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And without any further ado, A New Day Chapter 2!

I was ready and out on the Montgomery's porch for twenty minutes before Aria made her appearance. "Sorry. You've been waiting here long?"

"Nope, just got here." I lied.

"Well let's go. You probably want to talk to Coach Fulton about the Sharks before class starts. We're still pretty early, so you can get all you classes before going to the natatorium. I'll show you around for a bit, kay?" She suggested kindly.

"Yeah. Thanks. I hope I'm not too much trouble for you."

"It's fine, Emily. Let's go." We got into her car and headed to Rosewood High School, Home of the Sharks.

"This is the main office right here," she pointed to a small office near the front of the school, "And that building with the big 'ol shark on it, is the natatorium. I've gotta head to my locker to grab my books, but text me if you get lost." She took my phone out of my hand and entered her number. I instantly texted her before she even turned around.

Thanks :) -Emily

No problamo ;) -Aria

I entered the small office and stood at the counter, "Hi, my name is Emily Fields. I'm new here and I need my schedule, please." Without even even looking up, the grumpy, tired looking woman handed me a folder with my name on it.

"The principal is busy at the moment. This is where he'll usually show you the ropes, but like I said... busy. He'll call you up to the office later to explain the rules." She continued to tap on her keyboard, practically ignoring me. "Have a wonderful first day at Rosewood High School," I couldn't help but think that she was being completely sarcastic. I left the office after a quick mumbled thank you. I surveyed the area and decided to check out the pool.

I flipped through the contents of the folder, which included a map of the school. First period – English. The map showed that my first classroom was nearby, so I walked to the natatorium. I looked up and studied the big shark on the front of the small building before entering. As soon as I stepped through the initial doors, I spotted a set of double doors and made my way through them as well. I instantly heard the sounds of water splashing echoing against the walls. I made my entrance as quietly as possible and stood by the door watching a girl flow through the pool as if she was born and raised in water. She was incredible. And not to mention fast. Definitely someone that I could be leveled with. If all The Sharks were as fast as her, than I have another thing coming. I was a little cocky coming into this, which makes me a bit unsure of myself now.

I exited the pool as quietly as I came in and searched for Coach Fulton's office. I traveled through the empty locker room and finally found a door that had a paper cut out shark on it. Below the shark was a name plate – Coach Fulton – Swimming. I rapped on the door and waited a few seconds before I heard her call me in. She looked up at me with a smile, "Sit down, please." I did ask she ordered and returned the smile,

"I'm Emi-"

She quickly interrupted me, "Emily Fields. Trust me when I say that I know who you are." I raised my eyebrows at her questioningly, "I've heard of you. When the principal read your transcript, he gave it to me. I looked you up and I must say. You are quite the swimmer. I didn't know if you were gonna show up or not, but I'm glad you did. We could use a fresh shark like you." She was smiling from ear to ear, "I've seen you swim in the videos, but I think I want a front row seat. Do you mind changing into costume and going for a trial run? My best swimmer is still out there and I really want to see you up against her." I thought about it for a second, contemplating my answer. She was pretty fast and I'm not sure I could keep up, but if the Coach wanted it, then I would surely have to accept her offer. I gave her a nod with a reassuring smile before we left and made our way to the pools.

We were standing there watching her swim for a moment before Coach Fulton blew her whistle. The girl finished her lap and climbed out of the pool, "What's up Coach?" She took off her goggles and glanced over in my direction before once again averting her attention back to the woman standing next to me. To my surprise I found that it was Paige who was swimming elegantly in the pool this entire time.

"This is Emily Fields. She's new here and I'd like to see her swim against you. Okay?"

The swimmer looked back over at me, studying me for a few seconds before releasing her answer to the Coach, "Sure."

"That is if you don't mind getting your ass getting handed to you," She said to me with a smirk. This girl was cocky... too cocky, but there was still something about her that attracted me.

I shook the thought from my mind and got into my competitive mode. I didn't answer her, instead I just put my swim cap and goggles on, making my way over to the pool. I got on the starting block closest to me and waited for Paige to get on beside me. Once she she stepped on, she put her goggles back on and we both got into position. I took a deep breath in and out - I had one chance to really impress the coach and this was it.

Another deep breath was taken before I heard the whistle. I kicked off and dove into the water, going as far as I could before coming back up for air. I swam as hard as I could, feeling my muscles burn with every stroke. I was one with the water. Not paying attention to anything else, but each stroke, each kick, and each breath of air I was allowed. Then came the wall. I flipped and used every piece of energy my legs had left and kicked off the wall, trying to get as much of a lead as possible. As soon as the race started, it over when we touched the wall. We both got out of the water and stared at the coach, mentally asking the one question we were both asking, "Who won?"

