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Chapter 28: Targets

After their meal, Lucy and Natsu immediately proceeded with their investigation but were called to go to the agency because with the chief finally out of the hospital, he finally ordered a meeting.

Everyone that could attend, sat in the meeting room patiently as they waited for it to begin. Natsu set everything up and they started.

"We have been able to identify the killer or this so called 'teacher' of the murderous cult, his name is Zeref" Lucy revealed and showed the picture of Zeref on the projector. "This picture is quite old but it is all we got"

Murmurs started as everyone stared at the picture but Makarov cleared his throat and spoke "Now that we have identified him, what will we do huh? You brats, we are the FTBI; we protect the innocent and stop the criminals that threaten them. He is just another man that we must stop and bring to justice". People in the room agreed and the meeting was adjourned and work began immediately.

"What now chief?" Natsu asked as they walked into the elevator. "For the first time, I do not know, all we know about this man is his history and one old picture of him. There is nothing we can really do except wait, I've sent all our best agents to any leads we have. Why don't you two go home, get some rest and can start fresh tomorrow" the chief replied and left to talk to Mirajane.

Natsu sighed and glanced at his girlfriend who only smiled at him "Yeah, let's go rest okay? We need all the strength we can get" she whispered. He nodded and they left to go to their car.

Gray and Juvia both went to a nice restaurant after the meeting for lunch and Gray drove Juvia home, "Bye beautiful" Gray said and kissed his girlfriend, she turned bright red and smiled. "Bye" and she walked to her apartment where someone much unexpected was waiting for her. That day, Gray got the worst phone call in his life.

In another area in Magnolia, Levy was busy working in her house with a grouchy Gajeel nagging her about how hungry he was and that he wanted to go somewhere to eat. Levy could only roll her eyes but she gave in, "Fine, let's go eat" she giggled when he shut up immediately and ran to the car. They drove to a nearby restaurant but didn't realize they were being tailed by someone who was awaiting a certain time to make his move.

Not too far away from them was Cana's bar which was bustling with good business. The pretty brunette was making drinks when a handsome blond man came in and sat in front of her at the counter "Hello beautiful, you got a name?" he smiled brightly with perfect teeth. Cana laughed "Actually I do, it's Cana. What's yours?" she asked as she cleaned a glass then leaned forward so her cleavage showed more. The blond man smiled and looked at her in the eyes "Sting" he replied. Cana's attention was so focused on the handsome man in front of her that she ignored a slim woman with long glossy black hair with a feather boa around her neck, sit down at one of the tables and smile wickedly at them.

Jellal was going up in the hospital elevator with a fresh bouquet of flowers in his hands, his eyes had bags under them from lack of sleep and he felt exhausted. As the door opened, he walked down the all too familiar hallway and into the room that held his comatose girlfriend. He took the old flowers out and put the new ones in; he sat in the chair next to the bed with the door to his back. He grabbed her hand and kissed it, as a blond man with green eyes stood at the door staring at them.

Lisanna and Laxus were in a park enjoying each other's company while they were both on a short break from work, the pretty woman rested her head on her boyfriend's shoulder and he smiled at the action but someone he saw in the park made his heart stop. He stood up and started walking towards him "Laxus?" Lisanna questioned and followed him. "Hey, where are you going?" she insisted but he ignored her for he was focused on a man in particular who was standing by the central fountain of the park.

Laxus stopped running when he stood in front of the man; it was his father Ivan Dreyer. "Why are you here?" he snarled at the older man. "You seem surprised" his father smirked then eyed the white haired woman next to him. "Is this your girlfriend? She's quite pretty"

Laxus put a protective arm in front of Lisanna which also made it so she wouldn't ask any questions. "Answer my question" he growled angrily. Ivan chuckled "Lord Zeref asked me to kill you but honestly I can't" he admitted, his chuckle dying down. Laxus's eyes widened, so did Lisanna's "That is why I came here and waited for you to see me, I need you to kill me Laxus" his father requested.

