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"Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot."

Neil Gaiman


"We got ourselves a UPS," Emma said as she approached her husband with a parcel on her hands.

"From?" Neal asked.

"It doesn't say."

He opened the package, and found a little note attached to a bluish wand.

'Dear Emma and Bae,

I'm sure you'll know what to do with it.


Astrid and Leroy.'

"Ha, no way…" said Emma, with a smile on her face as she read the note from over Neal's shoulder.

"Care to do the honors?" he asked, as he held the wand.

"You throw better than I do," she replied.

Neal gave her a quick kiss on her lips, and turned to face the lake. He took a final look at the wand, and remembered how magic had affected their lives in so many diverse and confusing ways. One thing was certain: there was no way they could ever get rid of it completely, not being who they were.

It was not a bad thing, though.

Smiling lightly, he swung his arm backwards, and then threw the wand into the lake. He and Emma watched as it hit the water a few seconds later, and suddenly disappeared under its glossy surface.

When he turned around to face his wife again, he realized she was eyeing her cell phone with concern written all over her face.

"I just don't understand…" she whispered. "Every time I try to talk to Henry, he can never pick up the phone. My mother keeps feeding me these excuses, that he's at school, he's at the library, he's at your father's… Then I call your father, and he tells me Henry is at my mother's…"

"I'm sure he's fine," Neal whispered, as he hugged Emma from behind. "Besides, we'll be back in a few days…"

"He's in Neverland, isn't he?" she asked, sounding less than amused.

Neal raised his eyebrows.

"If he is, I swear I have nothing to do with it," he replied, trying to sound as serious as he could, but finding the whole arrangement, if there had indeed been one, rather amusing.

He saw her droop her shoulders in defeat, and took that chance to nuzzle against her neck.


"Hmm?" Emma moaned, as she closed her eyes and leaned closer to his chest.

"You still haven't told me what your favorite room in the house is."

"That's because I still don't know…" she whispered, running her fingers along his arms. "They all are beautiful."

"So you like the house, then?" he asked, twisting a strand of her hair in his fingers.

"I take it that my crying when I came in for the first time has not convinced you?" she said, turning around to look into his eyes.

"It kind of has," he answered with a smile. "But I like it when you say it."

"I love our house," Emma whispered, and Neal saw her smile in a way that made her look eleven years younger.

"And I love you," he said, feeling he was the luckiest man to walk on earth.

"I love you too."

They kissed, and when she pulled away, he saw her reach out for a tiny card in the pocket of her jeans.

"By the way, I've been meaning to ask you something," she said. "Do you have any idea why your best man Tinkerbell attached this card to her very original wedding gift, a bottle of sake?"

'To SwanFire. Enjoy, by the fireplace.'

"Since we don't have a fireplace?"

Neal smiled, taking the little card in his own hands. Sake, by the fireplace… Of course he knew exactly what the fairy was talking about.

"You know, if we get back inside, I think I can explain," he whispered in Emma's ear.

"Oh, can you?"

"Indeed I can," he chuckled, as his hands slid to her hips.

"Can't you explain now?" she purred back, rubbing her body against his. "It wouldn't be the first time you did so… by a lake."

Neal had to smile at her lustful attempts.

"I'd love to, but it really has to be inside the house," he replied, feeling that his plans would soon go down the drain if she kept grinding her hips against his that way. "It has some very specific details."

Emma gave him a quick kiss on the lips before grabbing his hand and dragging him back into their house. As he made to follow her, Neal had time to take a final look at the lake, and his mind drifted for one moment to magic and all the battles that had yet to be fought…

By someone else… the next time.

The End.