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Shikamaru scowled and squeeze himself in tighter in the gap between the pineapple bushes in the garden of the client they were at. Ino's mom had gotten a request to look at some of the sick roses, and she had brought Chouji and him to see. And, of course, Ino was there.

After escaping from Ino's attempt to make him go look at flowers (Chouji got lucky and went home early), Shikamaru had decided to nap.

He only ended up napping for a few minutes before Ino's shriek woke him up. He had immediately jumped up and ran away to avoid the Troublesome-Blond-Demon-Girl's wrath.

Hence the fact he was hiding in a pineapple bush. Yes, pineapples grew on bushes...he was sort of expecting trees though.

In fact, the only reason he was hiding in the pineapple bushes was because his hair sorta looked like a pineapple.

Unfortunately for him, though, it wasn't colored like a pineapple. He was rudely yanked up by Ino.

"Now...I'll make you work!"

Shikamaru gasped and woke up. It was a dream, although up until Ino finding him was a memory.

Beside him, the clock ticked to 6:00 A.M. and began to beep.

Shikamaru turned to the clock and tried to press the off button with his psychic powers.

It didn't work.

So, he moved from his comfortable position, hit the button...and couldn't get back to his comfortable position.

Shikamaru scowled.

Shikamaru fixed his eyes and Asuma and carefully extended his shadow towards him. However, Asuma lept away before he halfway there.

"Nice try, Shikamaru!" called Asuma, holding a piece of Shikamaru's shado-



"Um...sensei..." began Chouji.


"I don't think that's a shadow..."

"...Eh?" Asuma turned to look at it.

It was a snake.

"...Oh." The offending snake was placed a few hundred feet away and Asuma came back.

"Alright, let's start agai-WHAT IN THE-"

There was a giant hole of squirming black snakes, all newly woken up from hibernation...and all hungry.

Asuma scowled.

"Alright guys, let's go find Kakashi. Maybe we can share his training area.

...Well shoot.

"Hi! Shikamaru! Chouji! Um...uh...oh! Ino!"

"Why'd you forget my name?!"

"Sorry, I-Ino!"

Kakashi looked up. "What brings you here today?"


"Oh. You can pair up Shikamaru and Chouji against Naruto and Sasuke, it'd be a perfect time to teach the teamwork."


When Shikamaru and Chouji actually started to fight though, Naruto and Sasuke immediately ran awa-er, retreated.

They stared after them.

"...Ok, what just happened?" asked Chouji.

"Um...they made a tactical retreat."


In reality

"Ok," said Naruto. "I think we lost them."


"RAWR!" Naruto charged at Sasuke.

And their own little fight began.

"Shikamaru!" said Asuma. "I thought I told you to pair up with Chouji and fight Sasuke and Naruto, not doze off!"

"Naruto and Sasuke made a tactical retreat..."

"And after that?"

"...Too troublesome."

"Shikamaru, I swear-"

"Zzzzzz..." Shikamaru had managed to sleep walk...on his own accord.

"By gods..."

This is the schedule of Shikamaru's life when it is a lazy day.

Get up.

Attempt to turn off alarm clock with physic, and get up to turn it off.

Eat breakfast and dash out of the house before scary mom can track you down.

Sleep in the tree until lunch.

Eat lunch outside with Chouji.

Cloudgaze, but this time with Chouji as company.

Get up and eat dinner, and return to house as quietly as possible.

Take bath and go back to sleep.

And when it is not a lazy day...

Get up.

Attempt to turn off alarm clock with physic, and get up to turn it off.

Eat breakfast and dash out of the house before scary mom can track you down.

Sigh as you make your way to the training field...

Hide from Ino.

Fight as lazily as you can while still making it look like you are making an effort. (This is harder than you think.)

Go out for barbeque with everyone else.

Use your half-hour break to cloudgaze...and ignore Ino's rant about Sakura. And her fangirlism over Sasuke. maybe ignoring Ino is harder than he thought...

Train some more...and try to conserve energy.

Go home and eat dinner and try to avoid troublesome woman's chores.

Take bath and get into bed.


Get woken up by that stupid cat one of his aunts seem to insist on keeping.

Throw the stupid cat out the window.

Goes back to sleep.

(Definitely a busier day...and Shikamaru isn't that tolerant of cats when sleeping. When he's awake...he's usually tolerant...or maybe he just doesn't care...)

Sleep...Shikamaru loved that word.

Ino and Mom? Not so much.

Troublesome? Well, pretty much all Nara males said that, along with "Tch.", but...

Well, it was a darn good word for sure. "Ino" wasn't in it. Nor was "Sasuke".

...But there wasn't Chouji in it...or sleep.


Oh well. He'd figure it out later.

Shikamaru soon decided that he was not a big fan of blondes...

First, there was Ino...and he didn't think a explanation was needed.

And then there was Naruto. While Naruto was a great friend, there were those moments when he wanted to just sit down and cradle his poor head.

And then Temari came along later...ugh.

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