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Chapter 1: "Where are the people that accused me?"

― Unbreakable by Fireflight

Raven bobbed her head at the barista behind the counter who handed Raven a steaming off-white mug of herbal tea. The barista's gaze shifted to her next customer as Raven wandered over to her usual over-stuffed arm-chair in the small coffee shop. The maroon arm-chair faced the window and, as long as Raven kicked off her shoes, the shop owner and workers allowed her to sit cross-legged in the large chair.

Raven brought the mug to her lips, letting the steam drift up her nostrils before she tipped the mug up and swallowed the delicious yet burning liquid. She closed her eyes, allowing the warmth to seep into her aching body.

Raven shifted uncomfortably. Since the villianization of superheroes, the Titans had receded into hiding and being incognito meant donning "normal" clothing.

The empathic wore a zip-up hoodie, the hood flipped up, and a gray pair of the ever-so-popular "skinny jeans" normal teens wore. She bowed her head, threw back her hood, and shimmied out of the hoodie altogether.

Her shirt underneath was a thin, short-sleeved, band t-shirt with one of Beast Boy's favorite band names dominating its front (Beast Boy and Starfire were in charge of clothing shopping and Raven refused to wear the frilly, girly clothing Starfire had picked out.)

The people here in this local coffee shop seemed desensitized to people who looked like Raven. She hadn't realized how many humans out there really did look like her, although they did it purposefully. Every day, all kinds of people swarmed the shop looking even stranger than Raven did. There was a name attached to them but Raven couldn't conjure forth the specific term. Whoever they were, they had certainly done Raven a huge favor.

In this town, no one knew or cared to know who the Teen Titans were.

"Enjoying the view of the run-down buildings again, I see."

Raven turned her head to find a young man in a black shirt and white pants with a green apron around his waist and his hands on his hips.

Raven's head turned back towards the window, "I never really noticed."

Jared yanked a chair away from a little nearby table and straddled it, his smile aimed at Raven, "Having the usual?"

"Herbal tea." Raven replied with a nod.

"Ever going to let me make you my famous lemon tea?"

Raven sipped down the last drops of her tea, "No."

"Why not?" Jared whined playfully.

"I don't trust people with my tea." An image of Beast Boy putting spoiled soy milk in her tea flashed across Raven's mind and she shook her head violently, setting the empty mug aside.

"Aw, you're no fun." Jared rose out of his chair and jerked his head towards the back door, "Wanna come with me? I need a smoke."

Raven shrugged her shoulders, slipped on her Converse shoes and crawled back into her hoodie before following Jared out of the employee exit where the workers usually smoked.

Jared flicked his silver lighter repeatedly until a small flame shot up and caught the end of his cigarette on fire. He took a slow drag on the cigarette and glanced at Raven.

He released the smoke from his nose, "I heard you're going on a trip?"

Raven crossed her arms, "I'm taking a trip with my friends. We're going back home then we're going to- uh- the beach."

"Friends? You mean the cute red-head and the spiky-haired douche?"

Raven choked back her laughter, "Yeah, and two others you haven't met."

"I haven't seen those two come in with you for a while. It should be fun to see them again, right?" Jared sucked on the cigarette again.

"They were away on vacation. I'm going to meet up with them at home tomorrow. Our two other friends are already there, they left a month ago for some video game convention."

"Vacation? Cool." Jared flicked the tiny, used-up cigarette to the ground and stepped on it.

More like honeymoon, Raven thought with a smirk.

"Well, I guess I better get back to work." Jared grunted as he swung open the door, stepping aside to let Raven go first.

Jared moved towards the counter and gave Raven a friendly wave over his shoulder accompanied by his cheerful smile. "See 'ya when you get back. Have fun!"


Rain pounded down against the thin girl, who kept her head bowed low as she waited for the bus. Her breath puffed out in a white cloud as fat drops of rain water dripped from the tip of the girl's exposed nose. The hazy glow of yellow headlights brought the girl's head up the slightest bit.

The city bus squealed to a stop before the girl and her fingers clutched the straps of her backpack tightly. The rain-soaked girl clambered up into the bus, dropping coins into the appropriate slot before taking her seat between an older gentleman, who was asleep, and a middle-aged man reading a newspaper.

The younger of the two scrunched up his nose as she sat but just flicked his paper and grunted. The bus roared to life and rumbled low as it traveled down the wet streets of Jump City.

Rain pattered against the window and the gleam of yellow streetlights cast eerie shadows across the passengers' faces. The bus driver slowed the speed of the bus as they approached the next bus stop and slid the doors open. No sooner had he done so, a loud bang startled everyone and made the girl's teeth rattle.

The passengers searched with their eyes until they found the bus driver slumped over in his seat. Fresh blood glistened around his temple and painted the window to his left. Not a single person dared to even breathe as footsteps filled the completely silent bus.

A man, his overcoat drenched with rain, presented himself before the passengers, a gun clenched in his shaking fingers. He was panting heavily and his order was broken up by ragged inhales, "Get off the bus."

No one moved.

"Now!" The attacker roared, bringing up the arm with the gun.

As if in sync, the passengers rose from their seats, except for the most recent female arrival, who kept her hooded head low as the man waved his gun around.

The man easily weaseled his way through the exiting bus passengers and seized the sitting girl by her upper arm, "Didn't you hear me? I said get up!"

"I heard you." The girl calmly replied.

Angered, the man shoved the tip of the gun against the girl's temple, "Move."

"No, you move." She hissed, her fingers coiling around the muzzle of the gun.

Before the man could squeeze the trigger, the girl had already bent the muzzle of the gun at a 90 degree angle, rending it useless (unless, of course, he wanted to blow his hand off). A few remaining passengers gasped at this amazing display of strength, awe passing across each face.