She smiled at the both of us before hesitantly answering, "Well looky here. I didn't think it was possible but Miss Fields here has our McCullers, beat by half a stroke. Congratulations and welcome to the team, Emily. We could use someone like you. I have a feeling that this will be a fantastic season for us sharks. I have to go set up the roster and add you into the system, but you're welcome to use the pool, anytime you'd like. Come back in after school and I will give you our welcome package." She smiled at me again and gave me a pat on the back before leaving the natatorium.

I was so excited and shocked about the win, that I was totally oblivious to the scowl that was glued onto the auburn haired beauty standing next to me. "You just caught me off-guard. I've been in the pool for hours and I was worn. There won't be a second time, trust me on that," She finished with a scoff before storming off into the locker room.

"Well nice to meet you, too," I muttered under my breath. After a few moments of catching my breath, I looked up at the clock on the wall, "Shit! I'm gonna be late!" I had ten minutes to get cleaned and dressed before the primary bell rang.

"Hi, my name is Emily Fields. I'm new here." I handed the young handsome teacher, my transfer paper and he smiled at me.

As he looked through the piece of paper he replied, "Well, it's nice to meet you. My name is Ezra Fitz, but like the rest of the class, you can address me as Mr. Fitz. I'm going to be your English teacher for the rest of the year. You can grab a seat anywhere and we'll get started soon." I surveyed the classroom and decided on a seat in the back of the room, next to a window.

I took my seat and gazed out the window, waiting for the tardy bell to ring, and the class to start. I was lost in though about my new life when I heard my name being called by a familiar voice, "Emily! I thought that was you." I smile at the short, wide-eyed girl that was smiling straight back at me.

"Yeah! At least there's a well-known face in this crowd." There was something about her smile that was so comforting and inviting that it made my some of my nerves float away.

"So did you check out the pool? Talk to the coach?" She inquired as she sat down right beside me.

"Yeah. Apparently, I'm the newest shark. She had me race Paige earlier."

"Really? Don't take the losing too badly. She's been at this for most of her life. Her dad is pretty intense, she's practically been living in water all her life." She defended.

"Actually... I won the r-"

"What?!" She interrupted loudly enough to gain the attention of the students in the room. I sank into the seat a bit, discomforted by the attention.

"What happened?" Hanna chimed in, as she walked over to us.

"Emily beat Paige in a race this morning!" She replied in a hushed tone.

"What?!" Hanna mimicked. Once again the class's attention was shot towards us. I sank even lower into my seat, almost falling off in the process. "You beat Paige?! How is that possible?" She announced as loudly. We were interrupted by a scoff coming from behind Hanna.

"Showing off, I see..." I heard Paige say. "I told you that I was tired, and that won't happen again." Great... I share a class with the girl who hates me the most in this world. And now she thinks I'm showing off to the world that I beat the undefeated Paige McCullers.

"OKAY CLASS! SETTLE DOWN!" Mr. Fitz exclaimed.

'Thank God.' I thought to myself, 'That could have gotten so much more awkward." Paige took a seat beside a tall, thin, brunette who was glaring at me just as intensely as Paige was. 'This is gonna be a long year.' I thought with a sigh.

I pulled out my notebook and a pencil before I once again heard my name, "Emily Fields, please stand up and introduce yourself to us. Intro with three random things about yourself."

I could feel my cheeks heat up as I stood up, "Hi. I'm Emily. I am from Southern California. Uh, three things about myself?" I thought for a quick moment before answering, "Err... I was born in Rosewood, but we left before I could even crawl. Two. I swim. And three. Umm, and I like to read?" I quickly took a seat and prayed for all the eyes in the room to revert to the teacher.

"Thank you, Miss Fields. Alright, so let's get started. I know that it's only the second week of class, but your first partnered assignment is starting this week and will be due by the end of next week. So let's partner up!" The classroom simultaneously stood up to get to their friends, but was interrupted by Mr. Fitz clearing his throat, "Nice try! It's going to be a mirrored partnership. Whoever is on the exact opposite side of the room is your partner. That means Andrew and Veronica are partners. Emily and Paige." We both looked at each other from across the back row, in awe.

'This is NOT happening.'

"You guys can get together tomorrow. Today I will get you ready and explain what you need to do." Mr. Fitz added.

I spent the rest of the class completely mortified of this new arrangement.

My next few classes sailed pretty smoothly, aside from Paige being my Science class, I had before lunch. I shared my History class with both Hanna and Aria, so that wasn't too bad. I contemplated Aria's lunch offer, but I assumed that she and Hanna were sitting with Paige, so I decided against it.

Instead of having lunch, I went into the natatorium and took off my shoes and socks, placing my feet inside the pool. I kicked the water around and laid back onto the floor. I closed my eyes and felt at peace for the first time all day. Something about the water and silence always calmed me when I needed it.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of footsteps and someone saying, "Oh God. You're here? Are you following me everywhere?"

"I was here first, if you didn't notice." I replied without opening my eyes.

"Whatever. I'm glad I found you anyways. I challenge you to a rematch. Right here right now." Paige demanded. I opened my eyes to find another smirk planted on her face.

