice to meet you, now I am on my way to the great hall, good day."

Calm down, Yara. I hissed to myself silently while walking passed him. My elbow grazing his and sending some shock coursing through my body. People, there are just too many people.

"Weasley... Ron..." I heard him call after me faintly. He stumbled over each syllable.