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Enjoy. This is a combination chapter for Ino and Chouji...can't think straight due to Spanish verbs.

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A child Ino grabbed her friend's (read as: dad's friend's son's) shoulders and shook the poor boy so hard it seems as if she was creating a new way to take off someone's head.

Of course, her other friend's (read as: dad's other friend's son's) protests didn't stop her.

"I-I-I-N-O-O! S-S-S-TOP-P-I-I-T-T-!" Shikamaru tried to get the words out coherently...


Shikamaru slowly sat up and turned his head to look at the bird.


It was a phoenix. A freaking phoeni-


That wasn't a was a flower sculpture made to look like a phoenix...

"That's not a phoenix, Ino..."

"It is! It's just made of flowers!"

"Troublesome...I'm going back to sleep..."


And then,



"But they're important..."


Ouch. It seems like Inoichi hasn't been watching his language.

"Darling...have you been teaching Ino bad words again?"

Inochi looked up.

And gulped.

And ran away, very quickly. So fast it probably could've broke the sound barrier. If it didn't already...

Yoshino smiled as the hawk returned with the message that Ino's mother was going to chase Inoichi down.

After all, Ino was barely 5. Little kids shouldn't be learning bad words until they She'd think about that later.

"Alright Chouji. We've gotta make sure Shika doesn't sleep all the time."


"But what?"

"I don't think it's that big of a deal...I eat a lot of the time and there's nothing wrong with that."

"Um...that's a different thing. You're eating, but you still pay attention to the world. When he's sleeping, he can't see a thing. So an enemy could attack him."

"Well...that does make sense..."

"So, every time Shika goes to sleep, poke him in the sides."


Shikamaru yawned. Ino wasn't here now...

He lay down to nap, but suddenly jolted up with a shriek as Chouji jabbed him the sides.

"What the heck was that for, Chouji!"

"Sorry. Ino told me to do it."

"Argh..." Shikamaru lay down again, but Chouji jabbed him in the sides.

Shikamaru scowled, giving up all hope of napping for the day.

"Oh, this is on, Ino. This is on."

"Hey guys!" Ino called later, in their first day at the Academy.

"Did you see that Sasuke kid? He just looks so drea-EAAAHH! SHIKAMARU, WHAT THE HELL!"

Shikamaru had jabbed Ino in the sides, but...

Ouch. Inoichi still needs to work on his language.

"Ugh..." groaned Inoichi as he lay in a hospital bed.

Chouza was kind enough to pat him on the head. Which coincidentally didn't help since he was hit there. Shikaku gave him a sympathetic look...that didn't look sympathetic at all...

(For you people who watch Hetalia, it's England look of pity when France is dreaming about China.)

Yup. He just had the best friends ever, didn't he?

"Shikamaru! Wake up!"

Iruka-sensei's voice rang through the air as Shikamaru slowly opened his eyes.

Shikamaru spent just enough effort to judge the time before sleeping again.

Ino wasn't happy. Iruka was interrupting Sasuke-kun's spar!

(Speaking of Sasuke, have you seen Naruto Shippuden Movie #6? Road to Ninja?'s just...Sasuke's sparkling...and...Oh. Can't spoil it.)

So, Ino, being Ino, walked over and jabbed Shikamaru in the sides.

Shikamaru let out a half-strangled choke-shriek-gasp thing and curled on his side, looking much like some kind of dead animal.

His half-strangled choke-shriek-gasp thing sounded something like this:


Right after that, Shikamaru got mad.

Like, You-Killed-My-Clan-So-I-Will-Brood-Like-An-Emo-Unt il-I-Kill-You mad.

So, what better way to vent it out, then by jabbing Sasuke in the sides.

The result was rather amusing.

You see, when Shikamaru suggested this to Naruto, Naruto was perfectly willing to try this out. When Sasuke was jabbed in the sides...

He didn't cry out, but his face looked as if he was laughing, constipated, stuffing jelly beans in his mouth, and eating a chili pepper (or five) at the same time.

