Day One

Kid: Well here it is, a fanfic for one of the worst holidays of the year

Roxas: Its all about Halloween

Pikachu: Yeah Valentines sucks

Hikaru: Halloween could own Valentines ass

Kid: A little graphic but OKAY!

At Kid's House

It was a week before Valentine's Day and all through Kid's house not a creature was quiet not even, the mouse.

"DAMNIT WE HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO PREVENT VALENTINES!" yelled Kid slamming his fist on the table. Everyone was in the conference room of Kid's house or as Kid called it, The Operation Room. Kid was at the front of the table yelling at everyone even though it was supposed to have a calm atmosphere. Everyone else was surprisingly as mad as Kid. Valentine's Day to them was the harbinger of Hell on Earth.

"Maybe if we go out and destroy all the candy?" asked Hikaru

"That could work but there are people who would just write notes" replied Roxas

"We could just barricade the doors until Valentine's Day it over" said Pikachu

Everyone nodded at Pikachu's idea. Of course if someone broke the window it would be like Black Ops Zombies. So it was official before Valentine's Day everyone would barricade their doors. It would not have a chance of failing. (Kid: You know its going to).

Kid's View

Kid was walking the streets of Death City, which was surprisingly celebrating Valentine's Day. The very thought of it disgusted him. He was going to vent his anger out on some people most likely. But who though. He snapped his fingers. Black Star would be perfect to make fun of. But how though?

Pikachu's View

Pikachu was holding a syringe filled with an OCD gene. He didn't know what the hell it would do but it would seem fun to fuck with people. His first guinea pig would be Roxas. He saw her walking down the streets and randomly ran up to her and injected the OCD. Roxas screamed some pissed out shit at Pikachu but he ran away too fast. Pikachu was so happy shit was going to go wrong with that and he was going to find out how it would happen.

Kid: Okay since shit is going to happen im not gonna continue it until I see people guessing what was in that syringe

Pikachu: I don't even know nor does Kid

Kid: Shut up you BETRAYFUL –

Roxas and Hikaru: *smack Kid with shovels*