TheLucky38: You're probably wondering what happens to Aang, Katara, and On Ji during their time in the Tops. Well you have to wait even longer. Don't worry though, a chapter is better than nothing at all. Just read and enjoy.

Something is very wrong...

There was something wrong indeed, it's like something has happened while he was asleep. There was a complete darkness in the air, like the sun that died from the existing twilight. All there was is the many dangers that will arrive on the journey, a journey that could challenge the test of time. Time that can never be on the side of those who wants to live forever.

Sokka is awake from his sleep, seeing that somehow it was dark out. The walls were black with something that is horrifying. "AHHH! A crazed Azula!" He screamed, and not even manly either. Azula paintings, pictures, and above all humiliated pictures of Sokka being defeated from Azula one too many times. From being burned from his butt or the stinging pain of a slap in the face. That part was only exaggerating, because when Suki slapped him in the face one time she told him to think of something really scary.

Suddenly, all of the Azula's come right out of the picture and started to something really horrifying. "You're nothing but a moron trying to bend!", "Get out you pathetic imbecile", and worse of all, "I'm going to kill you!" All those Azula's started up their Firebending, and aimed their flames right at him. Ironically, that's not what he's scared about.

"No, terrible hair!" Sokka said, pointing at Azula's hair.

"How dare you, peasant!" Then shoots the fire in his direction.

It made Sokka so scared that he got up against the wall with his eyes closed. Little did he know, he went through the wall like a secret door. It made him do a roll that kind of hurt a little.

He stumbled across another great fear that he had when he was in Ba Sing Se. A bunch of girls were doing their usual haikus that honored some great poet that created such a thing. It involved about 5 syllables, then 7 syllables, and finally 5 syllables again. Sokka remembered the time that he'd actually showed the teacher of the class how it's done. Even though he did, he was eventually thrown out by saying 6 syllables in the end. Since then, he was afraid of haikus.

The teacher, the one that Sokka bested back then, went up to Sokka to say her usual haiku stuff. "So you enter here, how very unfortunate, now get up now boy!" That started something alright, so he got up to see if he can do the most honorable thing.

"HAIKUS! AHHHHH" He screamed, and started to run out of the door. As he was running, the teacher ordered the bodyguard to block the exit. Like a flash in the light, the bodyguard managed to block the door. He punched Sokka once in the face, hurling him back to the stage. Sokka got up, after taking that much of a punch, and decided to at least try to win again. I'm mean he has done it before, he'll do it again.

"I will win again, so don't worry my ladies, there is hope for me." After saying the first haiku, everyone was impressed. But it's not over yet.

"You are pathetic, there is no hope for you fool, or are you afraid?" That got everyone in the entire room more excited, to see who'll win.

A girl came up to Sokka, with a tray of cookies. "Here are some cookies, you better prepare for fame, if you win today." Then bows like a servant to a king.

"Why thank you." then takes one of the cookies. Sokka took a bite out of it, and it tasted terrible. "What kind of cookie is this... AHHHH!" He said and screamed. "Raisins! They look like small dots that want to take my hand!"

It confused everyone. "Why would you be afraid of that?" said one of them. Something, like bells, was playing outside the building.

"AHHH!" Screamed Sokka, and not the manly kind either.

"Oh, for the love of Koh, what is it now?" said the teacher. Though still caring about the haiku, this is somewhat so weird that she had to stop it.

"Wind Chimes! They keep going, even if the wind died out!" then ducks underneath a table.

Sokka, the man that once defeated the teacher in an epic haiku of history, was hiding from things that really don't do anything at all. Either they feel disgraced about worshiping the man that did awesome in the traditional haikus or just feel sorry for him, and not the good kind either.

"Why are you afraid of harmless wind chimes?" said the bodyguard, that puts on a jacket.

"Oh no. Why?!" Sokka yelled again.

"What is it now!?" said everyone in the room.

"He's wearing a black jacket, with black hair." he said.

"Eh." said the bodyguard, with his finger and thumbs stick out right in front of him. Hey that almost sounds familiar, doesn't it?

"Listen, I don't know what is going on, but this is really ridicules." said teacher.

"No, anything but that!" yelled Sokka, as he covers his ears. His eyes are starting to become bloodshot.

"What is it now?" said the teacher.

"A woman that bitches at me for no reason." Then see's a window. He ran right at it and went through it. I don't think she was bitching at him for no reason, more like with a reason.

He landed in something that made him scream again. "Anything but tofu." Then got out of it, and trying to get rid of the white tofu off of his clothes.

"What the Sam-hell is wrong with you?!" Yelled the merchant. "Let me just get a rag to clean you up." He takes out something that looks like a...

"Get that thing away from me!" Then tosses it in a nearby burning barrel.

"My handkerchief!" said the merchant. He got so mad that he punched Sokka in the face. When Sokka fell to the ground, the merchant used his cart to 'accidently' run over him. The merchant laughs, as he gets away scot free.

Here lies the Water Tribe warrior that helped in the 100 years war between the Fire Nation and the world. Where he was helpful in only maps and no compass at all. The man who made the sacred library, that was underground, go back to the Spirit world when he wanted the Solar Eclipse date. Who kept being a Buzzkillism that never made anyone laugh, not even a giggle. We will somehow miss him so. At least Aang and Katara will be less interrupted from his overprotective ways. Many will record the history of this noble warrior...

Suddenly, Sokka gets back up with his bones cracking a little and felt ok again. Oh, I thought he died for a minute there. At least he's still alive, am I right? I guess we'll have to save that speech for next time, or later on. Maybe never.