Of course, once Sasuke recovered, he stopped his brooding while he went to find the stupid little blond dobe and beat the living hell outta him.

About an hour later, Iruka sighed as he perched on top of one of the rafters of the classroom, safely out of the way of pesky little students who kept jabbing each other in the sides.


Iruka had barely a second to process the fact that Naruto was leapingg towards him.

Sadly, a second isn't enough to figure out how to escape and keep the blond classroom menace from injuring

Iruka went crashing towards the floor. It was only by his ninja skills that he managed to stick to the bottom of the rafter, thereby saving him and earning him the eternal respe-er, eternal annoyance of the blond.

"Iruka-sensei! Iruka-sensei! Teach me that! Please!"

Iruka took a deep breath.



"Because, Naruto, it's something you learn when you graduate."

"But, Iruka-sensei, why can't I learn it now and impress my jounin sensei later?"

Iruka was getting worried. Naruto was an Uzumaki.

You could always count on an Uzumaki for at least three things:

1. They have the craziest ideas on how to do things.

2. When they actually put that crazy idea into action, they have the best luck one could have.

3. It's very, very hard to win an argument with them.

...And Iruka was currently relearning #3...the hard way.

Iruka sighed.

"Ok, Naruto, think of it this way. You are learning how to walk up walls, but you keep falling do-"

"But why would I fall? I'm awesome! I'm going to be the Fifth Hokage!"


"What, Iruka-sensei?"

"...Oh screw this, I'm going to get an aspirin. Class is dismissed for the day." Iruka walked out, ignoring surprised looks, Sasuke looks (which is a brooding face), and a "YATTA!" before suddenly stopping.

I...won an argument with an Uzumaki! Well, sort of.

Yes. Let the story paused while we applaud Umino Iruka for his feat.


...Ok, never mind.

"What now, Naruto?"

"Who's my jounin sensei?"

Iruka thought about it. He did remember seeing which team Naruto would be placed on if he passed...

"You're with Hatake Kakashi."


"He has silver hair, headband pulled over his left eye, and a mask, and is always reading a bright orange book."

"...Ok! Bye, Iruka-sensei!"

"Sure, sure."

Naruto was now lost...until he saw Shikamaru. Shikamaru was smart, right? He'd go ask him.


The three kids gave him a wave.

"Guys! I'm looking for a Hatake Kakashi guy! Wanna help me find him?"

Ino grinned. "Sure! Just as long as it keeps this guy awake!" To emphasize her point, she jabbed Shikamaru in the sides.

Shikamaru let out a whimper. " long as it keep her away..."

Chouji shrugged. I'm fine either way.

"Alright! Let's do this!"

"HATAKE KAKASHIIIII! HATAKE KAKASHIIII! WHERE ARE YOOUUUUU!" Naruto screamed from the top of the Hokage Monument, completely ignoring the fact that the person he was looking for was cowering behind on of the Nidaime's hair spikes.

"HATAKE-SAN! HATAKE-SAN! HA-TA-KE-SAAAAAAAAAN!" Beside him, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji were yelling out too...or, at least Ino and Chouji were.

Finally, Kakashi had enough and he poofed up there.

"Now, what can I do for you kids today?" he asked, waving.

Bad idea.

The four were on him in an instant.

"TEACH. US. HOW. TO. WALK. UP. WALLS." They intoned, in eerie synchronicity and radiating out that semi-killing intent you get from kids who got their ice cream knocked over by you.

"Oh fu-"


Kakashi toppled backwards as an American football (NOT the black-and-white ball you kick around) came spiraling out of nowhere and hit him in the forward.

They all stared. Finally, Chouji spoke.

"I think he was going to say, 'Oh, funny joke' or something like that."

"Sure, Chouji." said Ino. "But, what are we going to do now?"

"That's easy!" said Naruto. "We'll drag him down the monument!"

"That's so troublesome..."

"Aw, cheer up, Shika."


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