"What?" Laxus asked, not understanding why his father would say such a thing. "I'm quite tired Laxus, Zeref has treated me well but this last request is too much" his father said looking at the sky. "I miss your mother so much. Almost as much as I missed you after I left, I am sorry about that Laxus"

The blond man could not believe what he was hearing from his father "Why are you saying these things?" he said in a low voice. Ivan looked at him and sighed "I guess my little act didn't work did it" he said and smiled widely. Laxus glared at him and got his gun ready and aimed, Ivan did the same.

Ivan fired his gun making Laxus do the same, the park went into panic as the guns went off. Lisanna looked done at the bullet hole by their feet and looked back up at the bleeding Ivan as he clenched his knee. Laxus walked forward and hang cuffed his father. No words were spoken as this happened.

Lucy sat in Natsu's office on the computer as he was down in the garage doing whatever he was doing. She just kept skimming through all the files they had on Zeref and nothing was different, giving up the blond stood up, turned off the computer, and went into Natsu's bedroom and lied on the bed. She closed her eyes but a knock on the door made her open her eyes.

"Hey" Natsu greeted with a smile, he was wiping his hands that were a little gray. "Hey" she smiled as he came and kissed her on the head, "How about we get something to eat after I shower?" he suggested, she nodded and he went into the bathroom. Lucy got comfortable as she heard the sound of the shower running then her phone rang.

"Hello" she answered. "Hello Lucy Heartfilia, this is Angel" a voice purred through the phone. She was fully awake now and stood up and left the room "What do you want? Where is Wendy?" she growled.

Angel laughed "Hold on bitch, I will tell you. I have Wendy in my possession at the warehouse you rescued your boyfriend in. Come here alone unarmed in under 30 minutes or I'll slit her throat. Make sure you don't tell anyone and you come alone because I'll kill little sweet Wendy, very painfully" Angel commanded.

Lucy felt herself panic and she glanced at the bathroom as the shower was still on "Alright, I will but let me hear Wendy" she asked and the phone made a shuffling noise and she heard a distressed Wendy "Help please" she cried and she screamed loudly as Angel hurt her. "Stop it!" Lucy yelled but Angel only laughed and said "See you soon" then hung up.

The conflicted blond stared at her phone and went to the bathroom door and held her hand up to knock but hesitated and put it to her side "I'm sorry Natsu" she whispered and ran out the door, got in her car and drove.

A man with black hair and red eyes, dressed in a black suit walked towards a big white house and knocked on the door and waited. A man with red hair answered the door "Yes?" he asked and stared at the man expectantly.

"Hello Mr. Dragneel" the man said and held out a hand to shake, Igneel shook his hand but eyed him warily "I'm sorry, you have me at a disadvantage"

"Oh of course excuse me but first might I ask if anyone is home?" the man said politely. "Yes just my wife" Igneel answered gruffly. "I see well my name is Zeref, could I come in?" Zeref asked nicely.

Igneel stared at him with confusion "I'm sorry but it is not a good time and I do not know you, I'm sorry" but just as he was going to close the door, Zeref stopped him "I'm sorry sir but I must insist"

"Why?" Igneel snarled and glared at him, he was not in a good mood. "It is about your son" Zeref spoke and this caught Igneel's attention. "What about my son?" he asked anxiously, he was extra concerned due to Wendy's recent kidnapping.

"He became an orphan at a young age right?" Zeref confirmed. "Yes but that is none of your business" Igneel snapped, getting very annoyed. "Actually it is because it seems Natsu will lose his parents again"

"What are you talkin—"but Igneel was interrupted by Zeref stabbing him in the leg and pushing him backwards, into the house. The red haired man was in shock and tried to get up but Zeref pushed him down and knocked him out. "Igneel? Dear, what happened?" a female voice called from upstairs. Zeref smiled and went upstairs.

"Wow I haven't been here for a long time" Zancrow chuckled as he stared at the colossal FTBI building in front of him. About 5 followers stood behind him and stared at the building with awe "Too bad we're going to burn it to the ground" Zancrow smiled and went back into the van that was parked, he ordered the driver to drive into the building and he did just that.

The operation had begun.

More vans crashed into the building, everyone was screaming and panicking as a bunch of men and women came out of the van with guns, they shot anyone they saw and made their way to the elevator.

Alarms were going off and security was rushing to their location and the FTBI were all getting ready to attack. The battle had begun between the good and the evil and only one could come out victorious.

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