A/N : I wrote this before I started writing Life As I Know It, but I chose it over this one. I decided to post it anyways. I found it harder to write in Emily's POV than Paige's. Paige is always the new girl and I thought it'd be different if Emily was the new girl for once. I wrote like the first three chapters so far. I will post the next chapter in a few days. Tell me what you think about it. :)

Change is always hard, no matter when it is or where you're standing while it's happening. Change could be good, but who knows, it could be horrible. My venture on a new life starts today. My mother got transferred to Rosewood , Pennsylvania – home of the weirdest events in America. I Googled Rosewood when she told me that we were moving there and I found that this small quaint town had a quite strange past. My mom told me that I was born there, but when I was just a few months old, my father was shipped to California. We lived in California for a few years before he was sent to Florida. After Florida came Texas. We stayed in Texas for a few years, until my father was once again based in California. My mom was tired of doing things on his schedule so when she got the offer in Rosewood, she jumped at the offer. My senior year in high school, and I am dragged away from all my friends and swim mates. I can't blame her though – following my father everywhere is hard on her career and sometimes she needed to put herself first.

So here I am back in Rosewood, unpacking all the boxes in my room. There was already a shelf on the wall making it easy for me to find a place to put all my medals and trophies. I unpacked all my clothes into the drawers of my cabinet. "I need a break." I muttered to myself. There's no time like now to explore the town – better now than when it gets dark. "Mom! I'm going out for a walk! I'll be back later!" I yelled through the house, hoping she heard me.

"Don't come back too late, we'll head out to the Apple Rose Grill in a little bit for dinner! It's too unorganized for me to cook tonight! Be careful out there sweetie!" She yelled back from what I assumed was her room. I plugged in my earphones and walked out the door, starting my tour of this small town near Philadelphia.

I left the steps of my house and looked left and right, wondering which way to head. I decided to make a right and headed in that direction. The first thing I noticed was the house next to ours – not the house itself, but one of the tenants. On the porch of the two-story house was a short brunette. She was painting something and from the looks of it, she was very enveloped in it. I walked passed her house and was about to move along when I heard her voice, "Hey!"

I took my earphones out and shoved them in my jacket, "Hey."

"You're new here right? The house next door?" She asked as her eyes widened. I didn't think her eyes could actually get bigger, but I was mistaken.

"Yeah, I'm Emily. Emily Fields. I just moved here from California." I replied as I watched her trot over to me.

She put her hand out to me and I mirrored her, shaking her hand. "I'm Aria Montgomery." She said with a great big smile.

I smiled back, relieved to see a friendly face. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise. You heading out for a look see? If you don't mind, I could be your tour guide. I seem to have lost my muse. I was just painting the grass growing over there." I thought about it for a moment, realizing that it couldn't hurt and I could possibly be making my first friend.

I nodded, "That'd be great. I would probably get lost and spend the entire night trying to find my way home," I joked. With that we started walking towards town. We got about four or five houses down, when a peppy blonde girl skipped her way over to us.

"Aria!" She had a smile as big as the Cheshire Cat, "And new girl? Hi! I'm Hanna! What's your name?" She reminded me much of my best friend back in California, always upbeat and smiling.

"Emily." I answered as we continued walking.

"You showing her the ropes 'round here? Mind if I join? Mom's driving me crazy. She expects me to do homework! On this beautiful day! We should be outside enjoying the fresh air and sun, not inside reading The Flies Lords!" Aria and I chuckled at her mistake.

"I think you mean The Lord of the Flies," I corrected as the chuckling subsided.

She rolled her eyes, "Whatever. Isn't that the same. Either way The Lord belongs to the Flies!"

"Ignore her. The saying, 'ignorance is bliss' is her motto." Aria said. We shared another laugh before we reached a small building. "This is the local library. Computers and books, pretty much." She pointed to her left. "Local pool. Outdoor is the recreational pool. Indoor is the lap pool. You just need to drop by and sign up for a card, if you want to enter." At least that was good, there was a lap pool just up the street from my house. Could come in handy, since my house doesn't have a pool.

We walked further into town, making small talk. I explained to her why I had to leave my prior home and a little bit about myself, "I was the captain of my team last year. The only junior to make captain, ever. I miss my teammates. We've all been together since freshman year. Kinda sucks that I had to leave them during our final year."

"That really does suck, I'm sorry." Aria sympathized.