Just to wipe that smirk off her face I accepted and we both went to change.

"One lap decides the winner." She explained as we both stood on the starting block, properly dressed for the 'friendly' match. "Three." She started the count-off.

"Two." I continued.

"One." She finished and we both dived in. We both swam our hardest and in the end, I still had her beat by a stroke.

"Re-match! I was just getting warmed up!" I rolled my eyes at her suggestion as we hopped out of the pool.

We did just as we previously did, but this time she had me beat by a microsecond. Her smirk reappeared and all I wanted to do was wipe it off her face. "Again," I said as I removed myself from the pool.

We raced, again and again, until we were tied. I had won four races today and she had also won four. "Last one decides the winner." Paige decided.

We both got out of the pool and assumed our positions, but we were cut off by the sound of a girl's voice, "Paige, baby. Are you ready? You said you'd help me out. We only have ten minutes left of lunch!" I turned to find an attractive girl standing there by the door.

'Baby? Wait, Paige is gay, too?' I registered into my brain.

"One minute, babe." Paige retorted.

"No! We won't have enough time!" She complained in a whiny voice. Paige looked back and forth between me and her girlfriend.

She reluctantly got off the block and turned to me, "Later, Fields." I stood there motionless on the block as they both left the room and transferred themselves into the locker room. I sat there on the starting block for the rest of the lunch until the next bell rang. I quickly changed into my street clothes and jogged to my next class.

I sat in the back of my Trigonometry class and spaced out, remembering the lunch I just shared with the auburn haired girl. She was obnoxious, cocky, and annoying, but there was something about her that was alluring. Who am I kidding? All of her is alluring. All of her, obnoxious, cocky, annoying self is alluring.

I was pulled out of my trance when a piece of paper was thrown on my desk. I opened the note and read it.

Final re-match during our swim period. Get ready. I'm gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on you. -Paige.

I glanced up and found the back of her head at the front of the classroom. 'Great. Another class with her. This is really going to be a long year.'

We both had a swim period for our final class, because we were both on the swim team. I guess that we were going to settle what was previously interrupted.

We were both dressed again and standing in the exact same positions as we were during lunch, except this time, the rest of our swim mates were surrounding us. Word gets around fast that the new girl had the swim star beat. "Sorry about earlier. Shana gets needy sometimes. She really doesn't have much of boundaries. Two laps, back and forth. Get ready to lose, Fields."

"It's okay. It looked like you needed a break anyways." I threw back, giving her my own smirk. She returned it and the girls started counting down.


We kicked off and dove straight into the water, putting our all into this final match. Paige had the lead from the start. I swam fast, but I saved a bit of my energy for the second lap – I didn't want to wear myself out before the second lap. We came up into the wall and I flipped kicking off into the wall, evening the distance. We continued to swim head to head, all the sounds of the girls yelling, blocked out. My only focus was winning this race. We came back to the initial wall and flipped again. The force of my kick gave me a fairly reasonable distance from her.

We rolled into the last wall and it was time to run the rest of my energy. I kicked off the wall with every bit that I had left and I could feel my body slowly dying. I could imagine that was how Paige also felt. She raced through my mind. I thought back to what Aria said about her dad and how much pressure she had. Great I had to think about that. I was in the lead, and was seconds from winning but for some reason, I couldn't understand, I threw the match. I slowed my stroke and gave her the chance to catch up, without giving away what I was doing to our audience.

The girls cheered and applauded Paige for winning the match, proving herself to everyone. We both stayed in the water momentarily resting ourselves. Our eyes connected and I knew instantly that she knew. She knew that I should have won. There was a look of confusion in her face as if she was wondering why I would do such a thing.

The sound of the whistle shut the entire room up and we watched Coach Fulton make her entrance. "Alright girls! That was enough fun! It's time to get down to work. We have our first match next month and we need to get ready for it! Split up into your best stroke and line up beside the bleachers!" Paige and I got out of the pool and followed her directions. I rolled my arms, stretching my muscles, as I tried to find where the butterflies were.

We all got changed at the end of the period and exited the locker room. Paige pulled me aside from the group and kept me inside the locker room with her. She made sure that no one was around before starting, "Why'd you do it?"

"Do what?" I played stupid.

"You threw the damn race! I know it! You had me, but you threw it!" She exclaimed.

I opted lying again, but decided against it, "You just needed the win more than I did. I'm the new girl and you are the captain. I have many more chances to kick your ass later, anyways."

She thought about my answer for a few moments, "You're not too bad Fields, but if you do that again, I'm gonna kill you. I like to win, yes, but I like to win fairly. My hard work got me to where I am. I didn't get here, because someone felt bad for me." She explained.

"Fine. This was a one time thing. I'll let you lose next time, okay?" I offered.

"Good," She said as she walked away, "See ya tomorrow, Fields."

"Fields. I like the sound of that." I said aloud to myself, once she made her exit. "Maybe it won't be so bad after all."