Seth and Jane


Post Breaking Dawn, Aro seeks to weaken the link between the Cullens and the Quileutes and dispatches Jane on a mission to secretly create a division between the two families yet a chance encounter between Seth and Jane erupts into a shocking revelation.

Note: Seth is older in this fanfic.

Chapter 1


I sped along the terrain that I knew like the back of my hand, beating out the same old path. Different trails, same duty.

Yet I could never grow tired of this...this ancestral honor I like to call it.

I felt immense relief to be back home, in familiar territory, back among kin and kindred souls. Relief at not having to stifle my wolf nature amidst a teeming city.

It'd been about two weeks since I returned to the Quileute reservation after a five year hiatus. A hiatus in which I'd grown older much to the ribbing and teasing of my 'old' comrades. I'd been reluctant to leave but Leah needed me to be with her more than the wolves needed me.

After the showdown with the Cullens and the Volturi...that name still produces shudders of revulsion from me... Leah became extremely depressed and not in a 'I'll bitch at everyone about it' way, but seriously depressed as in suicidal.

The fact that Emily and Sam had discovered they were expecting a baby, shortly after that Volturi fiasco, hadn't done any wonders for Leah's condition either.

So she'd decided to go away. And being the responsible brother, I'd decided to accompany her. To college.

Jake and Sam had given their blessings, not that Leah'd given them much of a choice.

Now I remember the look of contentment on my sister's face, wrapped up in the arms of her Superbowl star boyfriend as she waved me off at the airport on my way back home. She'd come a long way.

Almost as long as I'd waited to feel the very much missed sensation of ripping out of my human form to shimmer into the immense massiveness of my wolf.

I howled with joy, feeling for the first time in five years the transformation I always craved. As my wolf senses re-familiarized itself with the woodsy scents and textures of the forest, I vowed to myself never to give this up. Ever again.

In my enthusiasm to reclaim my heritage, I'd completely forgotten to secure my clothes.


That meant a trip back to Charlie and my mom's house, they'd been married a year now, to collect some stuff.

I preferred to stay at my dad's old house on the reservation rather than impose on my mom and Charlie but I hadn't yet moved my belongings after my homecoming at the Swan's residence. Now I'd be showing up in the police chief's backyard in my 'puppy' robe. No doubt he'd be in a pet friendly mood.

Even though Charlie had become privy to the supernatural machinations lurking behind the natural facade in Forks, he'd adamantly turned a blind eye.

So I was a bit nervous and hesitant to show up in my wolf form. Maybe I would just borrow something from one of the guys.

Feeling better about this course of action, I veered back towards the reservation when my senses became fixated upon the strangest scent.

It was unlike anything I'd scented before. In one way it reminded me of a vamp's scent in relation the the sweet smell yet there was no accompanying sickly aroma which tended to naturally burn our wolf nostrils.

Rather the scent appealed to me but not in a predatory way as if I wanted to hunt for a meal. It attracted me like how the scent of a favoured perfume would appeal to someone. But a hundred times better than that.

My huge paws padded down on the forest floor leading me closer to the source of this intriguing mystery. As I got closer, there was an underlying sense of familiarity in that scent yet I reasoned, it couldn't be any vampire. A vampire's smell was at best repelling to wolves, and this did not repel me at all.

I sensed the scent fading a bit as if whatever caused it was aware of my approach and was fleeing. Without giving much further thought, I frantically picked up my pace, almost desperate not to lose track of it. Whatever it might be.

And it revealed itself soon enough, just as I burst through the heavily wooded trees to speed across one of the many meadows that adorned the area.

Hardly believing my wolf senses, I growled in shock at the sight of the billowy dark grey coat of the fleeing monster.

What the fuck was a Volturi doing in Forks?!

That was my last rational thought as my huge body blurred into action, vaulting towards the creature.

But it swerved with unerring swiftness causing my paws to clutch empty air. I landed on the grass with a heavy thump and immediately sprang on my legs, turning to face the Volturi vamp who dared to trespass Quileute land. Glaring down at the vampire, I effectively blocked...her...escape into the thick patch of pines behind me.

In the next few seconds, two things happened simultaneously.

I finally recognized which Volturi this was.

And then I collapsed on the dewy ground of the meadow, writhing in inconceivable torture.