Hanna jumped right in, "Does that mean you'll be joining The Sharks swim team?"

"Uh, I haven't though about it much. I guess so. It's probably my only chance to get into a good college without going into the crater called debt." I answered honestly.

"Oh you should meet Paige!" Hanna exclaimed excitedly, "You guys have swimming in common."

"She's awesome and all but just watch out. She can get a little intense when it comes to swimming." Aria warned.

"Don't you mean, any sort of competition at all? She can get really intense when it comes to a challenge. But she's all sorts of great. She's one of our best friends! Her and Spencer." Hanna continued to explain. "Spencer Hastings. Top of the class and most likely gonna valendictorian."

"Valedictorian," Aria corrected. Hanna rolled her eyes again and I was definitely amused by these two girls. They had their quirks, but they obviously loved each other. "Spencer is always ahead of the game when it comes to school. Head of the field hockey team. Mathletes. Historians. Name a subject and she's most likely the leader. If she's not, than Mona is. Mona is Spencer's only competition. She's the only one that can remotely keep up with Spencer. If you see the two of them about to butt heads, I suggest you turn around and leave."

"Or grab some popcorn and enjoy the show! Sometimes they get into these intense staring contests. It's kinda entertaining. You know, if you don't have anything better to do." Hanna chimed in, trying to turn the conversation down a lighter path. "Caleb!" She screamed, completely leaving her last thought in the dirt. A young attractive guy walked over to us and put his arm around Hanna, kissing her on the cheek. "Babe, this is Emily. She's new and we're showing her around. Wanna join us?" She asked him. Somewhere along the way, she remembered her manners, "You know, if she doesn't mind."

Caleb extended his hand and I shook it, "Caleb Rivers. Nice to meet you."

"Emily Fields. Nice to meet you too. And I don't mind if you want to join us. The more the merrier, I suppose." I offered with a smile.

"Thanks, but no thanks." He said politely before turning to Hanna, "I actually gotta go help Paige out. She somehow deleted her summer journal project this morning. I gotta go help her before she makes her laptop a lawn gnome by tossing it out her window." He gave her a kiss goodbye, "I'll see you at school. And have fun Emily. Welcome to Rosewood!" He turned and walked away from us.

"Caleb's my boyfriend. Super tech savvy. If you need any help with phones or computers then go to him."

"Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I'm not not the best at technology myself, so he might help me when I delete my projects."

"Well we've made it to the center of Rosewood." Aria mentioned, "There's The Brew – best coffee in town. The Apple Rose Grille is down the road there." She said as she pointed to her left. "There's a clothing boutique around the bend. There's a photography shop right down there."

Hanna checked her watch, "Well, Em. It was a pleasure showing you around. Thanks for letting me join, but if I don't go home to the flies, then I can't go out with Caleb this weekend. I'll see you at school. You should join us for lunch, if you don't have anywhere else to sit yet! Buh-bye!" She waved cheerily as she turned around and left for her house.

"She's really..."

"Ecstatic?" Aria answered for me.

"I was gonna say happy, but yeah." I said with a small grin.

"She's not the brightest bulb in the batch, but she'll always be there for you, no matter what. She's an amazing person and I honestly couldn't imagine my life without her. She's always looking for the brightest point." Aria explained to me with a smile.

"Yeah I can tell." I was interrupted by the ringing of my phone. "Sorry. Excuse me." I answered my phone, "Mom?"

"Emily? Come home and we'll head to dinner."

"I'm actually right next to the grille. I can meet you there?" I responded.

"Okay honey. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes. Grab us a table?" She asked.

"Okay. See you in a bit." I hung up the phone and reverted my attention back to the short girl standing beside me, "Sorry. It's my mom. She wanted to have dinner at the grille." I explained. Feeling a little guilty that I was ditching her, I offered, "Would you like to join us? On me as a thank you for showing me around."

"Are you sure I'm not invading mother-daughter bonding time?" She asked back.

"I'm sure my mom will just be glad that I made a friend on my first trip out." I said with a reassuring smile.

"Okay then. Sure. Thanks." She thanked me happily.

We made our way to the restaurant in comfortable silence. Once we got there we grabbed a table and sat down. I studied the menu, "Suggestion?" I asked.

"The salads here are really good and Hanna's always raving about the burgers here. Either or."

