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So this is my first story so enjoy and don't be that mean please.

Chapter 1: Reality Check

She was nervous as she sat in the driver's seat of her old yellow beetle.

She was staring at herself in the mirror her big brown eyes staring at her reflection, her blond hair in a tight bun and her light make-up was perfect but she still felt out of place.

She was wearing a tight black pencil skirt with a light blue shirt that was ruffled on the top by her cleavage and she had a black coat on with black pumps to wrap the outfit together.

"Alright Lucy, you've been waiting for this moment your whole life, get it together" she reassured herself slapping her cheeks lightly.

She was outside the biggest police division called The Fairy Tail Bureau of Investigation or FTBI for short, but she's wanted to join it ever since she saw one of the agents in action but that's another story for another time.

She breathed out loudly and opened her door, for a moment the sun blinded her so she shaded her eyes and looked at the colossal building in front of her. The building was very big and it had beautiful architecture. The whole building was made up of glass windows everywhere except the top and bottom but it did have glass doors at the entrance and she could see people in the building working busily. The building had a giant sign with the agencies name on it that could be seen from far.

Lucy was in awe with the beautiful building "I'm finally here" she smiled happily and she walked towards the entrance.

She pushed the heavy glass door open and walked towards the front desk; her heels making the floor click as she walked.

There was a beautiful woman with long white hair who was wearing a tight black fancy dress at the front desk who was typing busily, Lucy couldn't help but stare.

The woman looked up and smiled "Hello, how can I help you?"

"Um I-I was uh" Lucy muttered but snapped herself out of it.

"Yes, I came here for the job opening, I was recommended by my professor his name was Professor Bob from Blue Pegasus University"

"Name please" the woman said looking at a list.

"Lucy Heartfilia"

"Oh yes, your name is right here" she smiled pointing at her name on the clipboard.

Lucy beamed but she stared at all the names on the list "Excuse me..."

"Mirajane Strauss but Mira for short" Mira smiled politely and she stuck out a hand.

"Hello Mirajane" she shook her hand.

"As I was saying, what is this whole list for anyway?"

"These are all the applicants for the few spots we have"

Lucy's eyes widened "A-All of these names" she gulped, there was about maybe 50 or more names on the list.

She giggled at Lucy's face "Yes, but you all have to go through the tests and get approved by the higher ups"

"Oh jeez" she sighed.

"Don't worry; if you were recommended by Professor Bob, I'm sure you'll be fine!" Mira reassured.

"Thank you, and do you know each other?"

"Our Chief and the professor have been friends for a long time, and our greatest agents graduated from Blue Pegasus University" Mira shared.

"Oh really I didn't know, but where do I wait for the interview and tests?"

"The waiting room is right down that hall way" she pointed behind Lucy.

"Thank you and nice meeting you" Lucy breaths still nervous.

"Alright Lucy, I hope you make it" Mira waves goodbye as the blond walks towards the hallway.

Lucy walked down the hall way and she saw the walls were covered with framed newspaper articles of the FTBI's accomplishments, well most of them were. Some had complaints or warrants for certain agent's arrests.

"Jeez, what did they do?" she chuckled lightly as she stared at one picture in particular and kept walking until she saw a big open room with a bunch of doors and chairs, it kind of reminded her of a doctor's waiting room.

She saw some people sitting in the chairs reading or just sitting quietly, they were all dressed in professional attire and some people had their names called from one of the many doors, feeling out of place she scurried to a chair in the corner and looked at her phone.

She had a text from her roommate Cana, Did you get in? She read.

She texted back hastily, There's a whole fricken list! So I have to take some tests and stuff first. And she pressed send.

Cana was actually another reason she came here in the first place, her roommate and best friend was 20 years old and had a major drinking problem, but she was the manager at a well-known bar that Lucy worked at also. Cana supported her even more because her dad was actually a retired agent of FTBI. He was the agent that caught her career interest when she was younger.

When she was in high school, she did very well and worked hard but one incident changed her life. One day there was a bank robbery and the robber was still at large. What they didn't know was the robber was one of the students at her school, and no other police force figured it out except FTBI. If she remembered right his name was Bora or something like that but she did remember he was one of those trouble makers she stayed clear of. During school, two Fairy Tail agents came and looked around and found Bora. They knew immediately he was the culprit, so they tried not to use violence but Bora pulled out a knife and charged them. Cana's father named Gildarts was one of the agents and he dodged Bora's attack and disarmed him so quickly she would've missed it if she had blinked. They quickly arrested him and another group from the agency found where he was keeping the money and returned it safely. She was amazed and fascinated with their work and progress. After high school she immediately went to college at Blue Pegasus University and studied under crime and investigations and met Cana. They became fast friends and she's been working hard since so she could be where she was right now.

"Mr. Clive said just be honest and look assertive" she pep talked herself breathing in and out.

"Excuse me blondie could you move your bag?" a gruff voice interrupted.

She looked up and saw a man with jet black hair with a bunch of piercings and he had a black shirt with jeans that had holes in them.

"Oh uh sorry" she apologized moving her bag off the floor.

He nodded and reached down to grab something, it was his phone then he walked away. On the back of his black shirt there was the letters FTBI.

"H-He was an agent? He was sort of scary" she said shocked.

"Lucy Heartfilia" someone called from one of the many doors.

She gulped and stood up; this was it, she thought and walked towards the person who called her name praying for the best.