"You aren't human." The gunman noted, his eyes narrowing with hatred.

He grabbed a fistful of the girl's hood and yanked it back, revealing her gray complexion, purple hair, and angry, matching purple eyes.

"It's Raven!" One passenger shouted in surprise.

"That bitch from the Teen Titans?" One questioned.

"It is her! What's she doing here?"

At least the fear seemed to have dissipated. Although, unfortunately for Raven, the fear was booted out-of-place by pure hatred. Raven's arm rose, black energy clouded around her hand. She pointed said hand towards the overhead exit on the top of the bus and swiped her arm to the side.

The exit slid open and Raven launched herself through the hole, landing smoothly on the roof of the bus before taking off into the night sky. Wind whooshed by her ears, drowning out the angry shouts of the citizens below, who had completely forgotten about the shooter still inside of the bus.

Far away from the angry bus passengers, Raven landed gracefully in a dark, abandoned alleyway. She pulled free her communicator and was about to call Robin when a familiar yip made her head shoot up.

A small dog crashed into several garbage cans, sending them crashing to the ground, as he made a mad dash for the alley Raven now stood in. Two teenage boys followed after the tiny green animal, picking up and throwing anything they could find at the poor dog.

Raven's hand lashed out, swinging wildly to the right. A rectangular piece of metal peeled itself away from the side of a building before slamming into the two teens and wrapping them up tightly like egg rolls.

Raven tucked her communicator away and knelt before Beast Boy as he switched back into his human form. "Are you alright?"

Beast Boy, clutching his right leg, bobbed his head. "Yeah, I'll be fine."

Raven slid herself under one of Beast Boy's arms and helped him to his feet, her left hand clutching his waist. Raven turned away from the teens, supporting Beast Boy, when her communicator went off. Still holding her friend, Raven freed her communicator and answered.

Robin's face popped on the screen, "Everything okay?"

Robin's eyes glanced over Raven's shoulder and she groaned mentally, Here we go.

"Raven, what the hell?!" Robin hissed, "Attacking citizens won't clear our names!"

Robin shoved his face closed to the screen, "We have to be careful in Jump, we're enemies here. I only brought us back as a meeting place before we head to Atlantis.

"Being nice isn't going to clear our names either." Raven shot back, her voice on the brink of cracking with anger and frustration, "Right now, it's either them or us. I chose us."

Robin sighed, choosing to give up this battle. "Don't forget. We're at the Swan Hotel."

Raven ended the call before Robin could freak out any more and glanced at Beast Boy. "Can you fly?"

"Yeah, I think so." Beast Boy wearily replied, pulling himself away from Raven.

"You don't have to if you can't, Beast Boy." Raven's hands shot out to stead him as he swayed on his feet.

Beast Boy flashed his usual smile, "Don't worry. I got this."


Raven sunk down on to the hotel bed she shared with Starfire and let out a groan. She kicked off her shoes and wiggled her finally free toes as her feet dangled off the edge of the bed. The shower roared as Starfire turned on the water and the persistent sound lulled Raven towards the brink of sleep.

A soft meow brought her back to wakefulness and she sat up to find a green kitten curled up near her feet, his tail thumping lazily against the bed.

"What are you doing in our room?" Raven grumbled.

The kitten stretched its front paws out and lifted it's rear end in the air before shifting back into Beast Boy, who sat cross-legged on Raven and Starfire's bed, "I didn't get to say thanks for earlier."

"Don't mention it." Raven flopped back on her stomach.

"Do you miss the Tower?" Beast Boy meekly asked after several moments of silence.

Raven paused a moment then nodded, "I do." (Anii Comment: Raven said 'I do'! Hah! XD Sorry. Sorry. Continue)

Beast Boy fell silent and Raven lifted her head from her pillow. The changeling's head was bent low, his shoulders hunched. Raven nudged Beast Boy's knee, "You okay?"

When he didn't respond, Raven pulled herself into a sitting position facing him. She sighed and spoke gently, "It must have been hard on you. You never really left the house after we were forced to leave Titans Tower."

Beast Boy laughed pathetically, "It was nothing."

"I don't believe that." Raven shifted into a better position. "The video game convention was fun though right?"

Raven remembered all the preparation that had gone into allowing the two gamers to leave the house. Cyborg had build a camouflage suit for himself that made him look fully human while Beast Boy simply had to powder his face and wear a hat to cover his hair and ears.

"It was amazing." Raven saw a glimpse of a smile spread across Beast Boy's face.

Raven let out a long breath and Beast Boy whispered, "At least we're all together again."

Raven let her own lips curl into a smile. "Yeah."

"Well, goodnight Raven." Beast Boy slid off of the bed, gloom clearly still hovering around him.

Raven clenched her hands into fists, catching fistfuls of the puffy comforter underneath her between her fingers. She couldn't let him walk out that door like this. She was nervous. She didn't know how to be gentle and uplifting, but she had to try.

"Hey, Beast Boy." Raven called.

"Hm?" He glanced over his shoulder.

"I heard this hotel has a game room. Wanna check it out?"

Beast Boy's eyes lit up, his usual goofy grin dominating his face, "You're on!"

Beast Boy raced for the door but Raven made a 'tsk' sound that stopped him immediately. He slowly turned around to see her holding makeup and a wooly hat in both hands. Raven lifted an eyebrow in a teasing manner, her lips quirking into a smirk. "Forgetting something?"

This chapter, although I hate to admit it, was started by the event that happened a few days ago. I will not give out his name and I don't suggest looking it up but a man went on a school bus and shot the bus driver, killing him. The bus drivers name was Charles Albert Poland Jr. Then the man took a little 5-year-old boy, Ethan, hostage. The man was killed and the boy is safe at home now. Please, don't remember the bad guy's name in a scary event like this. Always remember the victim(s).

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