When he began to look again, something was way off. Then he screamed again. "Why? Why!? Why didn't I stop it in time." It was the theater that presented Sokka's most dramatic times on the adventure to end the war. He then lays down on a bench, and felt something that he didn't really want. "No. Not a bench made out of cedar. It smells weird." the Water Tribe warrior got out of the bench quickly, and something white fell on top of his head. "Ew, it's mayo." Then gets the stuff out of his head.

"That's actually bird shit!" said the guy from across the street.

"Now I'm relived." Sokka said, as he gets it off. I don't which is weirder, Sokka being cool with having bird shit on his hair or relived that it's not mayo. He scrapes it off and wipes it on a nearby wall. The wall then shoots out balls that hits him on impact, and sends him hitting a carriage. He was inside the carriage, and saw something horrifying. "No. Not the color pink!" Then got out of the carriage, which somehow began to go about 40mph.

Sokka, now out of the carriage, eventually got in a roadside ditch, with a dead body that was right next to him. Then realizes something, this is not a roadside ditch. "No. Not a box hole, anything but that." I don't think he gets the situation that he's in right now. Dirt started to go down the hole, and he screamed. Not about being buried alive, but the other random phobia.

He got out as fast as he could, and succeeded by the time that the guys got him out of there. "Oh thank you... AHHHH!" He screamed. The people that got Sokka out of there were wearing funny hats. Some were clown hats, while others were for the readers imagination.

"Why so serious?" said the man in the middle, who seemed to be the leader of the group of men. "Get him boys." Then brought out knives, and anyone who can bend knives.

"AHHHH!" Sokka screamed again. My god, does he ever shut up for once about a random phobia.

"Yes. Fear us." said the leader.

"There's a caterpillar on the ground." said the Water Tribe warrior, or should I say the runaway warrior. He ran off like a hurricane that blew against the desert.

The men were so confused that they decided that it was not worth going after Sokka at all.

Sokka made his way back into town, and saw something that he thought were only myths. It was scary, and it moved in a strange way. It was a man, with black and white on him. White make-up on his face, and his palms up to show him holding up a wall.

"A MIME!" screamed Sokka. He was about to run the other way, but the mime kept following him. Doing the box, the rope against the wind, and anything to make Sokka even more scared.

Now the warrior was trapped against the wall, with all of his phobias going up to him. From a crazed Azula to the mime. The phobias were all there to make Sokka suffer. "Make it go away." said Sokka quietly. "Make it all go away!" Then he started to push the wall, hoping to have another secret wall, or tunnel, or whatever caused him to be in this mess. It was the end for Sokka.

Wake up!

Sokka was twisting and turning on his bed, and a hand slapped his face. He woke up to see Toph, Zuko, and Mai being angry about waking up way early in the morning. And I doubt any of them wake up that early at all. Sokka, now realizing it was nothing more than a dream, was starting to relax. He was already happy about not getting pulverized by a crazed Azula, a mad Haiku teacher, an evil merchant, a messed up gang, and most importantly a mime. All was calm for him. At least for a very, very, very short time.

"What in the name of Koh were you yelling about!" Yelled Toph. "I was having a dirt nap on the cold, hard, ground. And you were driving me crazy with all those screams." Then laughed a bit to herself. "But you were making all of us laugh. Oh no, the Haiku teacher's going to get me!"

"Yeah, what was the big deal about waking us up like that?" said Zuko. "Not only did you wake me up at around probably late night or midnight, but you didn't dream early enough so I could of wrote down what you said." then crosses his shoulders. "Being afraid of the color pink would of been funny on the history books about us, and the aftermath of the hundred year war."

Mai said nothing, but giggled a little bit to herself. Thinking about the part where Sokka said the things about a Mime. It gave her a few ideas when Sokka does stupid stuff again. So that she could have more peace and quiet to herself when she doesn't have to hear about Sokka and his shopping.

"Those dreams were so real." Sokka said, then checks underneath his blanket. It had a yellowish type of water that he did not want to come out at all. "What did you guys do to me?"

"Well you lied about Aang putting paint on my face, me getting them drunk for false revenge, and having to walk back to Republic City. All of these incidents were your fault, and don't deny it either." Toph said with a smirk that could make Ozai bow down to her intelligence.

There was nothing Sokka could say at all. Except for what she just said in her sentence. "You made Aang and Katara drunk!?" He yelled, then tried to get out of the bed. Most likely trying to get to where the couple are right now. Zuko hits him in the head, making Sokka dizzy, and kicked him to the ground. The impacts caused Sokka to be unconscious.

"Zuko." said Mai. "Why did you do that?"

"I didn't want him to be alone out in the road, where bandits would come up." Then he gave a smile. "Plus I wanted to do that. And on the bright side, at least he's not in the diseased bed." Thus he went back to their rooms.

Mai was blushing, and followed Zuko to the bedrooms. Toph knew what was going to happen so she decided to sleep out in the hallway. All she could hear are the moans, groans, and banging in the bedroom. It irritated her, but fell asleep with a smile. Not about Zuko and Mai getting back together, but for the revenge that she awaited for so long.

TheLucky38: Now that was an interesting chapter. Sure it wasn't a Kataang chapter, but it's a chapter on how that fear potion caused Sokka the Buzzkillism to have the most scary/weird nightmares. I'd highly doubt that anyone has those kinds of nightmares, except probably a mime. But who would want to waste their time with a mime? Not me obviously.

Be sure to tune in next time for another exciting adventure of the situation that the Gaang faces against the public media.