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It All Started with a Dare...

Ah the lovely new city of Republic City. Ok that was not the idea, but still it's a great place to be. Formed after the begining of what is now called, The United Republic of Nations, after a devestating battle between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom that nearly tore them apart. But it's from the rubble of that battle that caused a new idea to the world. The idea of not only a place where all Benders can live, but also the Non-benders that could not be in peace. 4 years have passed since it was made.

You see, the city of Yu Dao was a Fire Nation colony, that later mixed itself with the Earth citizens that didn't want to leave. Making it more balanced and wonderful then when the war was happening around the world. For it is one of lives strangest things, at least for the people that follow the past of being divided rather then being united under an new Nation. Though peace does not happen right away, it will evolve into a more fair sociaty. Just as Democracy takes a long time to fully devolope to reunite a world that was horrifying and war-like.

So the Gaang takes it time from the boring politics and so on, and are on the trip of 7,000 steps. Luckily they have a sky Bison that swores through the air, Appa. Aang's best friend since he was young. If you want to get technical on what age Aang was, I'd say really young. Like 'really' young. Just kidding, he was frozen for that long. Until the most beautiful person in his world, saved him from the cludges of the dreaded Ice burge, Katara. Now everyone around the world goes there to see the monument, or holy site, of the Avatar's Return. It had brought more Waterbenders and other types of people to repopulate the once small tribe, into a more grand view of it's formor self.

Now that that's settled, it's time we see what the Gaang is doing right now. Oh yeah, I know what their doing.

"Who Dares, Wins Time!" Said Toph.

It's the classical game of Who Dares, Wins. Now usually everyone would get in on it, but to make it more interesting, it was a boys only and girls only group. So Aang, Zuko, Sokka are on one side, while Toph, Katara, and Suki are on the other. It was a challenge that was hard to determine for the ages. Now usually, Mai would come along for the ride, but after the break-up with Zuko, things are still hard between the two. Sokka once made a buzzkillism comment that Zuko should date Jin. Sokka was burned by a fireball from the way he said it.

It seems in the guys side that it's Aang's turn. "Sokka. I dare you to run all the way down the 7,000 steps and back." Sokka was about to run, until, "While saying, "I'm a Virgin" along the way down. And "I just got laid", on the way up." That made him really pissed at the Avatar, but he had no choice. So he ran off and did exactly what Aang told him to do.

"Thanks Aang." said Zuko. And he gave him five-hundred Fire Nation Currency for the noble deed that he has done. I would be super pissed if Sokka ever made a comment like that. Now they hear him saying the words of what idiots say.

Now in the girls side, it was Toph's turn. "Katara. I dare you to drink 7 cactus juice bottles in a row." So she signaled Suki to bring the bottles out and they were all in a nice, orderly row for her to drink them. So with the dare in mind, she wanted to get out of it.

"Don't I have any chicken-hawks to give up?" She said.

"Nope." lied Toph. "It's all there for you to drink up." (A/N, I'll think about making a story before Katara's Dare to drink the cactus juice."

With a sigh, Katara picked up a cactus juice bottle. Aang saw what was going on, and tried running, to save her from the dare that is presented to her. Though he did get the bottle out of her hands, it was already empty, for she chugged the entire thing whole. Man, you'd think that Aang could run faster then that right? Wrong, for Zuko was holding onto his leg while she was drinking.

Toph came up to Zuko, thanked him, and gave him one-thousand Earth Kingdom Currency. Oh the Irony. Zuko paid Aang earlier, and now he got paid from the Earthbender.

May the Spirits have mercy on Katara. For there was one important question.

"I can't belive that you would do this Toph!" Yelled Aang. He knew it wasn't the Air Nomad way to do this, but this is about the love that he has for Katara. Aang loves her no matter what anyone else said. Saying it wasn't right for him to do so. Now that's a lie, everyone realized that after he went into an Avatar State, when the 4 Nations meeting was trying to seperate him from Katara. Except for Hakoda, who saw the love that Aang and Katara shared. Just like him and his wife, Kya.

"It's not a big deal Aang." said Toph. "Besides. A Dare is a Dare."

Now it was Aang's turn to get angry. He Earthbended the ground and pulled down Toph. It took her by surprise, and didn't get the chance to move.

"Now listen Toph." he said with rage. "I love Katara with all my heart. I don't want anything bad to happen to her." Then he got her off the ground. "I'm sorry that I've over reacted, but would you do the same for the one you love."

That made Toph realize her boyfriend back in Republic City. She did tell them about him, but never his name. "Ok Twinkletoes. I'm sorry too." They both hugged and made up.

While they were talking, Katara was still drinking the 'last' bottle of cactus juice. She looked at Aang and Toph, and said, "Get away from my man you bitch." Then threw the bottle at her. It was plastic, so it didn't really hurt her as much. The question now arises...

"What do we do with a Drunken Katara?"

TheLucky38: That's a good question indeed. I'd say either wait, or do what the Irish did. I would say I have a better idea for her. What is it you may ask. No SPOILERS!