Sam Winchester, Man Of Letters

One-shot with spoilers for 8x13. Dean's POV about Sam when the boys first enter the batcave. Wrote this pretty quickly tonight so it's quality is probably lacking but I loved the latest episode and feel like the show has re-started itself with soooo many more possibilities for the future. YAY! :)

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

Well, this sure as hell ain't Bobby's but still, I don't know, something about it feels right; like this is the place where Sam and I will finally find the fresh start we have been chasing for so long.

Besides, it's impossible not to notice the way Sammy's eyes are taking in every inch of the place; a new brightness swirling around his features. I'm definitely getting a strong 'kid in a candy store' vibe wafting off him. There's a new flicker of life there; one that seems to have been reignited just by standing in this space; the excitement and energy I can feel buzzing around him making me hope it's contagious.

Yeah, I know, I do tend to razz him about his library fetish but it's actually kind of cool, in a nerdish geeky kind of way, to see so many remnants of an era long since ended lining the walls of the room. Plus, it's obvious he doesn't care if I spout off about him getting in touch with his inner geek, a goofy grin plastered on his face.

No doubt about it, the dude's in his comfort zone here; nothing perks the kid up like a place crawling with old, dusty books, not to mention the icing to compliment college boy's thirst for knowledge cake; the realization that these bound beauties haven't been cracked open or looked at by another human being for freaking decades. That should warrant a magnitude fifty geek out. Hell, I'm surprised Sammy isn't salivating on the floor right now.

Well, he may not be drooling yet but c'mon Sammy, at least try to articulate an actual word. Those little noises you keep spewing, the ones I will assume are out of awe and the channelling of your inner nerd make you sound like a total chick.

Yup, Sammy seems to be in his element; jerk's just been soaking it all in like he's a knowledge-sucking sponge ever since we met Henry. He was mesmerized by the story of Henry Winchester; the man, our grandfather, who, up until our chance meeting, was just the dick who ran out on our dad in the middle of the night, never to be seen or heard from again. Of course now we know that was a total load of crap.

I imagine Sammy is pretty damn stoked about the next little revelation that came along; about the lore and mystique surrounding the secret society known as the Men of Letters, learning that Henry was not the first Winchester to join the society and that he was never intended to be the last.

Yeah, that would explain Sammy's fascination with this place; in the new sense of purpose he seems to have. Kind of like a weird homecoming I guess; when you always knew in your heart that yours was not meant to be a hunter's life, but were never afforded the opportunity to be anything else until BAM, all that you thought you were and meant to be gets thrown out the window in an instant. Judging by Sam's reaction to all of this I'd say he kinda likes it, and I can't blame him for that.

As for me, hell, I'm still trying to get a handle on the idea that Sam and I were supposed to grow up feeling fulfilled that our purpose was to have our heads buried in those same damn books; that we were meant to spend our days cataloguing and researching and passing along what we learned to hunters, but never actually hunting. Ugh, that'll take a little time to process.

Yup, I figure things have changed for my little brother. The legacy, it's all there, within reach of his fingertips; mingled in the dust and bindings and pages; ready for him to embrace. You go Sammy, cuz it definitely has a nice ring to it.

Sam Winchester, Man of Letters.