"Thanks." Once I decided on the Asian Chicken Salad, I placed the menu down, patiently waiting for my mom. "So Aria. You know all about me. What can you tell me about yourself?"

"Honestly, not much to tell. I love the arts and when I'm not painting or drawing, I'm reading. I love the classics. I don't play any sports, nor do I want to. I'm pretty simple." She answered with a small smile. I looked passed her and saw Caleb walking down the street with a auburn haired girl. She definitely caught my eye. She was wearing a tank top to show off her tone arms and shorts to reveal the perfect set of calves. I guess I was very enamored by her because Aria turned around and tried to find where my attention was set.

She spoke up, "That's Paige McCullers, your soon to be teammate." I nodded unable to take my eyes off of this girl, "Like I said... she's quite the person. I hope you guys get along." Our conversation and my thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of my mother. She waved at me and walked over to our table.

"Mom this is Aria, she was showing me around town, so I thought it'd be nice if she joined us."

Aria stood up and shook my mom's hand, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Fields. My name is Aria Montgomery. I hope you are adjusting to the new town!"

"Call me Pam. Did you say Montgomery? Are you by any chance Ella and Byron's little girl?" She nodded. "I haven't seen you were just a month or two. You've grown into a beautiful young woman. Thank you very much for showing my Emmy around.

"It was a pleasure. I think we are gonna be very good friends." She replied as they both took their seats.

Once we were all situated, the waiter came by and took our order. We ate dinner with my mom explaining how she lived in Rosewood for almost twenty years. She went to school with Hanna's, Aria's, Spencer's, and Paige's parents. She was particularly close with the Marin's and the Montgomery's. Dinner was soon over and we all got into my mom's car, heading back to our houses.

My mom parked her car in the driveway and we all got out, "Tell your parents I say hello and that I will head over once everything is set in my house."

"No problem, Pam!" Aria turned towards me, "Hey Em, do you need a ride to school tomorrow?" I was going to either have my mom drive me or walk, but I guess it'd be nice to show up at the school, who was familiar with it.

"Sure thanks! See you in the morning!" We parted ways and my mom and I reentered our new home. I stepped inside and looked around, examining the place that I'll be spending my next year in. It was still a mess, but it had home potential. Knowing my mom, this place will be just like our past homes within a week.

"Mom, I'm going to shower and get ready for bed. It's already a week into school and I'm sure I'll need to be fully rested for tomorrow. Good night!"

"Night sweetie! I'll probably already be gone by the time you get up tomorrow morning, so I will see you after school." I headed up the stairs, "I love you honey."

"Love you too mom. Good luck tomorrow."

I entered my room and fell back onto my mattress. My room was almost done, although there were still a few boxes left laying around. I looked to my right and on my nightstand was a picture of me and my best friend. I looked at the clock – it was 6:15 in California right now. I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed two on my speed dial.

After a few rings, I heard her voice, "It's only been a day, you miss me that much already?"

"Pshhh. I was just hoping you weren't dying without me by your side," I joked back.

"You wish! On a more serious note, how's P.A. compared to the C.A.?"

"It's alright. I met a few new people already. They seem cool enough. Showed me around town." I answered as I looked back on the past few hours.

"Any hotties?" I thought hard about her question for a few seconds, "Oh my god! You already met someone?"

"I didn't say anything!" I retorted.

"You didn't have to! The silence speaks for itself, Em! So who is she?" Courtney was the only one in this world who knew that if I had liked anyone, it was a she, rather than a he. I've considered telling my parents, but the time was never right, so I held it in. "So who is she? Who is she?!" She yelled straight into my ear.

"I don't know yet. She's apparently on the swim team. That's all I really know about her, except that she's pretty competitive. I haven't personally met her yet – I just saw her from across the street." I responded candidly.

"Well you best give me the deets about her when you get them! I gotta go, my mom's calling me for dinner. I miss you bestie! Good luck tomorrow!"

"Yeah, I miss you too. See ya." I hung up the phone and took a deep breath in and out, before grabbing a towel and heading to the bathroom attached to my room.

I took a long hot shower and got ready for bed. I was nervous for school the following day, but it couldn't be that bad. I've done this many times before, just not in the past few years. The last time I transferred school was the end of my eighth grade year, and I was just finishing unpacking the last of my boxes, when my mom had told me to repack them. I pushed all those thought from my head and tucked myself into bed. Surprisingly sleep came easy and I was out like a burnt lightbulb.